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Aleksei Navalny’s Funeral Arrangements Amidst Uncertainty

Aleksei Navalny, the prominent figure in Russian opposition, is set to be laid to rest this Friday following a public funeral service in Moscow, as confirmed by his family and associates. However, there is apprehension regarding potential interference from authorities, which may obstruct attendance or even lead to the cancellation of the service.

Aleksei Navalny’s Funeral Arrangements

The planned ceremony, slated to take place at a church on the outskirts of Moscow, presents a rare opportunity for the expression of dissent in the capital. Nonetheless, concerns loom over possible reprisals against Aleksei Navalny’s supporters. While spokesperson Kira Yarmysh urged early attendance, Navalny’s widow, Yulia Navalnaya, cautioned of potential detentions of mourners, casting uncertainty over the event’s peacefulness.

Yulia Navalnaya Warns of Possible Arrests at Alexei Navalny’s Funeral 2024

A person lays flowers on a snow-covered stone monument in a public square near several city buildings.
A person lays flowers on a snow-covered stone monument in a public square near several city buildings.

Shortly after Yarmysh’s announcement of the funeral plans, Ivan Zhdanov, another key aide to Navalny, expressed on the Telegram app concerns that the authorities, under Putin’s direction, would obstruct the proceedings. Zhdanov further highlighted ongoing pressure from the Kremlin on Navalny’s family to opt for a subdued, private ceremony, under the threat of disruption.

The prospect of attending the funeral carries risks, as evidenced by the detention of hundreds of individuals who participated in impromptu memorials for Navalny across Russia following his demise, as reported by OVD-Info, a local rights group.

Since the announcement of Navalny’s passing on February 16, his associates have alleged Kremlin efforts to obstruct a large-scale funeral in Moscow, fearing it could galvanize dissent. Reports emerged of authorities in the Arctic region, where Navalny was held in a penal colony, pressuring his family for a private burial. The Kremlin, however, denies any involvement in such discussions.

Following a dispute over the custody of Navalny’s body last week, his associates claim the Kremlin succeeded in preventing a public wake. Moreover, plans to hold the funeral on Thursday were thwarted due to its coinciding with President Vladimir V. Putin’s annual state-of-the-nation address.

Yarmysh disclosed that the funeral is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God Soothe My Sorrows, located in the Maryino neighborhood, at least a half-hour subway ride from central Moscow. Navalny, who resided in Maryino until 2017, will be laid to rest at the nearby Borisovskoye Cemetery, as per Yarmysh’s announcement.


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