A Russian oligarch warned Tom Cruise After Rumors about Dating his Ex-Girlfriend swirled

According to reports, Tom Cruise has been spending time with Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova, who was previously married and has family ties to Vladimir Putin, over the past few days. Stranger rumors have been circulated about Cruise in the past, and although the actor hasn’t publicly commented on the alleged romance, Khayrova’s ex-husband hasn’t let it stop him from speaking out.

Russian millionaire Dmitry Tsetkov recently discussed his ex-partner’s recent get-together with the cast member of the upcoming Mission: Impossible 8, and he shared the advice he would give to anyone who chose to date his wife—a famous actor or not. He said Ms. Khayrova is a spender rather than a saver in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Irrespective of whoever she’s with, Tom Cruise or anybody else, they should be aware that she likes the finer things in life and has expensive and luxurious taste. Tom should keep his eyes and wallet wide open.

In addition, he asserts that his wealth was embezzled throughout his marriage and divorce, listing a costly handbag collection as one of the pots of money that were used and that she received as part of their divorce payments. According to the outlet, those handbags cost between £5,000 and £35,000, or roughly $6K and $44K in US dollars. While this may seem like a sizable sum of money, considering that Stormi, Kylie Jenner’s five-year-old daughter, owns a $27,000 purse, it makes sense for multimillionaires.

He also mentioned that after paying legal costs and other expenses during his divorce, his wealth had decreased from £200 million to £50 million.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Nevertheless, the millionaire, who made his fortune in diamond and mining sales, is largely optimistic about his ex-girlfriend’s future and told the publication that Tom Cruise is his “favorite actor.” He appears to be largely supportive of his ex-girlfriend and the Hollywood star getting back together.

I’m happy for her, I wish her all the best. … I haven’t spoken with Elsina about this because our preferred method of communication is through our lawyers. She’s 36, she’s beautiful, financially independent and loves life.

Meanwhile, insiders have alleged Cruised and this potential new leading lady has been dating for a while now, though they’ve been mum about the relationship. The two were first linked together in early December before reports last week indicated Tom Cruise rented out an entire floor of a London restaurant to spend time with Khayrova, per Page Six. He allegedly dropped over $600 on the meal itself.  

Tom Cruise has been linked to varying women during his career, but he most notably was married to Nicole Kidman between 1990 and 2001 (and who made a memorable crack about her split with the shorter Cruise). A subsequent high-profile relationship with Penelope Cruz followed before Cruise married a second time to Katie Holmes in 2006. That marriage also ended in divorce in 2012

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