Brad Pitt Gains the Upper Hand in the Malicious Chateau Miraval Winery Lawsuit

Chateau Miraval Winery lawsuit sees a turning point as Brad Pitt seizes control, navigating legal complexities to secure a favorable outcome

Brad Pitt potentially has the advantage in the legal dispute involving the Chateau Miraval winery with Angelina Jolie. Pitt has filed a lawsuit against Jolie, alleging that she violated their contract by selling her portion of the business without offering them the opportunity to purchase it, as stipulated in their agreement.

Angelina has stated that she no longer wishes to be involved in the wine business due to Brad’s struggles with alcoholism. As a result, she is now filing a countersuit against him, claiming that he excluded her despite her explicit desire to exit the business. Pitt now has a chance to strengthen his case with an email from the individual who bought Jolie’s share.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Joile
Brad Pitt,

Russian Oligarchs Co-Owns Miraval with Pitt

Yuri Shelfler, a Russian oligarch who is primarily recognized for his ownership of the Stoli group, is now a co-owner of the winery alongside Brad Pitt. Previously, Angelina and Brad held equal ownership stakes in the business.

Their prolonged custody battle appears to have caused a significant rift between them, leading to a major falling out. This legal dispute has been ongoing for several years.

According to reports, Angelina became upset and frustrated when the custody case did not go in the direction she desired. As a result, she allegedly sold her share of Miraval in what some describe as a vindictive manner.

Yuri Shelfler, a Russian oligarch

If that’s true, it’s reasonable for her to prefer not having her children around him, despite sharing joint custody. The responsibility for that entirely falls on him.

Miraval was the breaking point for both of them. Initially, Brad had agreed to pay Angelina a substantial amount of $54.5 million for her share in 2021.

When the judge, whom Angelina accuses of being biased, ruled in Brad’s favor, she referred to the document she submitted that included her accusations against Brad. Jolie asserts that Brad coerced her into signing a non-disparagement agreement, while Pitt argues that she had secretly intended to sell her share without his knowledge.

Business Decision or Spiteful Action Toward Brad Pitt?

According to Angelina, Brad is accused of mishandling the estate’s finances. She asserts that her decision to sell was purely a business decision. However, Pitt believes that she intentionally excluded him from the sale as an act of revenge.

It is claimed that Jolie and Shelfler concealed their illicit activities until Pitt discovered the truth. Supposedly, an email serves as evidence that the two of them were collaborating.

The letter says,


“Dear Angelina, With this letter, I would like to thank you for the deal we have done. I am happy with the deal despite the current agreement with Mr. Pitt in regard to his attempts to sabotage and avoid signing shareholders’ agreements. I am, however, hopeful that we will eventually become trustworthy partners and will be enjoying mutual business. Should you at any point of time require any assistance from me, please do reach out.” (Phone number)

According to reports, Shelfler desires to retain Pitt as the public face of the company and leverage his fame for their benefit. Pitt’s objective is to become the sole proprietor of the business. He aims to invalidate the sale of Jolie’s shares and assume control. The two prominent actors have reached a crucial juncture in their legal dispute.

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