Sanctions Against Oligarchs

U.S. Tightens Grip on Russia with Sweeping Sanctions in 2024

U.S. Tightens Grip on Russia with Sanctions

The U.S. expands pressure on Russia with a two-pronged approach. Over 300 new sanctions target those aiding Russia’s war effort, while foreign financial institutions are warned: supporting Russia’s war economy will come at a steep cost.

The U.S. has significantly escalated pressure on Russia with a multi-pronged sanctions package. Here’s a breakdown of the key measures:

1. Increased Risk for Financial Institutions: Dealing with Russia’s war economy just got riskier for foreign financial institutions. These sanctions aim to deter institutions from facilitating transactions that support Russia’s military efforts.

2. Curtailing Tech Access: The ability of Russia’s military-industrial complex to access certain U.S. software and IT services will be restricted. This limits their technological capabilities and potentially hinders their military operations.

3. Global Network Targeted: Over 300 individuals and entities, both within and outside Russia, have been sanctioned. These targets are spread across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and the Caribbean. They’re accused of providing goods and services that fuel Russia’s war machine and help them circumvent existing sanctions.

Combined Impact: These actions aim to cripple Russia’s war effort by disrupting its access to resources, technology, and financial channels. By targeting not just Russia itself but also its global support network, the U.S. hopes to significantly hinder their ability to continue the war.

U.S. Tightens Grip on Russia with Sweeping Sanctions

S.No.TypeList dateName aliasesDate Of Birth / GenerDetailsSourceLink
1Individual 12-Jun-24ALIKHANOV, Dmitrii Vladimirovich
ALIKHANOV, Dmitry Vladimirovich
13 Sep 1976 , MaleCountry: RU ,RUSSIA-EO14024
2Individual12-Jun-24ANISIMOV, Andrei Andreevich02 Oct 1989 , MaleCountry: RU
Address: Khabarovsk
Program: RUSSIA-EO14024
3Individual12-Jun-24BADIKOV, Alexey22 Nov 1973 , MaleCountry: RU
Address: Moscow
Program: RUSSIA-EO14024
4Individual12-Jun-24BADZIAKA, Aliaksandr Mikhailavich
BODYAKO, Aleksandr Mikhailovich
20 Mar 1959, MaleCountry: Belarus
Address :32 Zagorodnyi lane, Apartment 1, Mogilev, Belarus
Passport KB2480817 (Belarus); National ID No. 3200359M079PB8 (Belarus)
Program: RUSSIA-EO14024
5Individual12-Jun-24BORODAEV, Alexander Nikolaevich
BORODAYEV, Aleksandr Nikolayevich
02 May 1972 , MaleApartment 27, 21 Efremova Street, Moscow 119048, Russia
Program: RUSSIA-EO14024
6Individual12-Jun-24CHEN, Sharry
CHEN, Ting
TING, Chen
14 Feb 1986 , FemaleCountry: CN
Address: Hong Kong; Shenzhen
Program: RUSSIA-EO14024
7Individual12-Jun-24CHICHENEUVE, Alex
01 Jul 1966 , MaleCountry: CN
Address: Flat B 7/F Conduit Tower, 20 Conduit Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Remark: (Linked To: SUPERCHIP LIMITED)
Program: RUSSIA-EO14024

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