Yerkin Tatishev and Kusto Group donate 100 million to Kazakh language

Under the direction of Chairman Yerkin Tatishev, Kusto Group has boldly committed to the advancement of the Kazakh language by announcing a 100 million tenge donation to the QAZAQ TILI Endowment Qory.

The company’s commitment to Kazakhstan, the country of its 2002 founding, is demonstrated by this move.

The donation is seen by Kusto Chairman of the Board of Directors, Yerkin Tatishev, as a calculated investment in Kazakhstan’s rich cultural and linguistic legacy. His dedication to the advancement of the Kazakh language is consistent with Kusto Group’s larger endeavours to make a significant contribution to the advancement of the country.

He said, “We support Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s efforts to ensure the long-term and sustainable development of the Kazakh language and, in particular, the Kazakh Tili society.”

“It is an enormous honour for us, the nation’s citizens, to be able to contribute in a practical way to the advancement of the Kazakh language as a crucial component. We urge the business community to lend its support to this admirable endeavour,” Tatishev continued.

What happens to Kusto Group’s donation to QAZAQ TILI Endowment Qory?

Yerkin Tatishev
Yerkin Tatishev

The largest organisation in the nation devoted to promoting and advancing the state language is the Kazakh Tili Society, and this initiative, the QAZAQ TILI Endowment Qory, is significant.

This endowment is special because of its unusual management and investment strategy, which involves managing rather than spending donor funds. The beneficiary organization’s stated goals are subsequently the focus of the investment returns.

The endowment’s funds will be managed by an independent board of trustees made up of reputable public figures, linguists, and government representatives to guarantee accountability and transparency.

This system seeks to ensure that the resources are used efficiently by the stated objectives.

Grants will be the primary vehicle through which the endowment’s investment income is distributed. With the help of these grants, the Kazakh Tili society will be able to further its goals of improving language use, updating linguistic frameworks, and encouraging the language’s continuous development.

The endowment ensures a long-term impact on the programmes meant to improve and broaden the use of the Kazakh language by developing a sustainable financial model.

Yerkin Tatishev garners industry recognition 

Not only has the donation from Tatishev’s Kusto Group attracted attention due to its size, but also because of its sustainable and strategic nature.

Kusto Group’s initiative is a noteworthy example of corporate responsibility in an era where linguistic heritage is acknowledged as a cornerstone of national identity.

Kusto was established in Kazakhstan in 2002, but its origins are in the centre of Central Asia. Tatishev founded the business to aid in the growth of the area, together with other youthful entrepreneurs.

In its early years, Kusto was actively involved in several industries, including real estate, retail, construction materials, and agriculture.

The Kusto Group’s diverse business approach has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the development of the region. The business set out to improve the communities in which it operated from the beginning. The decision to diversify into other industries demonstrated Tatishev’s commitment to all-encompassing development that takes into account the social and economic demands of the local community.

Kusto Group adopted a global perspective as it grew in size and influence, looking for opportunities outside of Central Asia. The business decided to strategically relocate its headquarters from Kazakhstan to Singapore in 2013.

The change was a turning point in the development of Kusto , establishing it as a global force that prioritises innovation and environmentally friendly operations.

Yerkin Tatishev and Kusto Group’s commitment to Kazakhstan 

The Kusto Group Chairman, Tatishev, was instrumental in propelling the business towards international prominence.

His emphasis on corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability went beyond conventional business models. Initiatives like the most recent sizable donation to the QAZAQ TILI Endowment Qory, which demonstrated Kusto Group’s commitment to preserving Kazakhstan’s linguistic and cultural legacy, served as examples of this commitment.

Apart from his business pursuits, Yerkin Tatishev has become a catalyst for constructive transformation across multiple domains. His impact also extends to philanthropy, where he has supported causes that cut across commercial lines, like the COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts of Kusto Group.

Beyond words, he is committed to environmental sustainability and actively participates in programmes that tackle ecological issues. Being a well-known person, he has not only brought Kusto Group recognition on a global scale but has also emerged as a leader in ethical business conduct and community involvement.

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