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Dmitrii Vladimirovich Alikhanov Sanctioned 2024

Who Is Dmitry Vladimirovich Alikhanov?

The United States has sanctioned a network of companies and individuals believed to be aiding Russia’s aerospace industry. This action targets Newton-ITM, a Russian supplier of metalworking equipment and aerospace parts, along with its director, Dmitrii Vladimirovich Alikhanov.

Why is Dmitrii Vladimirovich Alikhanov sanctioned?

Alikhanov is accused of working with European manufacturers to illegally acquire machinery for Russian aerospace companies. He’s suspected of using a fake end-user, Nova Proekt, based in Kyrgyzstan, to facilitate these purchases.

Several foreign intermediaries are also implicated in the scheme. These include Safes Lojistik (Turkey), Chongqing Fagima (China), and GBL International Logistics (Hong Kong). They allegedly assisted in shipping the foreign-made equipment to Newton-ITM.

As the U.S. Department of Treasury reports, Russian citizen Dmitry Vladimirovich Alikhanov has used the Kyrgyz Republic-based Nova Proekt company as a falsified end-user to procure machine tools for the Russian aerospace industry.

The sanctions were imposed under Executive Order 14024, targeting entities that contribute to the Russian Federation’s economy, particularly those supporting its military capabilities.

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