Russia Ukraine War

686 Day the Violent Russia-Ukraine War Conflict Updates

686 Day Russia-Ukraine War


A Drone Strike Ignites Fire at Remote Russian Fuel Depot; U.S. and Allies Condemn North Korean Supply of Missiles to Putin; Ukraine Faces Shortages in Air Defense Missiles

Fuel Facility Attack: 686 Day Russia-Ukraine War

A targeted incident occurred at a fuel facility in Oryol, Russia, where two drones were employed to initiate a fire.

The city of Oryol is situated 137 miles away from the Ukrainian border, raising concerns about the proximity of such attacks to the ongoing conflict.

Shelling in Kursk Region on 686 Day

Shelling originating from the Ukrainian side affected the village of Gornal in Russia’s Kursk region.

The incident resulted in the unfortunate loss of one life, indicating a concerning escalation in the conflict dynamics.

686 Day Russia-Ukraine War
686 Day Russia-Ukraine War

Kremlin’s Response to Belgorod Shelling:

The Kremlin expressed its commitment to addressing the intensified shelling of Belgorod by Ukrainian forces.

Belgorod serves as a crucial staging point for Russian invasion forces, making it a strategic focus amid ongoing Russia-Ukraine War activities.

Missile Launch from North Korea:

The White House confirmed that Russia launched missiles into Ukraine on January 6, sourced from North Korea.

The United States plans to bring the matter to the UN Security Council, emphasizing the violation of UN law through North Korea’s apparent export of missiles to Russia.

International Condemnation:

A joint statement signed by the U.S., UK, EU, Australia, Germany, Canada, and other nations condemned North Korea’s export of ballistic missiles and Russia’s procurement of these missiles.

The statement expressed deep concerns about the security implications of such cooperation, highlighting the global ramifications.

Cyber-Attacks on Ukrainian Systems:

Ukraine reported successfully repelling cyber-attacks on its state payment systems for the second consecutive week.

The sustained nature of these attacks underscores the ongoing digital warfare between Ukraine and Russia.

Zelenskiy’s Davos Address:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is scheduled to deliver a “special address” at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The address is expected to shed light on the conflict in the Middle East and holds significance in the context of rebuilding trust, the theme of this year’s forum.

Power Outages and Energy Imports:

Severe winter weather left over 1,000 towns and villages without electricity in nine Ukrainian regions.

The power grid operator had to import electricity from neighboring Romania and Slovakia due to infrastructure vulnerabilities caused by Russian strikes.

Arrests Over Heating Outages:

Russian investigators arrested three individuals in connection with heating outages south of Moscow.

The breakdown was attributed to failures at a boiler plant owned by a private ammunition factory, leading to the detention of not only individuals but also local officials.

Swedish Contribution to NATO Fund:

Sweden is contributing approximately 50 million krona (£3.8m) to the NATO assistance fund for Ukraine.

This financial support reflects international efforts to bolster Ukraine’s capabilities and resilience amid the ongoing conflict.

Hungary’s Potential Aid Approval:

Hungary hinted at the possibility of lifting its veto on EU aid to Ukraine.

This conditional approval could be contingent on an annual review of the funding by the European Council, suggesting a diplomatic maneuver by Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Ukraine’s Anti-Aircraft Missile Deficit:

Ukraine is reported to be facing a deficit of anti-aircraft guided missiles following recent Russian attacks.

The air force spokesperson highlighted the significant depletion of reserves in response to these attacks, raising concerns about Ukraine’s defense capabilities.


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