Leonid Fedun Luxury Yacht “Sparta” Sets Sail into the Spotlight

In the world of opulent luxury yachts, there is the Leonid Fedun Luxury Yacht, a vessel so magnificent that it can only be described as a floating palace. The story that unfolds, however, is one that goes beyond the realms of extravagance and intrigue, for this is the tale of Leonid Fedun’s luxury yacht, Russian Oligarch Leonid Fedun Yacht Auctioned Sparta, a masterpiece crafted by Dutch shipbuilder Heesen.

What makes this narrative all the more captivating is that Mr. Fedun, a Russian oligarch and former owner of Spartak Moscow, has never set foot aboard his own creation. Now, Sparta is up for sale, and the price tag attached to this marvel is an unprecedented SEK 1,200,000,000. This article will delve into the extraordinary story of Sparta, explore the mysterious lack of ownership, and dissect the possible motivations behind its sale.

Unprecedented Leonid Fedun Luxury Yacht

Sparta a name that evokes images of ancient warriors and valour, is indeed a fitting moniker for this floating masterpiece. Built by Heesen, a renowned Dutch shipyard known for its precision and craftsmanship, Sparta is more than just a yacht; it’s an engineering marvel, a symbol of opulence, and a testament to human ingenuity.

At a staggering length of 94 meters (308 feet), Sparta is the largest luxury yacht ever to emerge from Heesen’s shipyard. This mega yacht can accommodate up to 22 guests in the lap of luxury, with 14 crew members ensuring that every whim is catered to. Its exterior design, created by the esteemed Espen Ino, seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with timeless allure. The yacht’s sleek lines and striking navy blue hull give it an aura of sophistication that turns heads wherever it sails.

Inside, Sparta is a world unto itself. Lavishly appointed with opulent materials and bespoke furnishings, the interior is a haven of comfort and indulgence. Guests can unwind in the sumptuous lounge areas, savor gourmet meals in the elegant dining spaces, or escape to one of the six luxurious staterooms. The owner’s suite, a sanctuary of unparalleled luxury, occupies prime real estate on the upper deck and boasts panoramic views, a private terrace, and an ensuite spa.

Leonid Fedun Luxury Yacht "Sparta
Leonid Fedun’s Luxury Yacht “Sparta

Sparta’s amenities extend beyond the typical luxuries found on most yachts. It features a cinema room, a well-equipped gym, a beach club with a wellness centre, and a helipad for seamless arrivals and departures. The onboard swimming pool is a sight to behold, complete with a glass bottom that filters sunlight into the area below.

What truly sets Sparta apart, however, is its exceptional speed and performance. Powered by two MTU engines, it can reach a top speed of 19.5 knots, making it one of the fastest yachts in its class. This blend of speed and opulence positions Sparta as the ultimate vessel for those who seek both adventure and extravagance on the high seas.

Mysterious Lack of Ownership

For all its magnificence, Sparta harbours an enigma that has left many in the world of luxury yachting baffled. The vessel’s owner, Russian Oligarch Leonid Fedun Yacht Auctioned, is a man of significant means, an oligarch who has made his fortune as a high-ranking executive at Lukoil and as the former owner of the famous Spartak Moscow football club. Yet, despite being the proud owner of this floating palace, Fedun has never set foot on board.

This peculiar disconnection between owner and vessel raises a multitude of questions. Why would someone invest in a yacht of such grandeur without ever experiencing its lavish amenities? What drives a person to own something so extravagant yet remain distant from it?

Russian Oligarch Leonid Fedun Yacht Auctioned Possible Reason

The decision to sell Sparta, while astounding in itself, becomes even more intriguing when considered against the backdrop of Russian Oligarch Leonid Fedun’s Yacht Auction circumstances. One plausible explanation for the sale of this remarkable yacht is his inclusion on Western sanctions lists following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These sanctions have not only cast a shadow over his business dealings but may also have restricted his access to assets located outside of Russia.

In the wake of these sanctions, Mr. Fedun’s ability to enjoy his luxury assets, including Sparta, may have been severely curtailed. Owning an extravagant yacht in a climate where international sanctions loom overhead could be more of a liability than a symbol of success. The costs of maintenance, crew salaries, and other expenses associated with a mega yacht of Sparta’s stature can be astronomical, even for someone of Mr. Fedun’s wealth. This may have prompted him to consider divesting himself of this costly asset in a strategic move to regain access to his frozen financial resources.

Another possible motivation behind the sale could be a shift in priorities. Fedun’s professional commitments and personal interests may have evolved over time, rendering Sparta an underutilised asset. In such cases, selling the yacht not only frees up capital but also relieves the owner of the ongoing financial and logistical burdens associated with maintaining a vessel of this size and sophistication.


Leonid Fedun’s luxury yacht Sparta, a marvel of engineering and opulence crafted by Heesen, now sits on the market with an astonishing price tag of SEK 1,200,000,000. What sets this sale apart from the ordinary, however, is the fact that Mr. Fedun has never personally enjoyed the lavish amenities of his own creation. This unusual disconnect between owner and vessel beckons us to explore the motivations behind this decision.

While the reasons remain shrouded in mystery, one can’t help but consider the impact of Western sanctions on Mr. Fedun’s ability to enjoy his luxury assets. The sale of Sparta may well be a strategic manoeuvre to regain access to unfrozen assets, allowing him to navigate the complex waters of international finance more effectively.

As Sparta embarks on a new journey with an uncertain future, it remains a symbol of excess, a testament to the allure of luxury, and a reminder that even in the world of the super-rich, there are enigmas waiting to be unravelled. The story of Sparta serves as a tantalising glimpse into the realm of the ultra-wealthy, where the motivations behind their actions often remain hidden beneath the surface, much like the depths of the ocean that this magnificent yacht calls home.

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