Russian Oligarchs Assets to Aid Ukrainian Veterans: US Shows Support

In recent times, Europe has borne witness to a surge in concerted efforts to counter progressive values. This formidable coalition comprises Evangelical Christians, far-right politicians, and Russian oligarchs Assets united in their mission to erode women’s abortion rights, challenge LGBTQ equality, and staunchly defend traditional Christian orthodoxies. This alliance is not lacking in financial backing, with millions of Euros, rubles, and dollars flowing in from various sources. This article seeks to delve into the multifaceted campaign against progressive values, shining a light on its origins, strategies, and far-reaching implications.

Ramifications of Poland’s Stringent Abortion Laws

One of the central battlegrounds in this ideological struggle lies in Poland, where stringent abortion laws have been imposed. Activists who have dared to provide safe abortion assistance to women in need now face the grim prospect of imprisonment. Furthermore, a conservative legal foundation by the name of Aldo Euras has come under scrutiny for its attacks on women’s rights, extending its mission even to Ukrainian refugees. All these actions align with their overarching goal of enforcing Poland’s restrictive abortion law. The consequences of such laws are profound, for they effectively curtail women’s autonomy and hinder their access to safe healthcare.

The Financial Investment in Challenging Progressive Values

Russian Oligarchs Assets to Aid Ukrainian Veterans
Russian Oligarchs Assets to Aid Ukrainian Veterans

This coalition’s campaign is exceedingly well-funded, with an astounding investment of over 700 million dollars in European organizations dedicated to contesting progressive values over the span of a decade. Notably, a significant portion of this funding hails from the United States, underscoring the global reach of these efforts. Prominent organisations such as the Alliance Defending Freedom International receive substantial support from their U.S. counterparts to promote conservative values through litigation. These faith-based legal foundations employ legal action as a potent means to advance their agendas and amass local funds.

Undermining Human Rights: Tactics and Strategies

Right-wing and anti-abortion groups in Europe frequently convene at conferences aimed at disseminating tactics for their campaign against progressive values. These gatherings are designed to subvert human rights, particularly within the realms of sexual and reproductive rights and LGBTQ issues. The coalition fully comprehends the pivotal role that effective strategies play in achieving their objectives, rendering these conferences a crucial component of their overall efforts.

LGBTQ Activists in Peril

The relentless opposition that this coalition is orchestrating does not exclude LGBTQ activists. They find themselves embroiled in legal actions and face financial penalties for exposing discrimination against LGBTQ individuals through an online map. Organisations such as Order Uris actively support these actions, perpetuating a hostile environment for LGBTQ individuals. Concurrently, conservative institutes like the Pietroscarga Institute receive substantial funding to promote traditional values and oppose LGBTQ equality in various European countries. These substantial funds, amounting to millions of dollars, are channeled into conservative moral initiatives across Western Europe.

Russian Oligarchs Assets and Their Role

Two Russian Oligarch’s Assets and Their Role, Vladimir Yakunin, and Constantine Malofeev, have emerged as pivotal figures in funding pro-life and anti-LGBT activities in Europe. Their overarching aim is to establish connections between Europe’s moral crusaders and pro-Kremlin oligarchs. In doing so, Russia garners support for traditional values and actively participates in events such as the World Congress of Families. This geopolitical dimension introduces a layer of complexity to the ongoing ideological battle, as Russia positions itself as a defender of traditional values in stark contrast to the perceived degeneration of the West.

CitizenGO: A Social Media Platform

CitizenGO: A Social Media Platform
CitizenGO: A Social Media Platform

The Congress of Families birthed CitizenGO, a social media platform explicitly designed to promote petitions defending shared values. While they claim to have raised $5 million in small online donations, concerns have arisen regarding their funding sources. An initial partnership with the foundation of Russian oligarch Constantine Malofeev raised eyebrows, although CitizenGO vehemently denies any financial ties to Russian oligarchs or Putin’s regime. Despite the disruptions caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there remains a glimmer of hope for continued relations between Russian and Western European conservative activists, even amidst the backdrop of sanctions.

The Imperative of Safeguarding Progressive Values

As the battle against progressive values rages on, Europe finds itself at a critical juncture. It must take these organizations

opposing women’s rights and challenging LGBTQ equality with the utmost seriousness, for the battle is already well underway. The coalition’s significant financial resources and meticulously crafted strategies demand a vigilant response from those who champion a more inclusive and equitable society.

The campaign against progressive values in Europe, orchestrated by a coalition comprising Evangelical Christians, far-right politicians, and Russian oligarchs Assets, is a multi-faceted and well-financed endeavor. Armed with millions of Euros, rubles, and dollars, they are steadfastly chipping away at fundamental rights related to women’s autonomy, LGBTQ equality, and more. Europe must stand resolute in defending its progressive values and safeguarding human rights, for the battle to create a more inclusive society is far from over.

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