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638 Day of the Russia-Ukraine War: The Ongoing Crisis

Here is the situation on Thursday, November 23, 2023. (638 Day)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy highlighted the challenging defensive operations faced by troops on the eastern front due to the harsh winter conditions. Despite these difficulties, forces in the south are actively carrying out offensive actions. Zelenskyy conveyed this information through Telegram messenger, stating, “Difficult weather, challenging defense on the Lyman, Bakhmut, Donetsk, and Avdiivka fronts, with offensive actions in the south.”

Rescuers discovered a third casualty in the debris of a hospital in Selydove, which had been struck by a Russian missile on Tuesday [Anatolii Stepanov/AFP].

According to Ukraine’s General Staff evening report, they successfully repelled 22 Russian attacks in and around Avdiivka. On the other hand, Russia’s Defence Ministry, in its account of the conflict, claimed that its forces targeted Ukrainian troops and equipment near Bakhmut, a town north of the heavily affected Avdiivka.

The Ukrainian general prosecutor’s office reported casualties in various locations due to Russian attacks: one person died in Avdiivka from shelling, another in Chasiv Yar to the north during an attack, and a third in the southern city of Kherson. In Selydove in the east, a body was recovered from the rubble after a Russian missile struck a hospital on Tuesday, bringing the death toll to three.

The Ukrainian Air Force successfully downed 14 attack drones and an X-22 cruise missile fired from southern Russia. Meanwhile, authorities in Odesa, in the southern region, announced the destruction of a rare Iranian-built Mohajer-6 attack and reconnaissance drone, of which Russia had acquired 30 last year.

Responding to the conflict, Russia’s Defence Ministry stated that its anti-aircraft units had destroyed three Ukrainian drones over the Crimean peninsula and four sea drones. It’s noteworthy that Crimea was annexed by Russia from Ukraine in 2014.

In a separate incident, the Defence Ministry reported a Ukrainian drone attack on a group of Russian journalists in the southern Zaporizhia region. A reporter from the Rossiya 24 state TV channel sustained minor injuries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin conveyed what seemed to be conciliatory sentiments regarding Ukraine during a virtual meeting with the leaders of the Group of 20 (G20). Putin acknowledged the need to address the “tragedy” of the ongoing war in Ukraine, responding to some leaders who expressed shock at Russia’s perceived “aggression” in the region. He stated, “Yes, of course, military actions are always a tragedy. And of course, we should think about how to stop this tragedy.” Notably, Putin referred to the conflict as a “war,” departing from the Kremlin’s usual term, “special military operation.”

Post the G20 meeting, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz disclosed that he had urged Putin to withdraw all Russian troops from Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of bringing an end to the war. Speaking alongside Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni stressed the necessity of working towards peace while underscoring that Russia, as the aggressor, should withdraw its troops from the invaded territory in Ukraine.

Poland has officially charged 16 foreigners with espionage on behalf of Russia. The individuals are accused of preparing acts of sabotage and gathering intelligence on the delivery of military equipment to Ukraine. The spy ring was dismantled in March.

In St Petersburg, a court sentenced 17-year-old Yegor Balazeikin to six years in a juvenile penal colony for attempting to throw Molotov cocktails at army recruitment offices in protest against Moscow’s actions in Ukraine. Fortunately, the attack resulted in no casualties or significant damage as the device failed to ignite.

Russia lodged a protest with Finland after a damaged Russian T-72B3 tank was publicly displayed near the Finnish parliament. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused Helsinki of “Russophobia” and questioned the purpose behind the display. The tank was showcased as part of an initiative by two pro-Ukraine associations in Finland to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and Defence Minister Rustem Umerov welcomed the formation of a 20-nation “coalition” by Ukraine’s Western allies to enhance the country’s air defenses. Germany and France will lead this coalition.

The Kremlin refrained from commenting on White House spokesman John Kirby’s suggestion that Iran might be considering supplying Russia with ballistic missiles for use in Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, in a regular news briefing, stated, “We are developing relations with Iran, including in the field of military-technical cooperation, but we do not comment on this information.”

Source : Al Jazeera


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