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Kyiv’s Second Missile Attack: Dozens Gravely Injured in Devastating Assault

An alarming development occurred when a Russian missile attack on Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, occurred during the night. The attack severely damaged a children’s hospital and devastated multiple district lines. There have been at least 51 injuries reported in what the mayor of Kyiv has reported as an “enemy attack.”

According to recent news, Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, stated on social media that an apartment building was damaged as a result of the Russian missile attack in Kyiv, on the capital’s Dniprovsky district.

At a children’s hospital in the Dniprovskyi district, windows and entrances were also smashed by debris; however, according to preliminary reports, there were no casualties, said Klitschko.

The district’s water supply was also harmed, according to Serhiy Popko, the head of Kyiv’s military administration, who made this announcement on Telegram.

This week, it was second Russian missile attack on Kyiv. Four people were injured when ballistic missiles fired early on Monday toward Kyiv.

The Assault started as:

Joe Biden threatened to give Russia a “Christmas gift” if the US Republicans did not give more military support to Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the president of Ukraine.

Zelenskiy made a passionate plea to Congress on Tuesday while he was in Washington to approve more funding to combat Russia’s invasion and Russian missile attack.
“Russian loyalists in Moscow celebrated when Republicans voted to block Ukraine’s aid last week,” stated Biden during a joint press conference with Zelenskiy. “Well done Republicans, that’s good for us,” declared the host of a program controlled by the Kremlin.

“Kyiv’s Dark Hours: Second Missile Strike, Chaos and Dozens Suffer

No air raid siren was sounding. I heard an explosion at about 4 a.m. (02:00 GMT). Olena Ustinova, 45, a local administrative clerk, told the Reuters news agency, “We ran to the corridor, and (the explosion wave) threw me into the doors.”

I started to shake the doors when I became conscious again, but they were locked. From my balcony, I yelled for assistance, and rescue personnel responded.

The S-400s, which are incredibly fast missiles meant for air defense but have also been used to strike ground targets and Iskander-M ballistic missiles have been fired by Russia, according to the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

Four people were injured and over 100 households lost power as a result of a Russian missile attack that destroyed multiple homes on the outskirts of Kyiv, on Monday.

Following Zelenskyy’s visit to the US, where he urged right-wing Republicans to support billions of dollars in new military aid for his nation, the attack occurred.

In the event that the lawmakers rejected the aid, US President Joe Biden forewarned them that they would run the risk of offering Russia a “Christmas gift.”

Recent Updates: Negotiations with Kyiv

Hours after the group decided to formally begin membership negotiations with Kyiv, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban blocked 50 billion euros ($54 billion) in aid from the European Union for Ukraine.

Leaders gathered in Brussels announced that they would take another look at the matter the following month after Orban declined to support the additional funds needed to support the Ukrainian government in its efforts to drive out Russian forces.

The night shift was summarized as follows: Orban, who is closest to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the EU, wrote on social media, “veto for the extra money to Ukraine.”

The remaining EU leaders decided to take up the topic again in January.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told reporters as he left the talks, “We still have some time, Ukraine is not out of money in the next few weeks.”

“The 26 nations and I reached an agreement. Hungary and Victor Orban were not yet able to accomplish that. We should be able to close a deal by early next year, I think. We’re considering late January.

To agree, Rutte announced that a second summit would be called. Alexander De Croo, the prime minister of Belgium, emphasized the importance of the funding.

Tragedy Strikes Again: Kyiv

“Having the resources to carry on the war and rebuild its nation is equally crucial,” he declared.

Furthermore, EU refuses to give Hungary billions of euros in aid as they struggle over Ukraine
Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls for support for a “strong” Ukraine and vows to veto any proposal regarding Kyiv’s membership in the EU.

Amid escalating tensions over support for Ukraine between the EU and Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s administration, the EU executive will postpone releasing billions in development aid for Hungary from the bloc’s shared budget.

On Wednesday, the European Commission stated that it was awaiting Hungary’s last move to release 10 billion euros ($10.8 billion) that had been blocked due to worries that Orban had undermined democratic checks and balances.

The latest judicial reforms in Hungary, according to the commission, can only take effect if they are published in the official journal of the nation. Only then can the funds be unfrozen by the executive body.

Previously, it was anticipated that the EU would release the funds to influence Orban, who has threatened to veto Ukraine’s potential EU membership aspirations. However, Bloomberg revealed that a senior Orban aide subsequently demanded the release of up to 30 billion euros ($32.4 billion) in frozen aid.

The leaders of the 27 EU members must decide in unison on Ukraine’s request to join.

With his close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Orban warned lawmakers that joining the EU would have unpredictable consequences for Ukraine.

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