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Ernest Rudyak: Bio of Chairman of CJSC Engeocom

Early Life and Education

Ernest Rudyak, born in Moscow in January 1987, experienced a unique childhood that spanned both Russia and the United States. His family, led by the powerful real estate tycoon and billionaire Mikhail Rudyak, moved to the USA in 1991. Ernest spent a significant part of his formative years in Massachusetts, later graduating from the California Institute of Technology with a degree in civil engineering in 2007.

Inheritance and Entry into the Family Business

Business Ventures
Business Ventures

After the unfortunate demise of his father in 2007, Ernest inherited a stake in the Engeocom Building Company, a giant player in the real estate and construction industry. Despite this windfall, he initially chose not to participate in the business operations.

However, fate took a turn in 2008 when, at the age of 22, Ernest was called upon by his elder brother Aleksandr to manage Atrium Mall in the heart of Moscow. This decision marked a significant deviation from his initial plans of pursuing a master’s degree in Boston.

Business Ventures and Decision-Making

Upon entering the family business, Ernest Rudyak demonstrated a strategic approach by selling the family’s stake in Karo Concern, citing it as a “non-core asset.” The decision raised questions, particularly regarding the closure of the Arbat Prestige perfume outlet and the casino after bankruptcy. Ernest’s business acumen became further evident as he moved to raise rents for Atrium Mall tenants, emphasizing the necessity of such measures.

As of 2011, his estimated worth reached $290 million, reflecting the value of his stake in Engeocom, the company founded by his father.

Overview of Engeocom


Mikhail Rudyak, the father of Ernest Rudyak, was the founder of Engeocom.

The company operates within the real estate and construction sector. Currently, Ernest Rudyak serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Engeocom.
In 2011, it was estimated that Ernest Rudyak had a net worth of $290 million, mainly due to his stake in Ingeocom.
The company is based in Moscow, Russia, and has been involved in multiple projects within the engineering and construction industries.

Brief about Atrium Mall

Atrium Mall (Moscow)
Atrium Mall (Moscow)

The Atrium Mall in Moscow is a modern shopping and entertainment haven, strategically nestled on the Garden Ring close to the Kurskaya Railway Station and Kurskaya Metro Station. It covers an expansive area of 103,000 square meters. Comprising four floors, the mall boasts an extensive array of shops numbering in the hundreds, making it a retail paradise for enthusiasts seeking popular brands. Among the illustrious tenants are renowned names such as Uniqlo, Zara, H&M, MAC, and Adidas.

The strategic location, coupled with a comprehensive mix of offerings, positions the Atrium Mall as a premier destination in Moscow for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Professional Journey and Challenges

Ernest Rudyak, also known as Eric among friends, shared insights into his daily life and work routine. His responsibilities extended to overseeing Engeocom-Trust, a large-scale holding company with diverse interests in real estate, including Atrium Mall, a concrete plant near Moscow City, and various office buildings.

Despite his success, Ernest faced challenges, notably the impact of the economic crisis in the middle of the third quarter of 2014. The crisis significantly affected the business, showcasing the inherent volatility of the real estate and construction industry.


Ernest‘s personal life provided a glimpse into his routines, hobbies, and values. He expressed a love for travelling and extreme sports, highlighting recent adventures such as climbing Kilimanjaro and participating in a rally in Morocco. Ernest also has a dog, Johnny, as a loyal companion.

Relationships and Personal Philosophy

Married Life
Married Life

Having been married and subsequently divorced in 2014, he revealed his openness to new relationships, emphasizing that love finds its way naturally.

His ideal relationship mirrored the enduring connection between his grandparents, citing their ability to understand each other without words. Despite his success, Ernest remained down-to-earth, acknowledging his flaws and emphasizing the importance of decency and honesty in people.

Ernest Rudyak’s Net Worth

Sources estimate his net worth to be $290 million in 2011.

As of December 2023, Ernest Rudyak‘s net worth is $0.6 billion.

Current Ventures and Future Endeavors

Presently, Ernest Rudyak continues to play a pivotal role in managing Engeocom’s extensive real estate portfolio. The company remains actively involved in various projects, including a large-scale urban development initiative in Khimki. Rudyak’s investment interests extend beyond Russia, reflecting a global perspective.

In addition to his real estate ventures, Ernest co-founded Medoveda, a honey trading company. There is very little information about the connection between Ernest Rudyak and Medoveda.


Ernest Rudyak, born in Moscow in 1987, inherited a stake in Engeocom Building Company, a major player in real estate and construction after his father died in 2007. Initially pursuing civil engineering, he shifted to managing the Atrium Mall in Moscow at his brother’s request. With a strategic approach, he sold non-core assets and raised rents, showcasing business acumen. His estimated net worth reached $290 million in 2011.

As Chairman of Engeocom, Rudyak oversees diverse real estate projects, including an urban development initiative in Khimki. Facing challenges during the 2014 economic crisis, he navigated the volatile industry. Beyond real estate, Rudyak co-founded Medoveda, a honey trading company, reflecting his diverse entrepreneurial interests. Despite a divorce in 2014, he remains open to new relationships, valuing decency and honesty. With a net worth of $0.6 billion in 2023, Ernest Rudyak continues to shape a legacy in the global real estate and construction landscape.

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