3 Russians Arrested in NYC Caught Selling Weapon Components to Moscow

Three Russians Arrested in NYC for Illegally Selling Weapon Components to Moscow

3 Russians Arrested in NYC: On Tuesday, federal prosecutors brought charges against a New York resident and two Canadian citizens for allegedly sending millions of dollars worth of technology to Russia. This technology reportedly included components believed to be used in military equipment that was confiscated in Ukraine.

The Department of Justice claimed in a court document that Salimdzhon Nasriddinov, 52, of Brooklyn, along with 3 Russians arrested—37-year-old Nikolay Goltsev and 32-year-old Kristina Puzyreva of Montreal, Canada—participated in a global procurement scheme on behalf of sanctioned Russian entities, including companies connected to the Russian military.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York reported that the shipments, which included semiconductors, integrated circuits, and other dual-use electronic components, were later found in Russian weaponry and signal intelligence equipment in Ukraine.

Caught selling weapon components to Moscow
Caught selling weapon components to Moscow
NYC Caught Selling Weapon Components to Moscow
NYC Caught Selling Weapon Components to Moscow

Nasriddinov, who is a dual citizen of Tajikistan and Russia, was taken into custody on Tuesday in Brooklyn. According to the prosecution, Goltsev and Puzyreva, who had come to New York to see Nasriddinov, were taken into custody in a Manhattan hotel. Plotting to violate US sanctions and commit wire fraud are among the charges brought against all 3 Russians Arrested by these people.

“As alleged, the defendants evaded sanctions, shipping equipment to Russia vital for their precision-guided weapons systems, some of which has been used on the battlefield in Ukraine,” Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division said in a statement announcing the charges.

According to the lawsuit, the 3 Russians arrest defendants knew that the technology that was going to Russia was going to be used for military purposes. At present, it is uncertain who represents Nasriddinov, Goltsev, and Puzyreva in court.

Electronic components bought from U.S. companies

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the United States increased its export restrictions and imposed sanctions on the nation. Due to its invasion of Ukraine in 2014, its use of chemical weapons, and its meddling in elections, Russia has already been under sanctions.

Weapon Components to Moscow
Weapon Components to Moscow

According to the Justice Department’s allegations, Goltsev accepted requests from the Russian military and other institutions using aliases like “Nick Stevens” or “Gio Ross.” It is said that he and Nasriddinov procured electronic components from American companies and then arranged for their delivery to different locations in Brooklyn. The equipment was subsequently shipped, according to the prosecution, to a number of nations, including Turkey, Hong Kong, India, China, and the United Arab Emirates, before being routed to Russia.

The prosecution accuses Puzyreva of managing bank accounts and carrying out financial transactions related to the alleged enterprise, which included more than 300 shipments worth a total of $10 million.


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