Car Bomb Attack in Eastern Ukraine: Russia-Backed Politician Assassinated

Car Explosion in Eastern Ukraine Claims Life of Politician Supported by Russia

Car Bomb Attack in Eastern Ukraine: According to local media on Wednesday, a car bomb explosion in the occupied eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk resulted in the death of a Russia-backed politician with ties to the Kremlin. The source of this information is the Russia-backed politician’s son.

“Due to the detonation of an explosive device in Mikhail Filiponenko’s vehicle, the People’s Council deputy sustained injuries that were fatal,” relayed his son to the Luhansk Information Centre, a news agency overseen by officials appointed by Moscow in the region.

The People’s Council serves as the regional legislature of Luhansk, one of the four Ukrainian territories that Russia claimed to have incorporated last year, even though they did not have complete military dominance over them.

 Moscow's incursion into Ukraine
Moscow’s incursion into Ukraine
Mikhail  Filiponenko
Mikhail Filiponenko

Mikhail Filiponenko formerly served as the commander of the local militia in Luhansk, a Moscow-backed separatist army that has been at war with Kyiv since 2014.

Russian media released images of a wrecked vehicle positioned by the roadside, showing bloodstains on the driver’s seat, which they claimed depicted the aftermath of the assault.

Numerous prominent backers of Moscow’s incursion into Ukraine, alongside government-affiliated figures in regions captured by Russian troops subsequently, have experienced assaults and targeted killings.

In the previous month, a shooter in Crimea, which had been taken over, injured Oleg Tsaryov, a former Ukrainian legislator who had reportedly been considered for the role of heading a pro-Russian surrogate administration in Kyiv.

Mikhail Filiponenko was killed in a bomb blast in his car.
Mikhail Filiponenko was killed in a bomb blast in his car.

Moscow has alleged that Ukrainian intelligence agencies were responsible for not only this particular incident but also several other attacks, such as the car bombing of nationalist Darya Dugina in Moscow last year and the bombing of military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky at a St. Petersburg cafe in April. Kyiv did not provide an immediate response to the bombing that occurred on Wednesday.

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