Ukrainian Ex-Politician Ilya Kyva Murdered in Moscow: SBU Releases Disturbing Video

December 2023: Ukraine has shared a video and photos documenting the assassination of Ilya Kyva, a former local politician who defected to Russia, labeling him a traitor and war criminal. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) released disturbing images, displaying Kyva’s lifeless body in a snow-covered park in Odintsovo, a suburb of the capital.

Ilya Kyva Murdered in Moscow
Ilya Kyva Murdered in Moscow

Key Points

  • Former Ukrainian politician Ilya Kyva, who defected to Russia, was assassinated in Moscow, with the Security Service of Ukraine releasing a chilling video and photos of the crime scene as a cautionary message for defectors.
  • The SBU found a handgun and knife near Kyva’s body in a snow-covered park, along with a disturbing video featuring the suspected assassin discussing his stakeout position in a darkly humorous tone.
  • Kyva’s death follows a pattern of targeted assassinations against pro-war Russian figures, with Moscow attributing these operations to Ukraine, including the recent narrow escape of ex-lawmaker Oleg Tsaryov in occupied Crimea.

Ilya Kyva, a 46-year-old individual, faced public criticism in Kyiv for defecting to Moscow and aligning himself with the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Media came across some recent photos that were taken at Velich Country Club. This place is rumored to be a safe house for Kyva. The picture showcases drops of blood scattered around his body.

Pictures from the area
Pictures from the area

The SBU found a handgun and knife that were possibly used in the assassination. They were found hanging from a tree close by, along with binoculars used by the assasin to keep an eye on the target.

A bone-chilling video has been released by the Ukrainian spy service, featuring the suspected assassin discussing his stakeout position. In a rather darkly humorous tone, he refers to it as his “office” with a sarcastic mention of a “red carpet.” Additionally, the video provides information on the route one can take to reach a nearby bus stop in case of an emergency. It is uncertain if the distant figure captured in the video was Ilya Kyva, but according to local authorities, they have confirmed his death at the scene due to gunshot wounds. The Investigative Committee of Russia has launched an investigation into a murder case.

According to a source from SBU, it was emphasized that Kyva’s death should be seen as a cautionary message for defectors. The source stated –

“The killing of Kyva is a clear signal to all those who have betrayed their country and aligned themselves with the enemy…” Please remember that Russia cannot guarantee your protection. The enemies of Ukraine will face nothing but death in their future.

Picture of Ilya Kyva
Picture of Ilya Kyva

Kyva, who used to be a member of the Ukrainian parliament, managed to escape to Russia through Spain just before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. He chose to stay in Russia and consistently voiced his criticism of Ukrainian authorities through state-controlled Russian media and various social media platforms. Ilya Kyva, in an effort to secure political asylum and citizenship, approached Russia. However, the Ukrainian court, in his absence, sentenced him to a 14-year prison term on various charges such as treason and incitement to violence.

According to Andriy Yusov, the spokesperson for Ukraine’s military intelligence, individuals who are considered the biggest traitors of Ukraine and supporters of the Putin regime face this particular fate. Mykhailo Podolyak, an aide to the Ukrainian president, highlighted the significant dangers that individuals face when collaborating with Russian occupation administrations, even within Russian territory.

Ilya Kyva‘s death comes after another ex-Ukrainian lawmaker, Oleg Tsaryov, who had sought refuge in Russia, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in occupied Crimea just two months ago. Since the invasion began, there have been a number of assassinations targeting pro-war Russian figures. Moscow has attributed these operations to Ukraine. The victims included journalist Darya Dugina, former submarine commander Stanislav Rzhitsky, and war blogger Vladlen Tatarsky.

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