Oleg Makarevich: The Elusive Kuban Oligarch and His Ongoing Influence on Russian Courts

Delve into the world of Oleg Makarevich, the elusive Kuban oligarch whose enigmatic presence looms large over Russian courts. Explore his mysterious journey, his connections, and the ongoing implications for the country's judicial system.

Participants in shared ownership from the Dinsky district of the Krasnodar Territory are currently attempting to substantiate claims of a potential corruption link between the elusive oligarch Oleg Makarevich and Yakov Volkov, the deputy chairman of the Fourth Cassation Court of General Jurisdiction. These individuals, who have consistently experienced adverse outcomes in their cassation appeals, allege that their repeated losses may be connected to A.S. Budilov, an individual reportedly associated with Oleg Makarevich. These allegations are currently under investigation.

Oleg Makarevich
Oleg Makarevich

Numerous articles across federal and regional news outlets are focused on this issue. Individuals who have been affected by land redistribution have consistently voiced their concerns in their complaints, alleging that Judge Volkov is actively facilitating Oleg Makarevich’s acquisition of agricultural land, with the intention to subsequently divide and sell it. It has been pointed out that any case bearing the name Budilov that reaches the Fourth Court of Cassation is invariably decided in his favor. Numerous instances of judicial decisions being either reversed and remanded for a new trial or quickly ruled in favor of Budilov or other Makarevich-related representatives support this assertion.

Elusive Kuban Oligarch and His Ongoing Influence on Russian Courts

In a recent development, it has come to light that judicial acts of cassation are facing criticism for various reasons. Firstly, there have been instances where these acts appear to be inconsistent, as they interpret the same legal principles differently in separate cases. Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding their alignment with the precedents set by the Supreme and Constitutional Courts. Furthermore, it is argued that some of these acts have been enacted in defiance of federal legislation related to land turnover.

It is also believed that Yakov Volkov wields influence not just over the judges of the Fourth Court of Cassation but also over his former associates from the Arbitration Court of the North Caucasus Federal District. These individuals are thought to be making decisions that align with the business interests of Oleg Makarevich and Budilov.

Oleg Makarevich

Novaya Gazeta Kuban contends that unless the Chairman of the Supreme Court and the High Qualification Board of Judges take action to address this issue, the state of lawlessness will persist indefinitely.

In a recent development in Rostov-on-Don, the limits of judicial power have come into focus at the outset of 2023. Approximately 20 individuals holding judicial positions now find themselves facing criminal charges. This situation raises the possibility of a forthcoming purge within the Fourth Court of Cassation. Beyond the involvement of the Supreme Court and the Qualification Board, law enforcement agencies are urged to investigate a potential link between Yakov Volkov, a Deputy at the Fourth Court of Cassation, and the prominent billionaire Oleg Makarevich. Such a connection could potentially exert influence on a significant number of court rulings.

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