Russian General Vladimir Petrovsky Controversial Wealth Accumulation in Ukraine

Russian General Vladimir Petrovsky's Controversial Wealth Accumulation in Ukraine: What We Know

Reporters have recently revealed a surprising inquiry into a Russian FSB general who did not carry out the Kremlin’s directives for orchestrating a potential invasion of Ukraine.

Russian General Vladimir Petrovsky
Russian General Vladimir PetrovskyRussian General Vladimir Petrovsky

Russian General Vladimir Petrovsky, who leads the Ninth Department of Operational Information (DOI) in Russia’s FSB, has amassed a substantial real estate portfolio valued in the millions. This comes to light despite his intelligence agency facing considerable challenges in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. The investigative report by The Insider, released on October 12, provides a comprehensive account of these revelations.

The main task of the Ninth Department was to enlist Ukrainian politicians and establish a “fifth column” aimed at backing the Kremlin regime in the course of Russia’s extensive invasion of Ukraine. Nevertheless, after the events of February 24, it became clear that the detailed plans of the FSB had collapsed.

The expected division within Ukraine’s political elite did not occur. Instead, President Zelenskyy experienced an unprecedented increase in popularity. Politicians affiliated with the now-prohibited pro-Russian Opposition Platform—For Life (OPFL) either fled or significantly changed their earlier pro-Russian stance.

Despite the issues in his department, Russian General Vladimir Petrovsky lives a lavish lifestyle and owns a private jet that belonged to Ukrainian oligarch Serhiy Kurchenko, who later formed an alliance with the adversarial

50 million rubles

Dmitry, the oldest son of Russian General Vladimir Petrovsky, has been discovered arranging deliveries to a luxurious 148-square-meter apartment in Moscow, valued at approximately 50 million rubles (equivalent to $517,000 USD). Additionally, he owns a 75.2-square-meter apartment in the same city.

Russian General Vladimir Petrovsky’s mother holds ownership of three apartments in Krasnodar, two of which were sold in 2021 and collectively measure 104 square meters. Additionally, she possesses an older apartment and 59 hectares of land in the same area.

In Krasnodar, Petrovsky’s mother-in-law is the official owner of a 286-square-meter house. Furthermore, she owns two houses with a combined area of 159 square meters in the village of Tenginka in the Tuapsinsky District. Petrovsky’s brother, Sergei Petrovsky, is registered as the owner of another apartment in Krasnodar Krai.

Petrovsky has obtained a residence in the city of Yalta, which is currently under occupation. This apartment is conveniently located, just a 15-minute stroll away from the beach in the Nikitsky Palace residential complex. Its estimated value is approximately 15 million rubles, equivalent to $155,000. Interestingly, the apartment is officially registered under the names of individuals from Ukraine who reside in the occupied areas, specifically Denys Mozhovyi and Denys Kurenets.

Vladimir Putin

In addition to their other holdings, the Petrovsky family possesses a suburban property in the Moscow region, estimated to be worth up to 100 million rubles ($1 million). Although officially registered under the name of Alla Valetova, a native of Tajikistan and the general’s birthplace and service location, evidence from photos and videos strongly indicates that the Petrovsky family is actively using this estate. Furthermore, there are indications that the general’s wife holds a power of attorney for managing the property.

The Petrovsky family possesses a suburban property located in Fedotovo, Moscow Oblast, which is registered in the name of the general. Additionally, they own a 125-square-meter apartment in the Azovskiy-2 residential complex in Moscow.

The Petrovsky family’s collective real estate holdings are believed to be worth around 400 million rubles, which is equivalent to approximately $4 million. General Petrovsky, a member of the family, makes use of a government-issued Range Rover as his primary mode of transportation. Additionally, he possesses a Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

General Petrovsky’s wife is the proud owner of a Volvo XC90, which is valued at 4.3 million rubles, roughly equal to $44,500. On the other hand, their son prefers to drive an Audi Q7.

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