Goga Ashkenazi and Jeffrey Epstein 2024 : The Controversial Friendship

Goga Ashkenazi and Jeffrey Epstein

In recent years, the friendship between Goga Ashkenazi and Jeffrey Epstein has garnered significant attention and controversy. Goga Ashkenazi, a Kazakhstan socialite and entrepreneur, has been a close associate of Epstein, the convicted sex offender.

Goga Ashkenazi and Jeffrey Epstein

Goga Ashkenazi and Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship was controversial and associated with several notable points:

Friendship and Connections:

  • Ashkenazi was a Kazakh socialite and businesswoman who knew Epstein for several years. Their friendship gained public attention due to Epstein’s conviction for sex trafficking involving minors in 2008.
  • Ashkenazi reportedly defended Epstein’s character and maintained contact with him even after his conviction. She claimed they bonded over their shared interest in science and philanthropy.

Public Scrutiny and Criticism:

  • Ashkenazi’s association with Epstein drew criticism, particularly during Prince Andrew’s scandal involving his own friendship with Epstein. She publicly disagreed with claims accusing Epstein of “unwise” behavior around young women.
  • This defense of Epstein further fueled public scrutiny and raised questions about Ashkenazi’s own judgment and potential involvement in Epstein’s circle.

Lack of Clear Connection to Epstein’s Crimes:

  • There is no evidence currently connecting Ashkenazi to any of Epstein’s criminal activities or accusations of misconduct involving minors.
  • Ashkenazi has consistently denied any knowledge or involvement in Epstein’s illegal activities.

Overall, the connection between Goga Ashkenazi and Jeffrey Epstein remains a complex and sensitive topic. While their friendship undeniably raised eyebrows and fueled speculation, Ashkenazi has not been linked to any wrongdoing on Epstein’s part. The lack of conclusive evidence leaves room for interpretation and continued public interest in their association.

Early Connections

Goga Ashkenazi’s introduction to Jeffrey Epstein occurred at a party hosted by Hanson in 2001. The encounter was marked by the grandeur of the surroundings, as Ashkenazi recalls being led down a corridor lined with Old Masters paintings. Despite the stark contrast in their backgrounds, the two struck up a friendship that would later come under scrutiny.

The Prince’s Predicament

One of the most significant aspects of Goga Ashkenazi’s association with Epstein is her connection to Prince Andrew, Duke of York. The Prince’s friendship with Epstein has been a subject of controversy and has raised concerns within the Royal family. Ashkenazi claims that Prince Andrew, whom she describes as kind-hearted and honourable, had confided in her about his worries regarding the fallout from his association with Epstein.

Sunninghill Park and the Kazakh Connection

Another controversial episode involving Goga Ashkenazi and Prince Andrew is the sale of Sunninghill Park, the Prince’s former home. The property was sold to Timur Kulibayev, Ashkenazi’s former lover and son-in-law of the Kazakh president, at a price significantly above the asking price. Ashkenazi asserts that the sale was intended to establish a charitable school for Kazakh children, but questions were raised about the inflated price and the Prince’s choice of friends.

The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal Unveiled

As more details emerged about Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal activities and his exploitation of underage girls, Goga Ashkenazi found herself entangled in the scandal. A photograph surfaced of Prince Andrew with his arm around Virginia Roberts, Epstein’s alleged victim. Ashkenazi defends the Prince, stating that he had no knowledge of Roberts’ age or her connection to Epstein beyond being a masseuse.

Goga Ashkenazi’s Defence and Criticisms

Goga Ashkenazi has staunchly defended both Prince Andrew and her own association with Epstein. She portrays Prince Andrew as a well-intentioned man who made a mistake in his choice of acquaintances. Ashkenazi argues that his positive attributes outweigh this error in judgment and that he should not be stripped of his role as Britain’s trade envoy. However, critics have questioned her wealth and alleged that it stems from her relationship with Timur Kulibayev rather than her business acumen.

The Fallout and Public Perception

The revelations surrounding Goga Ashkenazi and Jeffrey Epstein have had far-reaching consequences. The Royal family has expressed dismay and concern over Prince Andrew’s association with Epstein, and public scrutiny has intensified. Ashkenazi’s reputation has also been called into question, with critics suggesting that her connections and wealth are a result of her personal relationships rather than her professional achievements.

The Future and Lessons Learned

As the controversy surrounding Goga Ashkenazi and Jeffrey Epstein continues to unfold, there are important lessons to be learned. The case highlights the importance of carefully considering associations and the potential consequences of aligning oneself with individuals of questionable character. It serves as a reminder that even those in positions of power and privilege must be vigilant in their choices and actions.


The friendship between Goga Ashkenazi and Jeffrey Epstein has been a subject of intense scrutiny and controversy. Ashkenazi’s defense of Prince Andrew and her own involvement with Epstein has sparked debate and raised questions about the ethics and judgment of those in positions of influence. As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how these individuals and their actions will be remembered in the annals of history.

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