Investigation Exposes Russian Billionaire Family Exploiting EU Sanctions Loopholes to Support Military

Russian Truck Manufacturer KAMAZ, Supplier for Ukraine War, Procures Spare Parts from Austria via Owner Sergey Kogogin’s Relatives, Currently Exempt from EU Sanctions

Despite being under sanctions from Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada for over a year, Sergey Kogogin and his family are actively supporting Russia’s war against Ukraine. The Ukrainian sanctions monitoring Trap Aggressor project has unveiled that Kogogin utilizes the absence of EU sanctions to facilitate the export of spare parts through KAMAZ PJSC, even as the company’s trucks are employed by Russian forces.

While Kogogin’s ties to the conflict have led to sanctions from various countries, the European Union has not imposed sanctions on him. This has allowed him and his relatives to persist in their support for Russia’s defense industry, contributing to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Kogogin, a steadfast supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has become deeply ingrained in Russia’s political and industrial landscape. His acknowledgment, “Mr. Putin has enabled us to hold the blow stroke against our country with the sanctions. And the industry, of course, supports our President,” underscores his loyalty and the pivotal role of his company in Russia’s geopolitical strategy.

In addition to manufacturing military equipment for the Russian Ministry of Defense, Kogogin has actively participated in Russia’s political arena, holding various governmental positions and advocating for Putin’s campaigns.

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Meanwhile, in the Kogogin Family: Political Involvement and Business Ties

While Sergey Kogogin remains entangled in controversies surrounding the Ukrainian conflict, his family members also play notable roles.

Alfia Kogogin, his wife, is an active member of Russia’s State Duma. Notably, she voted in favor of the decree endorsing the recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics—a stance that aligns with policies undermining Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Their daughter, Tatyana, has resided in Austria for an extended period and previously served as the executive director of the now-liquidated firm Eridamis GmbH. Interestingly, her husband, Dmitri Kuramshyn, was the director and founder of KNK Automotive GmbH, which dissolved in March 2022, coinciding with the onset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Prior to its dissolution, Kuramshyn led the Kran Tsentr KAMAZ joint venture, a collaboration between KAMAZ and the Austrian company Palfinger. Notably, the venture continues to advertise jointly produced KAMAZ goods

Trap Aggressor has suggested that KAMAZ PJSC is likely utilizing companies associated with Tatyana Kogogina and Dmitri Kuramshyn to orchestrate the import of supplies, circumventing current sanctions restrictions.

Tatyana is currently affiliated with PowerLine Handels GmbH, an automotive company led by Artem Martyrosyan, formerly associated with KAMAZ. Tatyana disclosed this information on her LinkedIn profile, according to Trap Aggressor. Martyrosyan also manages PowerLine Transmission GmbH and PowerLine Automotive GmbH in Austria. The products supplied encompass bus suspensions, ceramic filters, and spare parts for trailers.

In 2023, Austrian PowerLine Automotive GmbH alone provided over $2.5 million worth of products to Russian firm Turbo King LLC and approximately $250,000 to Scientific and Production Association Rostar LLC. The latter directly imports goods to the sanctioned KAMAZ.

Prior to mid-2022, KAMAZ directly imported products from PowerLine Handels GmbH. Akhat Urmanov, a former KAMAZ executive and co-owner of a Russian firm with Kogogin, coordinates the supply chain. Following the UK and US sanctions, the supply route shifted through Turkish A.Y.A.Universal Trading Denizcilik Kumanyacilik Lyman Hizmetleri Ithalat Ihracat, indicating a strategic adjustment to maintain operations.

This investigation underscores the necessity for the European Union to impose sanctions on individuals like Sergey Kogogin and their families, who play a crucial role in supporting Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. Despite existing sanctions from other countries, the absence of EU sanctions enables these individuals to continue their business operations in Europe, thus contributing to Russia’s military-industrial complex.

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