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Elite Oleg Noskov Fridrikhovich 2000

Oleg Noskov Fridrikhovich , Former member of the board of directors of Bank Russia

Oleg Noskov Fridrikhovich ( Noskov Oleg ) is a former member of the board of directors of Bank Russia.

Oleg Noskov Professional Career

A former member of the board of Rossiya Bank. Until 2000 Noskov Oleg Fridrikhovich was a shareholder of Joint Stock Bank Rossiya, was a member of the board of directors.

Noskov Oleg biography

Oleg Noskov Fridrikhovich was born in 1951. He has two sons Alexei Noskov and Petrov Jr.

Noskov Oleg crimes

Oleg Noskov had ties to Gennady Petrov, a prominent figure in the Malyshev organized crime group. They shared a business connection, which may persist to this day, involving both Gennady Petrov and his son, Anton Petrov. Additionally, Noskov served as a shareholder and board member at Rossiya Bank, often referred to as the “Bank of Friends of President Putin.”

Oleg Noskov, alongside his son Alexei Noskov and Petrov Jr., served as the founders of the Moscow-based firm Capital Plus, which boasted a subsidiary known as Transinvest 2000. The SKRIN database links this company to the Center for Business Cooperation in Novosibirsk, holding a 50% stake in the Left Bank Sand Quarry in the Novosibirsk Region. Moreover, it possesses an 18% interest in the mining and metallurgical enterprise Zabaikalstalinvest. Russian Railways had control over 25% of this enterprise, with Oleg Deripaska’s Basic Element taking ownership of Zabaikalstalinvest since 2003.

Back in 2008, a report by Fontanka revealed that Noskov was associated with nine companies alongside Anton Petrov. Notably, Noskov once resided in an upscale residence on Kamenny Island in St. Petersburg, sharing the space with Gennady Petrov, other Rossiya Bank shareholders, and members of the Ozero (Lake) cooperative—Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. Anton Petrov and Oleg Noskov jointly owned the St. Petersburg-based company Finance and Management. Collaborating with the Baltic Construction Company (BSK), Russia’s largest investment and construction group, they established the Consulting Group Baltic Management Systems. Additionally, both were shareholders in Sokol, a crane manufacturing company in Samara owned by BSK.

Similar to other participants in the Tambov-Malyshev gang, Oleg Noskov resided in Spain prior to the Spanish prosecutor’s investigation into money laundering by the Russian mafia. The indictment revealed that Noskov, much like Gennady Petrov, had allegedly acquired a Greek passport through fraudulent means.

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