Sanctions Against Oligarchs

Aleksandr Nikolayevich Borodayev of Razrez Mayrykhskiy Sanctioned in 2024

Who Is Aleksandr Nikolayevich Borodayev ?

On June 12, 2024, US sanctions were imposed on Aleksandr Nikolayevich Borodayev of Razrez Mayrykhskiy for participation in a large-scale war against Ukraine.

Who Is Aleksandr Nikolayevich Borodayev ?

According to the data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) dated June 17, 2024, published by the Tax Service of the Russian Federation, Aleksandr Borodayev (TIN 771543705601 ) is mentioned in the following legal entities.

  1. Manager, director
  2. Founder A. N. Borodaev
  3. Activity as an individual entrepreneur
  4. Alexander Nikolaevich Borodaev and indirectly related persons
    TIN 771543705601 was issued by the tax office of the Moscow region .

Aleksandr Nikolayevich Borodayev is the founder of LLC UK RAZREZ MAYRYKHSKY since February 21, 2022

The organization in relation to which this person is mentioned is registered in the region of the Republic of Khakassia (coal mining, with the exception of anthracite, coking coal and brown coal, open pit).

The developer company for the fields is Coalstar from the Russian Federation. Eduard Khudainatov owns Coalstar, a firm with large coal assets in Russia.

Located in Russia’s Beysky district near Belyy Yar, the Mairykhsky mine is an open-pit coal mine operated by Razrez Mayrykhsky Coal Company LLC. As of February 2022, the company’s ownership is split equally between Aleksandr Nikolayevich Borodayev and Boris Varshavsky.

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