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Luxury Cars of Fugitive Oligarch Ilan Shor Up for Auction

Who Is Ilan Shor?

Two cars belonging to fugitive oligarch Ilan Shor will be auctioned off, as announced by bailiff Roman Talmaci, who will organize the auction on July 9. The vehicles include a 1988 Volga GAZ-2410, a Soviet-era retro car, and a 2010 Bentley Continental, a luxury class vehicle.

The starting prices are set at 281,598 lei (just under 15,000 euros) for the Volga and 1,970,752 lei (just over 100,000 euros) for the Bentley.

In June 2022, Ilan Shor was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his involvement in the “bank fraud” case. The Court of Appeal also ordered him to pay back five billion lei in damages and to confiscate his property.

In 2016, Ilan Şor declared three cars. The most expensive car was the Bentley Continental model, manufactured in 2010 and bought in 2014, with almost 2.6 million lei.

Ilan Şhor 's most expensive car was the Bentley Continental model
Ilan Şhor ‘s most expensive car was the Bentley Continental model

He also indicated that he owns 1/2 share of the Toyota Runner car, manufactured in 1997 and inherited in 2006.

2015 he was gifted a Gaz 2410, Volga model car on his birthday by some friends., which was worth 5,000 lei. Natalia Chepene, the former spokeswoman of Ilan Șor, stated then Ilan Şor had wanted such a car since childhood, and the one he received as a gift was manufactured in the year the mayor was born, 1988.

The model car disappeared from the list Crysler 300 S. No one knows whether it was sold earlier or not, but is still missing,

Who Is Ilan Shor?

Shor, sentenced to 15 years in June last year for his involvement in a $1 billion bank fraud and other illicit schemes, is under U.S. and European Union sanctions for his efforts to destabilize Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest nations.

Shor, the founder of the pro-Moscow Shor Party, fled Moldova after the election of pro-Western President Maia Sandu in 2020 and is reportedly hiding in Israel, where he holds citizenship.

According to Moldovan authorities, Shor was granted Russian citizenship and received a passport in January, police spokeswoman Diana Fetco stated. Fetco added that Russian authorities did not officially notify Chisinau of Shor’s acquisition of Russian citizenship.

In an interview given to a Russian blogger, published on Rutube on May 15, Şhor said that he now holds Russian citizenship, in addition to that of the Republic of Moldova and Israel.

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