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Alexei Ananyev Assets: Exploring Luxury Real Estate, Art Collection, and Business Ventures of $1.4 B

Overview of Alexei Ananyev

Alexei Ananyev embarked on his career alongside his brother, Dmitry Ananyev, by importing computers to Russia. Together, they established Technoserv, the country’s leading systems integration company. Alexei oversees the IT sector and overall strategy. In addition to their tech endeavors, the Ananyev brothers co-founded Promsvyazbank, which became the title sponsor of the Moscow Marathon in 2016.

Beyond the tech and banking sectors, the brothers hold significant real estate assets. Notable among these are Novospassky Dvor, a sprawling 21.5-acre business district along the Moscow River; Pressa, a business park situated in a former printing house; and Arbat Center, an office complex in the heart of Moscow.

Alexei Ananyev Assets journey spans computer imports, the helm of Russia’s premier systems integration firm, co-founding a prominent bank, significant real estate holdings, and a passion for preserving and displaying Russia’s socialist realist art legacy.

Alexei, a connoisseur of socialist realist art, boasts the largest collection in Russia. In 2011, he established a museum to showcase this extensive collection. Alongside their professional pursuits, both brothers are deeply religious.

Diverse Portfolio of Alexei Ananyev assets

Alexei Ananyev, a versatile Russian entrepreneur, boasts a rich portfolio encompassing:

1. Art Collection:

  • Ananyev’s expansive art trove, hailed as the world’s largest collection of socialist realism paintings, unfolds in a village near Moscow.
  • The collection, a masterpiece compilation by 352 artists, boasts around 6,000 works.

2. Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA):

  • The IRRA, which Ananyev founded in a former Moscow factory, initially housed his private collection but later changed its status to a foundation.
  • Regrettably, the museum is now inactive.

3. Business Ventures:

  • Ananyev co-founded Promsvyazbank, a prominent Russian establishment inaugurated in Moscow in 1995.
  • Serving as the General Director of Management Systems Corporation, he, along with his brother Dmitry, made strides in the IT sector, notably with Technoserv, Russia’s largest systems integration firm.

4. Real Estate:

  • Reports indicate that Alexei and Daria Ananyev possess opulent real estate holdings in Portugal, among other assets.

5. Legal Challenges:

  • Ananyev and his brother Dmitry grappled with legal turmoil, facing accusations of embezzlement and an international wanted status.
  • Trust Bank’s claims against the Ananyevs surged to 586 million euros by September 2021.

In essence, Alexei Ananyev’s journey unfolds as a tapestry woven with diverse ventures, artistry, legal battles, and substantial contributions to Russia’s banking and IT sectors.

Real Estate Holdings

Luxury Properties in Portugal

Alexei Ananyev and his wife, Daria Ananyev, reportedly own opulent properties in Portugal. Search results unveil a range of luxurious options, from coastal paradises with ocean vistas to villas boasting gardens, pools, and jacuzzis. These homes showcase diverse features like mountain views, beachfront and riverfront settings, and golf course proximity.

Spread across regions like Lisbon, Algarve, Porto District, Madeira, and Leiria District, the most exclusive locales are Lisbon, Algarve, and Madeira. Renowned real estate agencies, including Christie’s International Real Estate and Sotheby’s International Realty, list these properties, offering varying sizes, bedroom counts, and amenities to suit diverse preferences and lifestyles.

Art Collection

Extensive Art Holdings

Renowned for his vast art collection, Alexei Ananyev possesses an impressive assembly of approximately 6,000 paintings crafted by 352 artists, establishing it as the world’s largest compilation in the socialist realism style. This extensive collection, unveiled in a village near Moscow, was stored adjacent to the Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA), Ananyev’s private museum situated in a former Moscow factory building.

Founded in 2011, the IRRA initially housed Ananyev’s art collection before being transferred to a foundation. Despite its international prominence—having lent artworks to exhibitions like “Red: Art and Utopia in the Land of the Soviets” at Paris’s Grand Palais in 2017—the museum is currently inactive.

Ananyev’s extravagant art purchases served to further solidify his reputation in the art world. Notably, he acquired George Nissky’s landscape, “Over the Snowy Fields,” for a staggering $2.3 million at a Sotheby’s London auction, setting a significant benchmark for postwar Soviet art.

World’s Largest Collection in Socialist Realism Style

Alexei Ananyev is renowned for amassing an extensive art collection—a staggering 6,000 paintings from 352 artists—solidifying its status as the world’s largest assortment in the socialist realism style. Socialist realism, the Soviet Union’s official art style from 1932 to 1988 and adopted in post-World War II socialist nations, portrayed communist ideals, emphasizing the emancipation of the proletariat. This style, notably prevalent in sculpture, often drew inspiration from classical conventions.

It’s crucial not to mistake socialist realism for social realism, a distinct form depicting subjects of social concern or other types of realism in the visual arts. Ananyev’s art trove, discovered in a village near Moscow, was stored alongside the remnants of his private museum, the Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA).

Established in 2011, the IRRA initially housed Ananyev’s collection before its transfer to a foundation. Operating from a former Moscow factory, the museum gained international acclaim, lending artworks to exhibitions like “Red: Art and Utopia in the Land of the Soviets” at Paris’s Grand Palais in 2017. Despite its past prestige, the museum has since become defunct.

Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA)

Founded in 2011 by Alexei Ananyev, the Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA) stands as a unique private museum housed in a former Moscow factory building. Boasting an exceptional collection, it holds around 6,000 paintings by 352 artists, establishing itself as the world’s largest assembly of socialist realism art.

Spanning the entirety of the Soviet era, the museum’s different floors are dedicated to distinct periods. The third floor showcases a pivotal section, featuring Soviet art from the first half of the 20th century. Renowned figures like Arkady Plastov, Sergey Gerasimov, and Alexander Deineka grace the halls, alongside works from Yury Pimenov, Georgy Nissky, Isaak Brodsky, and other distinguished painters.

Moving to the second floor, the Institute of Russian Realist Art exhibits the Soviet art collection from the latter half of the 20th century. This includes pieces from major painters of the 1960s, including “National Artists” and full members of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA)
Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA)

On the first floor, visitors are immersed in contemporary Russian life through the lens of famous artists from the Moscow School of Painting, Leningrad painters, and artists from Vladimir.

Situated in the Zamoskvorechye district of Moscow, near the Novospassky Monastery, the IRRA museum and exhibition facilities are nestled within the historic walls of a former cotton printing factory. The diverse and extensive collection within its walls captures the essence of Russian realist art across different epochs, making it a cultural gem within the city.

Personal Assets

Private Museum and Its Fate

The Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA), a private museum founded by Alexei Ananyev in 2011 within a repurposed Moscow factory, showcased an exceptional collection of 20th-century Russian realist school paintings. Boasting approximately 6,000 pieces by 352 artists, it stood as the world’s largest assembly in the style of socialist realism.

Spanning the entirety of the Soviet period, the museum’s distinct floors dedicated themselves to various eras, spotlighting works from luminaries like Alexander Deinek, Arkady Plastov, and the Tkachev brothers—Sergei and Alexei.

Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA), a private museum founded by Alexei Ananyev

However, in 2017, the museum faced scrutiny when the Ananyevs’ bank, Promsvyazbank, underwent a state bailout and changed hands. There were claims that hundreds of millions of rubles’ worth of art was missing from the IRRA, but the museum refuted these claims. The art director clarified that ownership of the collection had been transferred to a foundation independent of Ananyev and his bank years before.

Despite the reassurances, the IRRA’s website announced its indefinite closure. Recently unearthed artworks were anticipated to be dispersed among state museums, as suggested by Russian lawyer Andrei Knyazev.

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