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Andrei Skoch Assets Revealed: From Mining to Luxury Yachts and Political Power with $6.3B Fortune

Overview of Andrei Skoch

Andrei Skoch, a Russian billionaire businessman and politician, holds significant roles in various ventures. He is a part-owner of the steelmaker Lebedinsky Mining and a co-founder of USM Holdings, overseeing assets such as Metalloinvest, an iron ore producer, and MegaFon, a cell phone company.

Bloomberg and Forbes estimate Andrei Skoch assets to be around $6.3 billion and $8.6 billion, respectively. Beyond his business endeavors, he is renowned for his ownership of luxury assets, including a private jet (Airbus A319 with the registration P4-MGU) and an opulent yacht named Madame Gu.

Since 1999, Skoch has served as a member of the State Duma, Russia’s legislative body. In addition to his business and political engagements, he is the founder of the Pokolenie Foundation, dedicated to humanitarian projects. Furthermore, Skoch sponsors the Debut Prize, an initiative recognizing Russian writers under the age of 25 who have completed a full-length novel.

Diverse Portfolio of Andrei Skoch assets

Business Ventures and Holdings

Part Owner of Lebedinsky Mining

Andrei Skoch, a Russian billionaire businessman and politician, holds a significant stake in the steelmaker Lebedinsky Mining and co-founded USM Holdings. Bloomberg and Forbes estimate his net worth to be $6.3 billion and $8.6 billion, respectively.

Lebedinsky Mining
Lebedinsky Mining

Serving in the State Duma since 1999, Skoch is recognized not only for his business acumen but also for his philanthropy through the Pokolenie Foundation. Additionally, he possesses luxury assets, such as a private jet and the opulent yacht Madame Gu.

Co-founder of USM Holdings

Alisher Usmanov founded USM Holdings in 2012, and Andrei Skoch was a co-founder of the company. This venture encompasses valuable assets like Metalloinvest, an iron ore producer, and MegaFon, a prominent cell phone company.

Andrei Skoch Assets : USM Holdings
Andrei Skoch Assets : USM Holdings

Skoch’s family is a key co-owner of USM, with a substantial 30% stake, representing the majority of his wealth. Skoch, Usmanov, and their partner Ardavan Farhad Moshiri worked together to build up the assets that USM currently holds over the course of two decades.

It’s worth noting that Moshiri holds the voting rights for the shares within the company.

Luxury Assets

Yacht Madame Gu

Andrei Skoch, a Russian steel magnate and lawmaker under sanctions, is the proud owner of the opulent yacht Madame Gu. This luxurious vessel, crafted by the esteemed Dutch firm Feadship and commissioned in 2013, boasts a price tag estimated at $150 million.

The yacht’s extravagant features include a sizable helicopter pad on the forecastle and a hangar below. Remarkably versatile, this area can transform into a squash court when the helicopter is not on board. Accommodating up to 36 crew members, the Madame Gu stands as a testament to both luxury and functionality.

Madame Gu
Madame Gu

Notably, Madame Gu has garnered international attention, primarily due to its association with Andrei Skoch. In a significant development, the United States designated the yacht as blocked property in June. Consequently, the vessel faces restrictions, preventing it from engaging American companies for maintenance, employing U.S. citizens, or conducting transactions in dollars.

Airbus A319 (P4-MGU): Private Jet

Andrei Skoch owns a private jet, an Airbus A319 registered as P4-MGU. It has a first-class layout with 25 seats, and Global Jet Luxembourg operates it. Built in 2011, the jet is equipped with two CFMI CFM56-5B7 engines. Notably, Skoch’s connection to the aircraft and his inclusion on the U.S. sanctions list have attracted international attention.

Airbus A319
Airbus A319

Philanthropic Initiatives

Founder of the Pokolenie Foundation

Andrei Skoch, the founder of the Pokolenie Foundation, established the humanitarian organization in 1996 with a focus on aiding those facing challenges, including cultural workers, scientists, families with three or more children, World War II veterans, and senior citizens.

The foundation extends its support by financing the construction of medical facilities in Belgorod Oblast and contributing to the reconstruction and restoration of military cemeteries. Originally initiated as a project to assist children, the foundation has grown to encompass a broader spectrum of social needs.

Beyond his philanthropic endeavors, Skoch holds a position as a member of the State Duma, Russia’s legislative body. He is also a co-founder of USM Holdings, a company with significant assets, including the iron ore producer Metalloinvest and the telecommunications company MegaFon.

Sponsorship of The Debut Prize for Young Russian Writers

Andrei Skoch sponsors the Debut Prize, an independent literary award celebrating the work of young Russian writers under 35. The International Pokolenie (Generation) Foundation, which Skoch founded in 1996, established the prize in 2000, which includes five to seven categories that represent the main fiction genres. Winners are revealed at an annual ceremony held in early December.

In 2011, the prize money was increased to one million rubles (approximately $34,000), aiming to attract a broader range of participants. The Debut Prize has consistently drawn significant interest, with over 50,000 entries each year. Within the first five years, it received more than 170,000 manuscripts from Russia, various European countries, former Soviet Bloc members, the United States, Israel, Australia, and Japan.

This recognition has proven pivotal for emerging Russian writers, providing a platform for their voices not only in Russia but also on the international literary stage.

Wealth Estimations by Bloomberg and Forbes

Bloomberg and Forbes estimate Andrei Skoch’s wealth to be $6.3 billion and $8.6 billion, respectively, firmly placing him among the wealthiest people in Russia and the world. This substantial net worth is a result of diverse business ventures, including the co-ownership of USM Holdings. USM Holdings boasts assets like the iron ore producer Metalloinvest and the telecommunications giant MegaFon.

Beyond his business involvements, Skoch’s opulence is evident in his ownership of luxury items, including the exquisite yacht Madame Gu and a private jet. These assets underscore his considerable financial stature.

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