Kursk Nuclear Plant: Russia Says Ukraine Mounted Drone Attack

Ukraine-Russia Drone Clash: Dive into the allegations surrounding the Kursk Nuclear Plant incident.

Russia declared on Friday that it had stopped a Ukrainian drone attack near a nuclear plant in the southern part of the nation. In this instance, two news organizations asserted that an explosion had harmed the front of a nuclear waste storage facility.

After intercepting a drone on Thursday night close to Kurchatov, a town in the southern Kursk Nuclear Plant region, the air defense system effectively prevented the Kyiv government from carrying out a terrorist act, according to the defense department.

 Kursk Nuclear Plant region
Kursk Nuclear Plant region

In a different statement, it was revealed that an attempt to target the Kursk Nuclear Plant power facility with not one but three drones was successfully thwarted. Kursk is located in Kurchatov.

The plant was said to be operating normally, there were no recorded injuries or damages, and the radiation levels were within standard limits.

Russian Military
Russian Military

Two Russian news agencies, Shot and Baza, which are reputable for having solid security connections, both said that although two of the drones did not explode as planned, the third one exploded near the trash storage site.

Throughout the 20-month battle that began with Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Kursk, a city in southern Russia, has frequently been the target of drone assaults. As the Kursk governor had previously reported, Kurchatov was the target of a drone strike on September 1.

Officially confirming or disputing military operations carried out on Russian territory is usually not done by Ukraine.

The event on Thursday night happened just one day after Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the president of Ukraine, made a suggestion that a Russian drone strike in the western Ukrainian region of Khmelnitskyi may have been targeted toward the neighboring nuclear power plant.

The incident damaged “many windows” at the location, according to the U.N. nuclear monitoring agency, but it had no effect on the Ukrainian facility’s ability to function or its connection to the power source.


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