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Kirill Shamalov Assets: Glimpse into Luxury Mansion, Yachts, and Properties 2023

About Kirill Shamalov

  • Kirill Shamalov, Russia’s youngest billionaire, is the son of Nikolai Shamalov, a shareholder in Rossiya Bank and a close associate of Putin.
  • Kirill Shamalov’s assets have piqued public interest and scrutiny, primarily due to his ties to the petrochemical industry and his marriage to Katerina Tikhonova.
  • After studying law at Saint Petersburg State University, Shamalov became vice president at the age of 26 of the Russian petrochemical company Sibur.
  • In 2014, he acquired a share in Sibur from Gennady Timchenko, a longstanding ally of Putin who faced U.S. sanctions.
  • In the realm of “Kirill Shamalov Assets,” it’s noteworthy that despite divesting most of his stake later, Shamalov maintained a significant 4% ownership stake in Sibur.

Despite facing considerable financial challenges, Kiril Shamalov remains a notable figure in the real estate industry, possessing multimillion-dollar properties in both Russia and France. His lavish villa in Biarritz, France, attracted controversy as activists occupied it to offer refuge to Ukrainian refugees. This audacious action led to numerous arrests and increased media scrutiny, highlighting the connection between Shamalov’s wealth and global social concerns.

Luxurious Residences of Kirill Shamalov

Kirill Shamalov’s assets have piqued public interest and scrutiny, primarily due to his ties to the petrochemicals industry and his marriage to Katerina Tikhonova, the younger daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Forbes, his net worth was $1.4 billion in 2018. However, his 21% stake in Sibur, a Russian petrochemicals company, is reported to be worth $2 billion.

The acquisition of this stake has faced scrutiny, involving a loan from a bank associated with Putin and preferential business deals. Adding to the intrigue is Shamalov’s purchase of a villa in Biarritz, France, which came under scrutiny as the property was impounded under Western sanctions. These incidents have fueled public curiosity and examination of Shamalov’s assets and business dealings.

Kirill Shamalov was married to President Vladimir Putin’s daughter, academic Katerina Tikhonova, according to sources.


Moscow Mansion

Kirill Shamalov, a Russian entrepreneur and former spouse of Katerina Tikhonova, daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is recognized for his role in the petrochemical industry and his notable assets. Among these is a luxurious villa in Biarritz, France, situated at 9 General McCroskey Avenue. Notably, French authorities confiscated this property in response to Western sanctions. Initially registered to Russian oligarch Gennady Timchenko, the villa later came into Shamalov’s possession. Boasting eight bedrooms and three bathrooms, it stands as a symbol of his affluence.

Shamalov’s substantial 21% ownership stake in Sibur, a Russian petrochemicals company with a staggering $2 billion market value, further increases his wealth. The acquisition of both the stake and the villa has been subject to intense scrutiny and speculation, adding an intriguing layer to Shamalov’s financial narrative.

Overview of Kiril Shamalov’s primary residence(s)

Kirill Shamalov, the former husband of Katerina Tikhonova and the ex-son-in-law of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has built substantial wealth in the oil and gas industry. Despite the lack of specific details about his primary residence(s) in the search results, it is public knowledge that Shamalov owns millions of dollars worth of real estate in Russia and France.

In 2012, Shamalov and Tikhonova acquired a mansion in the French resort town of Biarritz from the family of Gennady Timchenko, a close friend of Putin and a billionaire. This notable real estate purchase showcased Shamalov’s significant financial standing. Additionally, his involvement in the reconstruction and decoration of a residence for the couple in Usovo, a prestigious village near Moscow, further underscores his association with a luxurious lifestyle.

Shamalov’s wealth and real estate holdings, both in Russia and abroad, paint a picture of a businessman with considerable affluence and a penchant for high-end properties.

Kirill Shamalov’s house acquired from Gennady Timchenko

A notable possession in Kiril Shamalov’s portfolio is a valuable property situated in France. Perched atop a sea cliff in the resort town of Biarritz, this four-story house with a swimming pool came under Shamalov’s ownership three years ago.

Located on Avenue du General Mac Croskey in Biarritz, the elegant residence spans approximately 300 square meters indoors and features an expansive 2,000 square meters of garden space. Dating back to the 1950s, the property’s current market value is estimated at around 3.5 million euros ($3.7 million), according to insights from Pierre Fourreau, an architect who oversaw renovations on the property seven years ago.

French Retreat: The house in Biarritz that Kirill Shamalov acquired from Gennady Timchenko, the commodities billionaire and old Putin friend. REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

Public records indicate that the Biarritz property was previously owned by Putin’s longtime associate, Timchenko. In September 2007, Timchenko and his wife, Elena Ermakova, established a French property company, SCI Atlantic, to acquire the house. On Nov. 15, 2012, their shares in SCI Atlantic, still holding the Biarritz house, were transferred to Kirill Shamalov for an undisclosed amount.

Locals near the Biarritz house claim they haven’t seen the young couple there.

The Biarritz residence is just a fraction of Shamalov’s expanding portfolio. In 2008, he joined the management board of Sibur Holding, a significant privately held gas-processing and petrochemicals company, acquiring a 4.3 percent stake.

By 2014, he secured an additional 17 percent ownership in Sibur from Timchenko, subsequently joining Sibur’s board of directors. Timchenko, a long-time associate of Putin since their days in St. Petersburg in the 1990s, co-founded Gunvor, a Russian oil trading company, and amassed considerable wealth while Putin ascended to the presidency.

Sibur reported revenues of 361 billion roubles ($5.6 billion) and a net profit of 25 billion roubles in 2014. The company initiated a project with the U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA) in the previous year to foster basketball development in Russia, a project still ongoing, according to spokespeople for the NBA and Sibur.

Estimates by financial analysts suggest that Shamalov’s 21 percent stake in Sibur is valued at approximately $2 billion or more.

The specific amount Shamalov paid for his Sibur stake remains undisclosed. In an August interview with Kommersant, Shamalov mentioned acquiring the stake at market price and using borrowed funds, without specifying the amount. When Reuters inquired about the stake, a spokesperson for Shamalov declined to comment.

Sibur’s spokesperson stated, “According to corporate rules, we do not comment on the personal lives of our managers and board members.”

Timchenko’s spokesperson also declined to comment on the Biarritz property, describing Timchenko’s share sales to Shamalov as “monetary transactions at market prices.”

In contrast, Vladimir Putin, based on his asset declaration, appears to be a man of the middle class among this rising generation of affluent Russians. Apart from his salary, Putin declared ownership of one apartment each in Moscow and St. Petersburg, with no listed foreign properties.

Despite repeated denials from the president’s spokesperson, reports suggest that the opulent estate on the Black Sea, colloquially known as “Putin’s palace,” received funding from Nikolai Shamalov, Kirill’s father, a fact acknowledged by the president’s daughter, who described Kirill as her spouse.

Yachts of Extravagance – Kirill Shamalov Assets

Exploration of Kiril Shamalov’s yacht collection

Kirill Shamalov has faced scrutiny as authorities have seized multiple superyachts associated with him in recent years. In March 2022, Spain took possession of three superyachts believed to be owned by Shamalov.

During the same month, France and Germany detained several superyachts, each exceeding 24 meters in length, as listed on a company website owned by Shamalov.

In August 2022, a superyacht connected to Shamalov was auctioned in Gibraltar. This action followed the impoundment by authorities due to a default on a €20.5 million ($20.4 million) loan.

These incidents highlight the legal challenges and financial issues surrounding Shamalov’s superyacht portfolio.

Axioma – yacht of Mr. Shamlov

The yacht, named Axioma, a 72.5-meter luxury yacht designed to host 12 guests across its six cabins. This opulent vessel boasts a range of amenities, including a swimming pool, spa, 3D cinema, and an array of water sports equipment. The auction of this extraordinary yacht utilized a closed bidding system, attracting a total of 63 bids for consideration.

Axioma - yacht of Mr. Shamlov
Axioma – yacht of Mr. Shamlov

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