Alfa Nero Superyacht: Antigua Government Eyes Warren Halle as New Buye

Alfa Nero’s Ongoing Saga: Shifting Tides and Key Players Eric Exit and Antigua Government’s New Moves

Initially, it appeared that billionaire Eric Schmidt was at the helm of efforts to acquire the superyacht Alfa Nero Superyacht, with the government seemingly cooperating. However, this perception does not align with reality. The Government of Antigua is now entering into negotiations with the second-highest bidder for Alfa Nero, Warren Halle, following Schmidt’s withdrawal due to frustration. Let’s delve into the central figures in the never-ending Alfa Nero Superyacht saga.

American entrepreneur Halle filed a lawsuit against the government in July, alleging unfair denial of his right to acquire the Alfa Nero vessel. Halle had come in second place behind Schmidt during the June auction, where Schmidt secured the yacht with a $67.7 million bid. However, Schmidt failed to meet the seven-day acquisition deadline as per the rules, making the luxury vessel available to the next winning bidder. Halle’s lawsuit sought $5,683,000 in damages for breach of contract.

Antigua’s Willingness to Negotiate

Eric Schmidt was at the helm of efforts to acquire the superyacht Alfa Nero Superyacht
Eric Schmidt was at the helm of efforts to acquire the superyacht Alfa Nero Superyacht

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has expressed its willingness to negotiate with Mr. Halle but under different terms, which have yet to be fully determined. Lionel Hurst, Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office, conveyed this during a post-Cabinet press briefing, as reported by Antiguaobserver.

Alfa Nero Superyacht Burden and Urgency for Sale

Alfa Nero Superyacht
Alfa Nero Superyacht

With Schmidt withdrawing after a wait of over 100 days, Halle pursuing legal action, and the government facing ongoing expenses of $28,000 per week for the 269-foot Oceanco boat, the most practical course of action seems to be in favor of Halle winning the bid. Hurst emphasized the government’s desire to swiftly divest itself of Alfa Nero and ensure that the sale price covers the vessel’s incurred liabilities during its stay in Antigua and Barbuda.

Unjustified Claims in Halle’s Lawsuit

While addressing Halle’s lawsuit, the Antiguan official characterized specific claims as unjustified but did not provide further details.

Yulia Guryeva-Motlokhov’s Claim

Notably, billionaire Eric Schmidt’s departure from the Alfa Nero acquisition race doesn’t mean the end of the story. Russian oligarch Andrew Guryev’s daughter, Yulia Guryeva-Motlokhov, continues to assert her ownership claim over the yacht. Whether Warren Halle, CEO of The Halle Companies known for premier real estate development in Washington DC, will enjoy summers aboard this abandoned pleasure craft or if Yulia, who claims ownership through a trust holding a 100 percent share in Flying Dutchman Limited, will sail it to Russia remains uncertain.


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