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668 Day the Russia-Ukraine War Conflict Updates


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, along with military officials, announced the successful downing of three Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber aircraft on the southern front, marking a significant achievement in the 22-month-old war. Despite the absence of acknowledgment from the Russian military, reports from Russian bloggers confirm the losses, with analysts suggesting the use of US-supplied Patriot missiles. However, these reports remain unverified.

In a separate incident, Ukrainian forces intercepted and shot down 24 out of 28 Shahed drones launched by Russia in an overnight attack. The drones caused damage to residential buildings in Kyiv, as well as an infrastructure facility and grain warehouse in southern regions. The attack resulted in injuries to two individuals and minor damage to several residential buildings in the Ukrainian capital.

This image captures the aftermath of a Russian drone attack in Kyiv, Ukraine, depicting damage to a multi-storey residential building from the interior perspective. The attack resulted in a minimum of two injuries.

The Russian defense ministry reported the interception of five Ukrainian drones south of Moscow within an hour, with four intercepted over the Kaluga region and the fifth destroyed in the Moscow region.

Tensions Rise Over Confiscation of Russian Assets and Missile Deployments

In response to the potential confiscation of Russian assets frozen due to the Ukrainian conflict, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, warned of the possibility of severing diplomatic ties with the US. The Kremlin emphasized its stance of not leaving in peace any country seizing its assets, hinting at reciprocal actions against western assets. This comes amidst discussions suggesting the handover of frozen Russian assets worth $300 billion to Ukraine.

Ryabkov also warned of swift responses if the US deploys short- and medium-range missiles in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, he accused the US of leaking details about ongoing sensitive negotiations on a prisoner exchange.

International Developments and Aid to Ukraine


The Dutch government, in a conversation between Ukrainian President Zelenskiy and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, announced the dispatch of 18 F-16 jets to Ukraine.

Amidst corruption allegations in Ukraine, a senior defense ministry official has been arrested on suspicion of embezzling €36 million for the purchase of artillery shells. The official, whose identity remains undisclosed, allegedly inflated prices in the procurement process.

The US declared intentions to impose sanctions on foreign banks supporting Russia’s war in Ukraine as part of efforts to exert economic pressure on Moscow, emphasizing a shift away from western alliances toward China.

Controversial Developments and International Relations

The Kremlin dismissed a report by the Wall Street Journal regarding the orchestrated plane crash of mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin, labeling it as “pulp fiction.”

Poland’s foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, visited Kyiv to present an aid package for Ukraine, marking his first official foreign visit.

Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in a phone call with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss de-escalation efforts in the Gaza conflict and humanitarian relief.

Renowned Russian writer Boris Akunin, labeled a terrorist by Moscow, expressed concerns over the country’s trajectory towards totalitarianism under President Putin, stating that recent events signal a significant shift in Russia’s history.



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