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Day 691 Russia-Ukraine War: The Ongoing crisis

As the war enters its day 691th, these are the main developments.

Ukraine is actively pursuing a peace formula to bring an end to the nearly two-year-long conflict with Russia. National security advisers from around the world convened in Davos, with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy set to participate in the World Economic Forum. Notably, there is a growing international involvement, with representatives from nearly half of Europe, 18 from Asia, and 12 from Africa. The global participation underscores the understanding that the conflict in Europe poses a challenge for all of humanity.

Zelenskiy‘s upcoming visit to Switzerland emphasizes Ukraine’s efforts to secure stable support from allies as the war approaches its second anniversary. Meetings are planned with parliamentary leaders, party heads, and the president of Switzerland.

China’s involvement in resolving the conflict was highlighted by Switzerland’s co-chair of the Davos meeting, Ignazio Cassis. France and Germany reiterated their unwavering support for Ukraine, pledging assistance for as long as necessary until Russia withdraws from Ukrainian territory.

Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska expressed skepticism about achieving peace in Ukraine before May 2025, casting doubt on the possibility of constructive discussions at Davos due to the absence of a Russian delegation.

North Korean foreign minister Choe Son-hui’s visit to Russia is scheduled, showcasing diplomatic engagements amid the ongoing conflict.

Ukrainians are encouraged to contribute to the “People’s Drone” project, building drones for military use through a free engineering course.

Denmark announced a $21 million aid package for the restoration of Mykolaiv, a southern Ukrainian city, with projects including demining agricultural land and reconstructing the dormitory of the Mykolaiv State Agrarian University.

The UK Ministry of Defence’s intelligence update noted the likely impact of the conflict on healthcare in Russia, affecting civilian populations due to challenges in accessing hospital services and shortages of medical products.

In a notable development, a liberal priest in the Russian Orthodox Church faces expulsion for refusing to read a prayer advocating victory over Ukraine, underscoring tensions within the religious community.


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