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Who is Itchko Ezratti ? Worth $.5 Billion and AVANTI Yacht

Who is Itchko Ezratti ?

Itchko Ezratti (aka Itzhak Ezratti ) co-founded GL Homes in 1976 with his father-in-law, Joseph Hanin. GL Homes, which stands for “Good Luck,” has become one of Florida’s largest private home builders, having completed over 36,000 homes since its inception.

Who is Itchko Ezratti aka Itzhak Ezratti ?

Itzhak was born on October 14, 1952. in Tel Aviv, Israel. Originally from Israel, Ezratti immigrated to Washington, D.C., where he worked as a bank teller before relocating to Florida. Ezratti and Joseph Hanin,his father-in-law’s first GL Homes project in 1976 was a single duplex in Hollywood, Florida.

The company gained significant momentum in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida, selling approximately 1,000 homes that year and the next.

Ezratti stepped down as president of the company in 2016 but continues to serve as chairman, while his son Misha Ezratti now leads GL Homes as president.

Who is Itzhak Ezratti wife? Know About Their Children.

Itzhak Ezratti is a married man. Itzhak Ezratti wife is Anna Ezratti. Itzhak Ezratti has kept his wife and married life private. The couple owns the luxurious Amels yacht named AVANTI.

Who is Itchko Ezratti ? Worth $.5 Billion and AVANTI Yacht
Who is Itchko Ezratti ? Worth $.5 Billion and AVANTI Yacht

They have three children , one son and two daughters.

Maya Ezratti ( daughter ) , now Maya Ezratti-Rosenblum born in September of 1976. 

Misha Ezratti (son) Born 1981

Maxie Ezratti ( daughter ) born in January of 1988

Maya Ezratti -Rosenblum , Daughter Of Itzhak Ezratti

Maya Ezratti is a daughter of Anna and Itchko Ezratti of Miami Beach Fl. Since Maya Ezratti graduated from NSU University School in 1994, she has become an entrepreneur, relationship coach, businesswoman, and executive-often wearing more than one hat.

Maya Ezratti -Rosenblum , Daughter Of Itzhak Ezratti
Maya Ezratti -Rosenblum , Daughter Of Itzhak Ezratti

Ezratti is the chief dating officer of Rewarding Relationships, a business she started to help singles find and maintain better relationships.
“It’s a business I started on my own, helping people have amazing love lives,” she said. “I work with our clients to remove fear and desperation from their lives, so that they gain confidence. I teach clients how not to make fear-based decisions with the ultimate goal of helping them have great relationships.”

Maya Ezratti is the director of community affairs at GL Homes of Florida, one of South Florida’s largest home builders. She has been with the company for 22 years. Ezratti attended University School starting in the sixth grade and was drawn to the school’s television broadcast studio. She participated in various activities like speech and debate, drama, swimming, and theater. She credits University School for giving her confidence and excellent English language skills.

After graduating, Ezratti studied broadcast journalism at Boston University and received the Distinguished Alumni Award for Service to Profession in 2009. She currently appears on TV and radio, speaking on dating, love, and relationships, with the dream of hosting her own television show.

In 2003, Maya Ezratti married Andrew Rosenblum, son of Lynette and Bernard Rosenblum of Kings Point, N.Y. The ceremony was officiated by Rabbi Richard S. Chizever at Mar-a-Lago, a private club in Palm Beach, Fla.

Both the bride and groom work in Coral Springs at GL Homes of Florida, a home building company owned by the bride’s father. Maya is the director of community and media relations, while Andrew reviews loan applications for the company’s mortgage unit.

Andrew graduated from the University of Arizona. His father, Bernard Rosenblum, owns A. Rosenblum Inc., a distributor of cosmetics and fragrances, and is also a partner in Inter American Cosmetics, a beauty-care products distributor, both based in Lodi, N.J.

Misha Ezratti, Son Of Itzhak Ezratti

Misha was born in Hollywood in 1981 and lives in Miami Beach. He has graduated in Bachelor of Science from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business with a concentration in finance.

His initial summer job was at Ben & Jerry’s scooping ice cream on the beach in his parents’ hometown of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Misha Ezratti loves scuba diving and water sports. He is also a fan of sports teams the Miami Heat and the Miami Dolphins.

Misha married Jessica Millman, a ballet dancer in December 2012. They have a ten year old son also. Details are not being made public as of now.

Misha Ezratti, Son Of Itzhak Ezratti , married Jessica Millman, a ballet dancer in December 2012
Misha Ezratti, Son Of Itzhak Ezratti , married Jessica Millman, a ballet dancer in December 2012

Maxie Ezratti , Daughter Of Itzhak Ezratti

Maxie Ezratti
Maxie Ezratti

Luxury Avanti Yacht, Owned By Itchko Ezratti

The yacht AVANTI was built by Amels in 2022. She is designed by Tim Heywood Design . She is a sistership to yachts as Sixth Sense, Universe and Synthesis.

Avanti Yacht, Owned By Itchko Ezratti
Avanti Yacht, Owned By Itchko Ezratti


The motor yacht is powered by Caterpillar engines. Her max speed is 17 knots. Her cruising speed is 12 knots. She has a range of more than 3,000 nm.


The luxury yacht can accommodate 12 guests and a crew of 19. We are not sure who her captain is.

Who is the Owner of the Yacht AVANTI?

Who owns the yacht AVANTI? The yacht’s owner is Itchko Ezratti Ezratti is the founder of GL Homes of Florida. GL Homes of Florida is a home builder based in Florida, United States. The company specializes in building new homes in communities across the state, offering a variety of home styles, designs and sizes.

How Much is the AVANTI Yacht?

Her value is $100 million. Her annual running costs are around $10 million. The price of a yacht can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the size, age, and level of luxury of the yacht, as well as the materials and technology used in its construction.

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