Hiring Ukrainians: What vacancies are offered by the European country?

On the Czech labor market, there have consistently been a lot of openings in particular fields.

Hiring Ukrainians: Ukrainians settling temporarily in the Czech Republic can quickly secure employment, given the nation’s abundance of available positions. Our fellow citizens readily embrace these job opportunities, and details on the types of jobs Ukrainians can easily obtain in the Czech Republic, without the need for extensive searches, have been revealed. Euractiv’s article highlights insights from Marian Jurechka, the Czech Minister of Labor.

One of the few nations in Europe where refugee integration goes virtually smoothly is the Czech Republic. This is particularly valid when trying to find employment. In the Czech labor market, there have always been a lot of openings in particular fields. And it was possible to fill these positions to some extent because of the Ukrainian refugees.

Thus, 373,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived since the start of the Russian military invasion of the Czech Republic. This figure encompasses children and pensioners in addition to individuals of working age. Thus, 123,000 individuals who were granted temporary protection in this nation have found work in less than two years. That is, thirty percent of the refugees have already secured employment. Well, the majority of the remaining two-thirds are elderly disabled individuals.

 social services are currently experiencing a shortage of human resources
social services are currently experiencing a shortage of human resources

“Like other fields, social services are currently experiencing a shortage of human resources. We are searching among the Ukrainian refugees for potential employees in the social services and health fields as we work on one of the potential solutions. The Labor Minister stated, “We see here the largest reserve of people who could fill the gaps quite quickly.”

By the way, there is now a new requirement for temporary protection in the Czech Republic to be extended through 2025. Ukrainians will need to certify on a form with the owner’s certified signature where they currently reside.

Refugees must visit a Ministry of the Interior office to obtain a new visa sticker after registering online for the extension of temporary protection. It is required that you bring a document confirming the housing availability during the visit.

An officially certified signature of the owner or an authorized representative is required if someone presents proof of residency. If the tenant signed the document, evidence of his authority to provide housing (such as a lease agreement with the owner) must be provided.

Refugees are not required to notarize the owner’s signature if there is a lease or sublease agreement that has been signed by both parties. However, you will need to present a copy that has been officially certified.

You do not need to present documentation proving that you are living in state-sponsored humanitarian housing. The information portal for foreigners offers the forms that individuals and legal entities that provide housing need to download. Most frequently, the post office or certain municipal institutions can certify the document.

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