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Complete Compilation of Mysterious Russian Oligarchs Who Passed Away in 2023

Russian oligarchs who passed away were prosperous entrepreneurs who acquired their riches during the privatisation of government-owned assets in the 1990s. In the past few months, a string of Mysterious Russian oligarchs who passed away in 2023, prompting inquiries into the possible motives behind these mysterious deaths and their repercussions on both the Russian economy and political landscape. To gain a complete understanding of the significance of these fatalities, it is crucial to grasp the role that oligarchs play in the Russian economy and the present condition of Russian politics.

The Function of Oligarchs in the Russian Economic Landscape

The Russian economy relies heavily on its natural resources, particularly oil and gas. During the 1990s, the government privatised state-owned assets, allowing a select few individuals to amass significant wealth. These individuals, commonly referred to as oligarchs, wield substantial influence over various sectors of the Russian economy, such as energy, metals, and banking.

The impact of the oligarchs’ mysterious deaths Mysterious Russian Oligarchs Who Passed Away in 2023 on the Russian economy has had mixed results. On the one hand, they have made substantial investments in infrastructure, contributing to the modernization of the economy. On the flip side, their dominance in critical industries has given rise to monopolies and instances of corruption. The relationship between the oligarchs killed and the government is intricate, with many oligarchs killed maintaining close connections to the Kremlin.

The Present Condition of Russian Political Affairs

The current condition of Russian politics is characterised by President Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party exerting significant influence. Putin, who has held power since 2000, has strengthened his authority over both the government and the media. Over the past few years, there has been a notable tightening of restrictions on opposition voices and critical viewpoints, leading to the imprisonment or exile of numerous opposition figures and journalists.

In 2020, Putin successfully implemented constitutional amendments that enabled him to continue as Russia’s leader until 2036. These changes also granted him increased sway over the judiciary and the power to appoint key government officials.

How Many Mysterious Russian Oligarchs Who Passed Away in 2023

Mysterious Russian Oligarchs Who Passed Away in 2023
Mysterious Russian Oligarchs Who Passed Away in 2023
NameAge at deathPositionDate of Mysterious deathCount of Mysterious deathsPlace body was discoveredCircumstances
Magomed Abdulaev61Former Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan [ru]5 January 20231 Makhachkala, DagestanDied at a hospital after being hit by a car while crossing a street[51]
Dmitry Pavochka49Former manager of Roscosmos, Sukhoi, Lukoil, Bank Menatep, and Russdragmet, while presently or formerly involved with many others.26 January 20231 17th floor of a building on Leningradsky Avenue, MoscowBurned alive after falling asleep with a lit cigarette[52]
Vladimir Makarov72A former police general is in charge of cracking down on anti-war protesters.13 February 20231 At his suburban home northwest of MoscowState-run TASS news agency reported him found dead, in an apparent suicide, following his dismissal by President Vladimir Putin.[53][54]
Marina Yankina58Head of the financial support department of the Ministry of Defence for the Western Military District.16 February 20231 House on Zamshina Street, St. PetersburgFound dead after falling from a window on the 16th-floor of a high-rise building.[55][56][57]
Viatcheslav Rovneiko59Oil magnate, co-founder of Urals Energy, co-owner of Belgian oil company Nafta (B) NV, director of Interregional Fuel Union; ex-KGB spy22 February 20231 Unspecified gated village near MoscowFound unconscious in his house; subsequent medical help could not save his life.[58][59]
Igor Shkurko49Deputy director of Yakutskenergo [ru]4 April 20231 Pre-trial detention center in YakutskFound dead in his cell; allegedly suicide.[60]
Pyotr Kucherenko46State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation20 May 20231 Mineralnye Vody Airport, Stavropol KraiDied after falling ill on board a flight from Cuba to Russia.[61][62][63]
Artyom Bartenev42Federal Judge of the Kirovsky District Court8 June 20231 Underneath his apartment in Kazan, TatarstanFound dead after falling 12 stories from his apartment window.[64][65]
Grigory Klinishov92Vice-president of Loko-Bank [ru], head of the department for work with corporate clients.17 June 20231 Inside his apartment in MoscowFound dead in his apartment from an apparent suicide, leaving a note.[66][67]
Kristina Baikova28Daughter of former Governor of Penza Oblast Vasily Bochkarev. Managed her family’s lumber-processing and bakery businesses24 June 20231 Underneath her apartment in Khodynsky Boulevard, MoscowFell ill while swimming in the Volga River and drowned.[69][70]
Andrei Fomin57Prosecutor of Chuvashia (since 2020)1 July 20231Daughter of former Governor of Penza Oblast Vasily Bochkarev. Managed her family’s lumber-processing and bakery businesses In the Volga River near Cheboksary
Aleksey Avramenko46Minister of Transport and Communications [be] of Belarus (since 2019)4 July 20231UnknownDied suddenly.[71][72]
Alexander Nikolayev72Russian Navy veteran, Wagner Group’s head of security and foreign logistics managed several front companies to coordinate activities in Libya and Syria.July 20231 Konakovo, Tver regionBeaten up near his home and died three weeks later.[73]
Natalia Bochkareva44Daughter of former Governor of Penza Oblast Vasily Bochkarev. Managed her families lumber-processing and bakery businesses14 July 20231 MoscowFound dead inside her apartment.[74]
Anton Cherepennikov40Billionaire owner and head of state-affiliated company Citadel specializing in digital wiretapping equipment and telecommunications monitoring technology, sanctioned by the US in February 2023[75]22 July 20231 MoscowFound dead in his office.[76]
Gennady Lopyrev69Former lieutenant-general in the FSO and overseer of various construction projects, including Putin’s palace at Gelendzhik, near Sochi. Imprisoned in the IK-3 prison in 2017 for taking bribes, charges he denied in 2016.[77]16 August 20231 IK-3 prison colony, Ryazan OblastDied of leukemia two days after diagnosis. News agencies reported no previous signs of the illness.[77]
Yevgeny Prigozhin62Russian oligarch, mercenary, Wagner Group co-founder and leader, and former close confidant of Russian president Vladimir Putin until he launched a brief rebellion on 23 June 2023, exactly two months prior.23 August 202310 Kuzhenkino, Bologovsky District, Tver Oblast, RussiaSee also: 2023 Tver Oblast plane crashAn Embraer Legacy 600 business jet with registration number RA-02795 crashed during a regular high-altitude flight from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.[78][79][80] Prigozhin, Utkin, and Chekalov were killed along with two Wagner veterans, two bodyguards, and the three flight staff.[81] According to Wagner Group, the plane was shot down by air defenses,[82] however according to US Govt and aviation experts, the plane was downed by a bomb onboard or other sabotage.[83][84][85][86][87][82]
Dmitry Utkin53Former special forces officer in the GRU, co-founder of Wagner Group, recipient of four Orders of Courage of Russia.
Valery Chekalov47Russian Navy veteran, Wagner Group’s head of security and foreign logistics that managed several front companies to coordinate activities in Libya and Syria.
Mysterious Russian Oligarchs Who Passed Away
Mysterious Russian Oligarchs Who Passed Away

Possible Explanations for the Demises of Russian Oligarchs

The recent mysterious deaths of Russian oligarchs could be attributed to various factors. One potential explanation is rooted in political motives, where the Kremlin may be aiming to remove potential competitors or individuals perceived as posing a challenge to Putin’s government. Another conceivable reason is economic repercussions, as certain Mysterious Russian oligarch’s mysterious death are confronting financial hardships or becoming targets of global sanctions. Additionally, the involvement of organized crime cannot be discounted, as some oligarchs have established connections with criminal networks.

Significance of the Demise of Russian Tycoons

Demise of Russian Tycoons
Demise of Russian Tycoons

The demise of Mysterious Death of Mysterious Oligarchs Who Passed Away in 2023 Mysterious Russian Oligarchs Who Passed Away in 2023oligarchs carries significant potential repercussions for both the Russian economy and the political landscape. If these fatalities are driven by political motives, it may indicate an intensified crackdown on opposition and dissent within the country. Furthermore, the absence of influential figures within the oligarchy killed could introduce economic instability, especially if their enterprises fail to maintain their previous levels of operation.

These fatalities might also exert influence on international relations, particularly if they are connected to organized crime or if international sanctions are implicated. The oligarch-killed class has played a pivotal role in shaping Russia’s interactions with Western nations, and any disruption in this relationship could lead to far-reaching consequences.


The recent fatalities among mysterious Deaths of Russian oligarchs have sparked inquiries into the possible causes behind these mysterious deaths and how they might affect both the Russian economy and the political landscape. Vigilance and ongoing analysis are crucial in order to grasp the significance of oligarchs killed in Russia’s economic framework and the current state of its politics. The trajectory of Russia’s economy and politics remains unpredictable, making it imperative to assess the potential consequences of these mysterious deaths on the nation’s future.

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