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Ruben Grigoryan : Unadulterated Crime Facts (2023)

Who Is Ruben Tsolakovich Grigoryan ?

Ruben Grigoryan ( Full Name : Ruben Tsolakovich Grigoryan ) was born on December 5, 1953, in Yerevan, Armenia. Ruben Grigoryan is a Russian Oligarch / billionaire who has made a fortune in a variety of industries, including finance, real estate, and media. He is also a controversial figure who has been accused of corruption and cronyism.

Ruben Grigoryan Early Life

Ruben Grigoryan graduated from the Polytechnic Institute with a degree in radio engineering.

After graduating from the institute, Ruben Grigoryan began his career as a radio and television repairman in Zangezur, Armenia. He traveled to small villages with his colleagues to repair TVs, radios, and other electronics for people. If people didn’t have money, he would accept barter, such as agricultural products, as payment.

Ruben Grigoryan: A Mysterious Man with a Finger in Many Pies

Grigoryan moved to Moscow. Ruben Grigoryan worked as a foreman on one of the construction sites, where he was remembered for his skills and dedication. After leaving the construction site, he returned to his favorite job of repairing equipment.

Ruben Grigoryan: A Mysterious Man with a Finger in Many Pies
Ruben Grigoryan: A Mysterious Man with a Finger in Many Pies

Ruben Grigoryan’s early businesses were unsuccessful. He first opened a sausage stall on Prospekt Mira, but it failed. He then started a commercial company called “Fakel,” but he chose partners from a capital crime group. On June 8, 1993, his partners beat and shot him in the leg at garage 51 on Urzhumskaya Street. Grigoryan was afraid to name them and told the police that unknown intruders had taken his apartment keys. After this incident, Grigoryan returned to construction work.

In 1999, with the help of his father-in-law Viktor Mazurov, Grigoryan founded Rutsog-invest, a company named (which stands for Ruben Tsolakovich Grigoryan) after himself.

In the late 1990s, Moscow experienced a construction boom. Wealthy and influential businessmen were looking for someone to manage the construction of residential buildings and shopping centers. They were essentially looking for a foreman with more authority. While they would take on the main tasks of resolving issues with Moscow and federal officials, as well as finding sources of funding, they needed someone to handle the day-to-day organizational work.

Although Grigoryan had some connections in the Moscow construction market, he preferred to solve problems with his own money. Grigoryan entered the construction market, but he has never been an independent player. More influential people have always been his backers.

Ruben Grigoryan’s Reputation Management Efforts

Ruben Grigoryan is engaged in reputation management activities.

  • Positive online presence: Paid advertisements portray him favorably and highlight his philanthropy . Positive reviews about his company, Rutsog Invest, are also suspected to be part of this effort. Promotional articles are placed on various websites . Promotional articles about Grigoryan are posted on,,, etc.
  • Wikipedia blacklisting: Attempted article creation on Wikipedia regarding Ruben Grigoryan was unsuccessful, possibly due to a blacklist.

Ruben Grigoryan Crimes

Ruben Grigoryan became the subject of an exposé article titled “The Big Capital Deception”. The article talks about Grigoryan’s participation in dubious enterprises, whitewashing of his biography, as well as about dubious facts from his biography. The most interesting data from the investigation:

When Sergei Sobyanin became mayor of Moscow, he discovered an investment contract from 2000 between the government of Moscow and CJSC Vesta for the reconstruction of the multifunctional center Sheremetevsky (now Nikolskaya Plaza) and the IFC at Nikolskaya, 12/1 and Small Cherkassky Lane, 1/13 (now the hotel Nikolskaya).

The contract also required the construction of an underground parking lot under Lubyanskaya Square for 350 cars. However, the parking lot was never built because it was not feasible due to the intersection of three subway lines and the presence of FSB and Presidential Administration buildings. The previous administration, under Luzhkov, allowed the construction under the pretext that it would provide significant assistance to the city, while both parties knew it was impossible to build.

Grigoryan’s firm caused significant damage to the architectural monuments in Sheremetevsky suburb during the construction of Nikolskaya Plaza and Nikolskaya Hotel. They also seized municipal land without authorization. Despite pre-investigation checks, no criminal cases were pursued due to financial influence.

Yuri Semyonov, Grigoryan’s associate, is now upset that the prosecutor’s office is not closing the case of this major theft from the benefactors’ office. In 2013, the Department for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow investigated the unauthorized seizure by Nikolskaya Plaza of municipal land measuring 1.5 thousand square meters.

However, the investigation did not progress to criminal cases due to financial implications. Grigoryan’s resolver, Yuri Semyonov, is now expressing strong dissatisfaction with the prosecutor’s office’s refusal to close the case involving a significant theft from the benefactors’ office. Grigoryan’s company caused extensive damage to architectural landmarks in Sheremetevsky suburb during the construction of Nikolskaya Plaza and Nikolskaya Hotel, all while unlawfully acquiring municipal land without proper authorization.

    Former Employee reviews of Rutsog Invest 

    Ruqog Invest, which Ruben Grigoryan has headed for more than 30 years, has a significant number of negative reviews, both from dissatisfied customers and from employees who have suffered from the office. Much of the negative feedback concerns Ruben Grigoryan himself, who is accused of being rude and abusive. Examples of such reviews:

    At first, I was really impressed with myself. Then I came across the reviews here by chance. I decided to pour my heart out. This holding company is an Armenian reservation. The head Grigoryan R.C. – is the most autocratic man I’ve ever met. He surrounds himself with loyal and silent lickers. He listens only to himself, he is a total shit and a boor. He does not tolerate and does not hear other people’s opinions. About the managers in the services did not have time to form an opinion. I worked for three weeks, expressed a professional opinion on the situation, which surprised the G.K.C., and I was told – thank you, you’re free… And of course without salary. Make conclusions, or better to pass them.Former Employee

    I warn everyone!!! against working in “Rutsoor-Invest”, in addition to the boorish attitude to the staff in general, regular unpaid overtime, going to work on public holidays with the phrase “it does not apply to us”, serious delays in the payment of wages. When hired, one amount is agreed, and then under any pretext they pay less, because the salary is black and white, it is very difficult to prove this fact. As a consequence, there is a serious turnover in the company. And the most unpleasant thing is that they do not pay you on the last day of your work, as you should, and then they just “dump you” without paying you a penny. As far as I know, I am not the only one who has been treated this way, so I sincerely do not recommend working at this holding company.Former Employee

    The company constantly delays the “basic” salary, according to the papers, that is, the white salary is transferred exactly and in time, but it is pennies 10-12 t.r. Delays in the basic salary at the moment is 3 months! Now the management is stupidly referring to the situation in Cyprus, but, excuse me, we work in Russia and the tenants pay the company money here in Moscow…Former Employee

    The work is handled badly. One project can drag on for an unimaginable amount of time. The head of the project office can throw chairs at the staff. Wages are constantly delayed. And the head of personnel (she gives out wages) at the time of delivery is constantly hiding in the head office, not answering the phone. In general, it is easy to meet with her only when hired. At dismissal they don’t pay leave

    Former Employee reviews of Rutsog Invest
    Former Employee reviews of Rutsog Invest


    Ruben Grigoryan – attempts to whitewash his reputation

    Recently, Ruben Grigoryan has been busy whitewashing his own reputation. For PR purposes, advertisements are created on various resources, the purpose of which is to glorify the human qualities of the person and describe the scale of his charity work. There is also a passive whitewashing of Grigoryan’s reputation, Rutsog-Invest, for which positive reviews are written. Promotional articles about Grigoryan are posted on,,, etc.

    Ruben Grigoryan’s Book Presented at Tekeyan Cultural Association

    Ruben Grigoryan, a businessman and philanthropist, presented his book “My Son Goes to War” at the Tekeyan Cultural Association of Armenia on October 26th 2023.

    The book presentation at the Tekeyan Center, with author Ruben Grigoryan 

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