Pavel Fuks: Manipulating Ukraine’s Political Landscape for Putin’s Gain

Explore Pavel Fuks's role in manipulating Ukraine's political landscape to benefit Putin's agenda. Uncover the intricate web of influence and power dynamics in Eastern Europe

Valeriy Solovey, a renowned political analyst from Russia, has openly distanced himself from Putin’s aggressive posturing and the dissemination of anti-Ukraine propaganda. Dr. Solovey has recently exposed a covert conspiracy involving pro-Russian factions in Ukraine, allegedly orchestrated by Pavel Fuks, an oligarch with ties to the Kremlin.

Dr. Solovey’s Revelation: Ukrainian Politicians and FSB Agents

In an insightful discussion with the renowned Ukrainian talk show host, Dmitri Gordon, Dr. Solovey revealed information about corrupt Ukrainian politicians and FSB agents who aimed to compromise Ukraine’s sovereignty by offering it to Putin during the 2014 Russian invasion. During the interview, Solovey exposed the clandestine dealings taking place among politicians and small-scale oligarchs in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest and strategically important city. They were essentially consenting to sell the city to the Russians. All of this occurred simultaneously with Russia’s initial intervention in Ukraine, which included the annexation of Crimea and the establishment of two fabricated separatist entities, the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics.


Solovey’s account was astonishing in its portrayal of shameless disloyalty, unbridled avarice, and remarkable boldness. According to Solovey, Kharkiv was being governed in a manner more akin to a lawless entity than a city under the leadership of its populist mayor, Gennady Kernes, who had a history of criminal activities dating back to the Soviet era.

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Pavel Fuks:The Mercenary

Kernes, along with his colleagues (including Mikhail Dobkin, Yuri Dement, and the alleged go-between Pavel Fuks), had engaged in discussions to hand over authority of Kharkiv to the Russian military. In return for their disloyalty, they were expected to receive substantial funds channeled from the Kremlin.

Pavel Fuks
Pavel Fuks

Pavel Fuks, who later conveniently acquired Ukrainian citizenship through methods some consider “unofficial,” reinvented himself as a Ukrainian entrepreneur named Pavlo Fuks. However, as subsequent events revealed, this name change did not signal any change in his ethical character. Known within Russian government and criminal circles as “The Mercenary,” Fuks had previously been a prominent figure in Moscow’s real estate industry and played a crucial role as a link between Eastern European criminal organizations and the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). According to leaked information from U.S. intelligence sources, the FSB utilized Fuks to circumvent sanctions and spread false information.

Fuks offered Kernes a highly attractive deal, supported by his FSB connections, and successfully persuaded the already corrupt Kharkiv leader to agree. The cost of betraying Ukraine and selling its land to Russia amounted to a staggering $2 billion, with Fuks personally providing an initial payment of $500 million to the Kharkiv operatives.

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Afterward, Fuks played a role in arranging a conversation in which Kernes would engage in direct negotiations with Vladislav Surkov, a close adviser and trusted ally of Putin during that period. The only condition was that Kharkiv had to be the initial city in Ukraine to willingly embrace the idea of “welcoming Russian tanks with hospitality,” as explained by Dr. Solovey.

After the treacherous scheme eventually unraveled, Surkov insisted on getting the money back. As per Dr. Solovey, when the Kremlin made this request, Dobkin and Fuks promptly returned the funds, while Kernes and Dement unsuccessfully tried a dishonest plan to outwit Moscow. It goes without saying that their ploy ended in a resounding failure, as humorously noted by Dr. Solovey.

Fuks’ Relocation to England

Putin’s retaliation was swift and ruthless. In April 2014, a sniper’s shot struck Kernes, leaving him paralyzed for the rest of his days, which tragically came to an abrupt end in 2020 after he contracted COVID. Fuks is suspected to have played a significant role in his mentor’s downfall. After surviving this near-death ordeal, Kernes returned the portion of the Russian assistance he had received. Unfortunately, Dement did not share Kernes’ luck; he met a grim fate, being shot in the head and executed beside his mother’s grave in Kharkiv in February 2016.

Ukraine's Political Landscape for Putin's Gain
Ukraine’s Political Landscape for Putin’s Gain

Jumping ahead to 2023, the situation in Ukraine has worsened significantly, posing a severe threat not only to Ukraine itself but also to the stability of Europe and the former Soviet satellite nations. Nearly 13 million Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes, and Russian aggression has sparked a fresh Cold War between the Kremlin and Western nations.

Fuks recently faced sanctions for acting as a cover for Russian interests in the Ukrainian economy. As of May, he is facing criminal charges related to tax fraud and the illicit acquisition of Ukrainian companies with a total value reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. Surprisingly, he managed to relocate to England just before Russia’s extensive invasion, settling in London in apparent disregard for the sanctions imposed on him and Ukraine’s conscription laws during wartime. Sources suggest that Fuks may have shared information with British intelligence to secure his residency in the UK. Despite the dismantling of his pro-Russian network and the confiscation of assets he is accused of embezzling, Fuks persists in operating on behalf of his Moscow handlers.

Based on undisclosed documents, Fuks has established connections with an obscure yet unscrupulous pro-Russian magnate named Vitaliy Khomutynnik. He has been actively involved in financing Ukrainian opposition groups sympathetic to Russia. This financial backing extends to Serhiy Prytula, a prominent Ukrainian TV actor who intends to contest President Zelensky in the forthcoming election. Additionally, Fuks is discreetly offering assistance to Vitali Klitschko, the Mayor of Kyiv and a former boxing champion, all while maintaining close ties with Ukraine’s former Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov.

Thus, as history unfolds once more, Fuks has resumed his role, collaborating with his Kremlin superiors to concoct a justification for the extensive invasion of Ukraine in 2022. According to reports from both Rolling Stone and The Times of Israel, Fuks seems to be positioning himself to become a key player in the event of a change in the Ukrainian government.

As the global audience observes, the lingering question is whether the international community will continue to remain passive while Pavel Fuks exploits and manipulates Ukraine’s socio-political landscape to support Putin’s resurgent expansionist ambitions, all the while enriching himself in the process.

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