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685 Day the Russia-Ukraine War Conflict Updates


Escalation of Violence in Ukraine: Four Dead, Dozens Injured in Russian Attacks

In the relentless onslaught on Ukraine, Russia continued its barrage of drone and missile attacks, resulting in four fatalities and at least 45 injuries. The violence unfolded across various regions, including President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s hometown of Kryvyi Rih in the southeast and the western region of Khmelnytsky.

Specific Incidents:

  • In Kryvyi Rih, one person lost their life as missiles struck a shopping center and residential buildings.
  • A separate missile attack in Khmelnytsky claimed the lives of two individuals.
  • In northeastern Kharkiv, four missiles hit the city, resulting in at least one fatality.

Regional Impact: Kherson regional Governor Oleksandr Prokudin reported that Russian troops executed 131 artillery attacks in the southern region, causing two fatalities and five injuries.

Military Response: Ukraine’s military reported that Russia launched a significant number of ballistic missiles, of which 18 out of 51 were successfully intercepted. Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat highlighted the effectiveness of air defenses, noting the destruction of all eight drones and the deviation of some Russian missiles from their intended targets.

Russian Operations: The Russian Defence Ministry detailed its daily operations, revealing the use of sea and air-launched long-range missiles, including the deployment of Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. The strikes were purportedly aimed at what Russia termed “facilities of Ukraine’s military-industrial complex.”

Civilian Evacuation and Retaliatory Measures: Belgorod regional Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov confirmed the evacuation of 300 people from Russia’s Belgorod due to Ukrainian attacks. Russian forces retaliated by destroying 10 Ukrainian rockets over the region. Additionally, two drones were neutralized over the Russian border region of Bryansk.

As the conflict intensifies, the toll on civilian lives and infrastructure continues to mount, with both sides engaged in a perilous exchange of military actions

Ukrainian Military Resists Russian Advancement; Accidental Bomb Release in Occupied Luhansk Region

The Ukrainian military reported thwarting Russian attempts to advance in multiple areas along the front line. The regions affected include Lyman in the Kharkiv region, as well as Donetsk and Zaporizhia. Despite facing persistent pressure, Ukrainian forces successfully repelled the incursions.

Failed Russian Advancements: Russian forces encountered resistance as they sought to make headway in strategic locations along the front line. The Ukrainian military stood firm, preventing any significant advancements by Russian troops. Key areas such as Lyman in the Kharkiv region, along with Donetsk and Zaporizhia, remained under Ukrainian control.

Accidental Bomb Release in Luhansk: In a concerning incident, Leonid Pasechnik, the Moscow-installed head of Ukraine’s occupied Luhansk region, revealed that a Russian warplane accidentally released a bomb over the occupied Ukrainian town of Rubizhne. The bomb in question was an FAB-250, carrying a high-explosive warhead. Fortunately, no injuries were reported as a result of this unintended incident.

The accidental release of a bomb underscores the inherent risks and potential consequences of military operations in the region. As both sides navigate a precarious situation, the need for caution and precise execution becomes increasingly crucial to prevent unintended harm to civilians and further escalation of hostilities.


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