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James Le Mesurier: White Helmets Co-Founder Found Dead in Istanbul [ 11 November 2019 ]

James Le Mesurier, co-founder of the White Helmets, has been found dead in Istanbul. This has come as a shock to many in the humanitarian community, as Le Mesurier was a respected figure in the field, known for his work helping others in some of the most dangerous regions of the world.

  • James Le Mesurier, co-founder of the White Helmets, has been found dead in Istanbul.
  • Le Mesurier was a respected figure in the humanitarian community, known for his work helping others in dangerous regions of the world.

Who Was James Le Mesurier?

James Le Mesurier was a British humanitarian, born on May 23rd, 1971, in Singapore to a British military family. He graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1991 and went on to work for the United Nations and various NGOs in several conflict zones.

James Le Mesurier
James Le Mesurier

Le Mesurier was best known as the co-founder of the White Helmets, a civil defense and rescue organization operating in Syria, which he established in 2014 with a group of Syrian activists. His vision was to create a network of highly trained volunteers who could respond to emergencies and provide aid to civilians affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria. The White Helmets have since been credited with saving thousands of lives and providing essential assistance to those in need.

Prior to his work with the White Helmets, Le Mesurier held various positions with international organizations, including the United Nations, where he worked in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He also served as a private security consultant, working with companies and governments to provide humanitarian assistance in conflict zones.

Throughout his career, Le Mesurier was known for his dedication to humanitarian work and his commitment to improving the lives of those affected by conflict and disaster. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2016 for his services to the Syrian Civil Defence.

The White Helmets: A Brief Overview

The White Helmets is a civil defense and rescue organization that operates in war-torn Syria. The group was officially formed in 2014, with the primary aim of providing emergency response services to civilians affected by the conflict. Since then, the White Helmets have gained international recognition for their brave and selfless work, often operating in dangerous and volatile areas.

The organization is made up of approximately 3,000 volunteers, many of whom are ordinary civilians with no previous experience in civil defense or emergency response. The White Helmets are known for their distinctive white helmets and jackets, which have become a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

The White Helmets provide a wide range of services to those in need, including search and rescue operations, medical assistance, and support for families and communities affected by the conflict. The group operates across the country, often working in areas where access to basic services and supplies is limited.

The White Helmets have received numerous awards and accolades for their work, including the prestigious Right Livelihood Award, also known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize,” in 2016. Despite their achievements, the group has faced numerous challenges and setbacks, including attacks on their volunteers and accusations of being a propaganda tool for western governments.

James Le Mesurier’s Career in Humanitarian Work

James Le Mesurier dedicated his career to humanitarian work, with a focus on crisis response and conflict zones. He earned a degree in English and history from the University of Leeds before joining the British Army, where he served in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and the Balkans.

After leaving the military, Le Mesurier worked for various humanitarian organizations, including the United Nations and private security firms. He played a key role in establishing the White Helmets, a Syrian civil defense and rescue organization, in 2013.

Le Mesurier was known for his expertise in security and risk management, which he applied to his work in crisis zones. He trained and mentored local responders, supporting their efforts to provide aid and assistance to vulnerable communities.

Over the course of his career, he received numerous awards and honors for his humanitarian work, including an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2016.

Despite some controversies and criticisms surrounding his work, Le Mesurier’s contributions to the field of humanitarian aid have had a lasting impact. His dedication to providing assistance to those in need will be remembered as a testament to the power of compassion and the resilience of the human spirit.

James Le Mesurier in Syria

James Le Mesurier’s involvement in Syria began in 2013 when he founded the Mayday Rescue organization, which provided support to the White Helmets. The White Helmets, also known as the Syria Civil Defense, is a volunteer search and rescue organization that operates in rebel-held areas of Syria. Their mission is to rescue civilians and provide assistance during bombings and other attacks.

The organization has gained worldwide recognition for their brave efforts, and James Le Mesurier played a crucial role in establishing and supporting the group. He worked tirelessly to train and equip the volunteers, and also helped to secure funding for their operations.

Under his leadership, the White Helmets were able to expand their operations and provide vital assistance to thousands of Syrians affected by the ongoing conflict. They have saved countless lives and were even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016.

Despite the dangers and challenges posed by the conflict, James Le Mesurier remained committed to the cause and continued to support the White Helmets until his death.

Controversies and Criticisms Surrounding James Le Mesurier

Despite his significant contributions to the field of humanitarian aid, James Le Mesurier was not free from controversies and criticisms during his career.

One of the main criticisms levied against him was his stance on the Syrian conflict. Some accused him of being biased towards the opposition forces and of aiding them under the guise of providing humanitarian aid. Others argued that he was too closely aligned with Western interests and that his work only served to further their agenda in the region.

Le Mesurier’s involvement in establishing the White Helmets also drew criticism from some quarters. Some claimed that the organization was not as impartial as it claimed to be and that it was linked to extremist groups operating in Syria. Others accused Le Mesurier of using the White Helmets as a propaganda tool to further his own interests.

Furthermore, Le Mesurier’s personal life was marred by controversies as well. In 2018, it was revealed that he had been married to a former British diplomat who had been involved in spying operations in the Middle East. This led to accusations of conflict of interest and raised questions about his own activities in the region.

Despite these controversies and criticisms, Le Mesurier remained committed to his work and was widely respected in the humanitarian community. Many saw his death as a loss not just for his family and friends, but for the wider field of humanitarian aid.

The Mysterious Death of James Le Mesurier

On November 11, 2019, the world was shocked by the news of James Le Mesurier’s death in Istanbul, Turkey. The British humanitarian and co-founder of the White Helmets was found dead outside his apartment building in the Beyoglu district, under mysterious circumstances.

Mysterious Death of James Le Mesurier
Mysterious Death of James Le Mesurier

According to the Istanbul Governor’s office, James’ death was caused by a fall from the third-floor balcony of his apartment. However, his colleagues and friends speculate that he may have been targeted due to his work with the White Helmets organization in Syria.

“The White Helmets have saved more than 100,000 lives in Syria. Those who try to silence us, we keep going. Until our work here is done.”

– James Le Mesurier, October 30, 2019

While initial investigations by Turkish authorities did not find any evidence of foul play, the circumstances surrounding James’ death remain unclear. Some have raised questions about his mental state and possible suicide, while others believe he was targeted by individuals or groups opposed to the White Helmets.

His supporters and colleagues have described James as a dedicated humanitarian who risked his own life to help others in war-torn Syria. His death has left a void in the humanitarian community and raised concerns about the safety of aid workers operating in conflict zones.

The White Helmets organization continues to operate in Syria, providing critical assistance to civilians affected by the ongoing conflict. They have expressed their condolences and gratitude to James for his contributions, vowing to continue their work in his memory.

Initial Reactions and Responses

Upon hearing the news of James Le Mesurier’s death in Istanbul, many of his colleagues and friends in the humanitarian community expressed shock and sadness at the loss of such a dedicated and respected individual. The White Helmets organization issued a statement mourning the passing of their founder and expressing their condolences to his family.

Various world leaders and officials also offered their condolences, with UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stating that he was “deeply saddened” by the news and that Le Mesurier had “worked tirelessly to save lives in Syria.”

Despite the outpouring of support and expressions of grief, there were also those who expressed skepticism and suspicion surrounding Le Mesurier’s death. Some pointed to his work in Syria and the controversial nature of the White Helmets organization as potential reasons for foul play, while others raised questions about the circumstances of his death.

However, it is important to note that at this early stage, investigations into James Le Mesurier’s death are ongoing and it is not yet clear what caused his passing. As such, it is crucial to wait for official findings before jumping to conclusions or making unfounded accusations.

Ongoing Investigation and Speculations

The death of James Le Mesurier has sparked an ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding his passing. Turkish authorities have launched a probe into the incident, examining CCTV footage and interviewing witnesses in an effort to determine the cause of death.

Initial reports suggested that Le Mesurier fell to his death from the balcony of his apartment in Istanbul, leading to speculations of foul play and conspiracy theories. However, Turkish officials have stated that there is no evidence of criminal activity at this stage.

Some have speculated that Le Mesurier’s death may have been linked to his work with the White Helmets in Syria, while others have suggested that personal or financial troubles could have played a role. However, these remain unconfirmed theories, and no concrete evidence has emerged to support them.

Despite the ongoing investigation, there are currently no clear answers as to how James Le Mesurier died. The international humanitarian community has expressed shock and sadness at his passing, and many have called for a thorough and transparent investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

Legacy and Impact of James Le Mesurier

James Le Mesurier’s legacy and impact on the field of humanitarian aid cannot be overstated. As the founder of the White Helmets organization, his contributions to the rescue and recovery efforts in war-torn Syria have saved countless lives and inspired many others to join the cause.

Through his career in humanitarian work, James Le Mesurier demonstrated a tireless commitment to alleviating suffering and promoting peace in some of the world’s most dangerous regions. He worked in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Palestine before turning his attention to Syria, where he founded the White Helmets in 2014.

Under James Le Mesurier’s leadership, the White Helmets grew to become a critical lifeline for the Syrian people, providing crucial aid and support to those affected by the conflict. The organization’s members, known as “White Helmets,” risked their lives on a daily basis to rescue victims of bombings, airstrikes, and other forms of violence.

James Le Mesurier’s impact on the field of humanitarian aid extends beyond his work in Syria. His contributions to the development of civil defense and emergency response strategies have influenced the broader humanitarian community and helped to shape the way organizations approach crisis situations.

Despite the controversies and criticisms that emerged during his career, James Le Mesurier’s legacy remains one of bravery, compassion, and dedication to the cause of helping others. His passing has been mourned by colleagues, friends, and the wider humanitarian community, who recognize the profound impact of his life’s work.

The White Helmets continue to operate in Syria today, carrying on James Le Mesurier’s mission to provide critical aid and support to those in need. His legacy lives on through their ongoing efforts and the countless lives they have saved.


In conclusion, the sudden and mysterious death of James Le Mesurier has sent shockwaves through the humanitarian community. As the co-founder of the White Helmets, Le Mesurier dedicated his life to providing essential aid and support to those affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria. His career in humanitarian work spanned decades, and his contributions to the field will not be forgotten.

The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, and speculation continues to circulate in both the media and the public sphere. However, what is clear is that his legacy will continue to live on through the White Helmets organization and the countless lives he touched throughout his career in humanitarian work. As the investigation into his death continues, it is important to remember the impact that James Le Mesurier had on the world. His dedication and commitment to helping those in need serve as an inspiration to all those working in the humanitarian field. Rest in peace, James Le Mesurier.


What is this article about?

This article is about the death of James Le Mesurier, the co-founder of the White Helmets, in Istanbul.

Who was James Le Mesurier?

James Le Mesurier was a British humanitarian and the founder of the White Helmets organization.

What are the White Helmets?

The White Helmets are a civil defense and rescue organization operating in Syria.

What was James Le Mesurier’s career in humanitarian work?

James Le Mesurier had a notable career in humanitarian work, making significant contributions to the field.

How was James Le Mesurier involved in Syria?

James Le Mesurier played a crucial role in establishing and supporting the White Helmets in Syria.

Were there any controversies or criticisms surrounding James Le Mesurier?

Yes, James Le Mesurier faced controversies and criticisms during his career in the humanitarian field.

What do we know about the mysterious death of James Le Mesurier?

The circumstances surrounding James Le Mesurier’s death in Istanbul are currently under investigation.

How did people react to James Le Mesurier’s death?

There were various initial reactions and responses from colleagues, friends, and the wider humanitarian community.

What is the status of the ongoing investigation into James Le Mesurier’s death?

The investigation into James Le Mesurier’s death is ongoing, and there are speculations and theories surrounding the case.

What is the legacy and impact of James Le Mesurier’s work?

James Le Mesurier’s work has had a lasting impact on the field of humanitarian aid, and his legacy is significant.

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