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Todd Boehly warned of potential dismissal following Chelsea legend’s precedent set by Roman Abramovich 2024

Todd Boehly may be experiencing the same concerns as a former Stamford Bridge mainstay following the Blues’ recent defeat to Liverpool in the Carabao Cup final.

Chelsea's owner, Todd Boehly, may take into consideration the guidance of a former mainstay at Stamford Bridge in his pursuit of success.Chelsea’s owner, Todd Boehly, may consider the advice of a past mainstay at Stamford Bridge as he strives for success.

In the aftermath of Chelsea’s devastating defeat in the Carabao Cup final, John Obi Mikel’s previous caution to Mauricio Pochettino seems even more prophetic. He brought attention to the previous values instilled by Roman Abramovich.

After losing in extra time at Wembley in the final, the Blues bounced back with a determined 3-2 triumph against Leeds United in the fifth round of the FA Cup. Clinching their spot in the quarter-final draw, Chelsea fought back after relinquishing a two-goal advantage, with Conor Gallagher scoring the winning goal in the 90th minute.

The defeat against Liverpool in the final from the previous Sunday will be difficult for the Stamford Bridge fans to overcome. Despite the game seeming to go into penalties, a goal by Reds’ captain Virgil van Dijk allowed Jurgen Klopp’s young team to emerge victorious over a highly-paid Chelsea squad.

The collapse of their performance in extra time did not go unnoticed by Sky Sports commentator Gary Neville, who famously referred to Pochettino’s team as ‘billion pound bottle jobs’. This statement may now hold true for Chelsea’s owner Todd Boehly, echoing the sentiments of club legend Mikel.

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At The Best FIFA Football Awards in London, former Chelsea midfielder Mikel spoke to Sky Sports, emphasizing the club’s long-standing principles. He reminded, “We have allowed them ample time, nearly six months. However, now is the moment to triumph. At Chelsea, there is no room for delay. Our motto is simple: win or nothing.”

According to one source, in the time of Abramovich, it was believed that if a manager did not achieve success, they would be quickly replaced by Roman. With this in mind, the new owner should adopt a similar mentality – only victory matters at Chelsea. Without winning, being a part of the club would hold no purpose.

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John Obi Mikel speaks truth to former club's chiefs

Former Chelsea star John Obi Mikel did not hold back as he delivered some frank words to the club’s executives. (Image: PA)

As of now, the Blues are positioned at 11th place in the Premier League rankings, making it highly likely for them to end up in the middle of the table for the second consecutive year. Former player Mikel, who was a part of the team from 2006 to 2017, was one of the individuals who voiced their concerns about the club’s downfall and the urgency of reviving their previous standards.

During Abramovich’s reign at Chelsea, the club had a tendency to frequently change managers, which was referred to as a “scattergun approach”. However, this was also a time of great success for the team. They were able to achieve landmark victories under the guidance of various bosses such as Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, and Antonio Conte. In fact, the Blues won a total of 18 major trophies during this period, which was more than any other English club.

According to Mikel, the justification for reviewing is no longer acceptable. The focus now should be on winning games, improving performance, and striving to compete. Mikel also issued a warning to Boehly, stating that this year the team needs to stop making excuses and next year they should aim to be at the top. It is crucial to continue building the team, despite criticism about the team’s high spending.

While delivering some tough criticism to the authorities of the West London club, Mikel maintained a positive outlook that the club’s luck will eventually turn around. He further stated, “We have made several strong acquisitions and they require time to develop and strengthen as a cohesive unit.”

It is my belief that Poch is an exceptional manager, particularly adept at working with young players and the team as a whole. Our team is in need of a striker, a player who can effectively score goals.

Image of Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea FC in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 first leg match


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