Russian Propagandist Stanislav Andreev (Uncle Slava) died on 22 Oct 2023

Stanislav Andreev (Uncle Slava) Died

Russian Propagandist Stanislav Andreev, also known as “Uncle Slava,” who loved to mock Ukrainians in “chat roulette” and TikTok broadcasts, has died in Russia on the evening of October 22 according his official Telegram channel.

Russian Propagandist Stanislav Andreev (Uncle Slava)
Russian Propagandist Stanislav Andreev (Uncle Slava)

The propagandist’s claimed that Russians and Ukrainians are “one people” and that the Ukrainian language cannot be independent . This is a dangerous and misleading one. It is important to note that propaganda is often used to justify aggression and violence, and this claim is no exception.

Russian Propagandist Stanislav Andreev (Uncle Slava)

Russian propagandist “Uncle Slava” died of cancer at 56. His YouTube account was recently blocked, and he was known for criticizing the Russian opposition and citizens who disagree with the Kremlin.

It is noted that Andreev had been battling cancer in recent years, dealing with pains that “burned even his soul with his mind,” which allegedly “remained with him until the very end”.

The death message was posted on his official Telegram

Uncle Slava Telegram Channel
Uncle Slava Telegram Channel

“Andreev Stanislav Alekseevich, aka Uncle Slava, left for a better world with a smile on his face. He faced pain that burned through not only the body but also the soul and mind. But his mind remained with him until the very end”

“He lived his life without regretting anything and without the feeling that he did not have time to do anything. He was not afraid of death, he said that he had already seen it and that “there” did not scare him”

“He experienced three clinical deaths in his entire life. He is a loving father, husband, and patriot of his country. A special, HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us during this period”. His son said in a post on the telegram channel.

In another post via Telegram, his son wrote; “My father was always honest with himself, so interviews with him will always be relevant. If anyone hasn’t seen it, you can take a look, it hasn’t been removed from YouTube”

My father spoke very well of the way Lilya conducted the interview. Very sincere and warm. In the meantime, sweet dreams everyone. Don’t be sad, he is with us forever”

Uncle Slava had a YouTube channel with more than 300K subscribers and over 500K people were subscribed to his telegram channel. In most of his streams, he criticized the Kyiv regime and NATO.

Uncle Slava” attracted over half a million followers who shared his views, including those who endorsed the concept of the “Russian world” and individuals with negative sentiments towards Ukraine and the Western world.

Throughout his life, he continuously ridiculed Ukrainian history and the Ukrainian language. He boldly encouraged his supporters to adopt a patronizing attitude towards Ukrainians. Andreev persistently advocated the idea that Russians and Ukrainians were a single people, asserting that Ukrainian history and language were closely intertwined with the Russian Federation.

Until his last breath, he made fun of the history of Ukraine and the Ukrainian language, and cynically called on his supporters to treat Ukrainians “condescendingly.” Thus, Andreev called Russians and Ukrainians “one people,” and Ukrainian history and language “inextricably linked with the Russian Federation.”

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