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Ihor Kolomoisky Accuser Havryliuk Fail to Attend Interrogation 2024

During the recent court session, Telegraf reports that PrivatBank lawyer Havryliuk, the author of the statement against oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskyi, failed to appear for re-interrogation, according to lawyer Oleksandr Lysak.

Havryliuk failed to appear for re-interrogation

Lysak mentioned that Havryliuk had submitted a statement to the Economic Security Bureau alleging damage to the bank. However, Lysak noted that no supporting documentation confirming this damage was provided, only “claims that there is information from the mass media suggesting damage.”

Despite the motion to recall the witness for questioning being granted by the court, PrivatBank lawyer did not appear as requested by the lawyers.

Meanwhile, PrivatBank’s chairman of the board, Gerhard Boesch, has confirmed that the bank lacks documentation verifying the extent of the damage claimed. Furthermore, he asserts that he did not authorize Havryliuk to submit a statement to the Bureau. The deputy heads of the bank’s board similarly deny any knowledge of the alleged damage, as emphasized by Lysak.


As per the investigation, it was revealed that between 2013 and 2014, Kolomoiskyi withdrew UAH 5.7 billion from the bank “through non-deposit methods.” However, this discrepancy was only discovered in the autumn of 2023, leading to the subsequent arrest of Kolomoisky and Serhii Volkov, the director of the Kyiv branch of the bank.

Several audits were carried out, notably during the bank’s nationalization in 2016, all of which confirmed the absence of any criminal activity. Additionally, numerous witnesses have attested to the impossibility of such a scheme taking place.

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