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Andrey Guryev Assets: Yacht, Jet, and Exclusive London Residence worth  $4.8 B

Overview of Andrey Guryev

Andrey Guryev, a Russian billionaire businessman, boasts a net worth of approximately $4.8 billion as of March 2022. His journey to wealth began in the 1990s, leveraging the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s collapse to acquire previously state-owned assets at discounted prices. Notably, he is the founder and primary shareholder of PhosAgro, a global giant in phosphate-based fertilizer production.

Beyond his pivotal role in the fertilizer industry, Andrey Guryev Assets portfolio includes high-end possessions such as the luxury yacht Alfa Nero, a private Airbus A319 jet, and a distinguished mansion in London. His influence extends beyond personal acquisitions; Guryev is recognized for his active participation in various business councils and boards of directors, including the Russia-Argentina and Russia-Brazil Business Councils, as well as the International Fertilizer Association.

Guryev’s control over PhosAgro extends through two Russian holding companies, namely Chlodwig Enterprises and Adorabella, with his family commanding nearly half of the company. Stepping into the next generation, Guryev’s son, Andrey Guryev Jr., actively participates in the family business and has taken the reins at PhosAgro.

It’s noteworthy, however, that Guryev has faced sanctions from several countries due to his connection with the Russo-Ukrainian War. This adds a layer of complexity to his business endeavors, shaping his narrative within a broader geopolitical context.

Diverse Portfolio of Andrey Guryev Assets

Andrey Guryev, a Russian billionaire businessman, boasts a net worth of approximately $4.8 billion.

His key holdings comprise:

PhosAgro: Guryev, the founder and major shareholder, steers PhosAgro, a global giant in phosphate-based fertilizers. Chlodwig Enterprises and Adorabella, both of which are based in Russia, control the company. Almost half of the company is in the hands of his family.

Yacht: Guryev indulges in the luxury of owning the 40-meter Alfa Nero, featuring four spacious decks.

Private Jet: For his travels, Guryev relies on a private Airbus A319 (OE-LJG).

Real Estate: Guryev’s residential portfolio includes a London mansion. Notably, Witanhurst in Highgate, London, is the second-largest house in the area, trailing only Buckingham Palace. Through an offshore entity with a British Virgin Islands registration, the Guryev family is the owner of this opulent property.

In a seamless transition, Guryev’s son, Andrey Guryev Jr., has assumed a role within the family business and successfully taken the helm at PhosAgro.

Luxury Assets


Alfa Nero

Andrey Guryev possesses a luxurious yacht called Alfa Nero, measuring 40 meters and equipped with four decks. However, it’s noteworthy that conflicting reports exist regarding the yacht’s dimensions. Some sources claim it spans 81.27 meters, boasting six cabins for up to 12 guests.

 Alfa Nero
Alfa Nero

Designed by Nuvolari & Lenard, the yacht boasts extravagant features, including an infinity pool with a glass waterfall convertible into a helipad. The amenities onboard comprise a beauty salon, a hairdressing salon, a beach club, a gym, and a nightclub. Please note the varying details reported by different sources.

Private Jet

Airbus A319 (OE-LJG)

The corporate aircraft is an Airbus A319 that MJet GmbH operates under the registration OE-LJG. Manufactured in 2010 as part of Airbus’s A319 corporate jet series, it boasts a seating capacity of 19 and an impressive range of 4,000 nautical miles. This jet is frequently employed for both corporate and private travel.

Airbus A319

Real Estate

London Mansion

Guryev resides in a London mansion. Notably, Witanhurst in Highgate is the second-largest house in the city, trailing only Buckingham Palace. The Guryev family, owners of this grand residence, holds it through an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands

London Mansion
London Mansion

Business Involvements


PhosAgro, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, stands as a prominent global producer of phosphate-based fertilizers. Operating in over 100 countries, the company specializes in mineral fertilizers, phosphate rock, monocalcium feed phosphate, ammophos, diammonium phosphates, and more. Beyond its commercial pursuits, PhosAgro is committed to sustainable development, actively pursuing goals in ecology, social investments, and corporate governance.


Andrey Guryev, the founder and primary stakeholder of PhosAgro, wields control through two Russian holding companies. Having orchestrated an initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange in July 2011, Guryev has overseen the company’s growth. In 2022, PhosAgro reported a robust revenue of $8.4 billion, with Guryev’s substantial stake in the company forming a considerable part of his overall fortune. This underscores not only PhosAgro’s global impact but also Guryev’s influential role in steering its success.

Philanthropic Activities

Russia-Argentina Business Council

The Russia-Argentina Business Council plays a crucial role in fostering business connections between both nations. This council, comprising entrepreneurs from Russia and Argentina, has significantly bolstered trade turnover between the two countries. Notably, its initiatives were highlighted during the Entrepreneurs’ Council Forum, held in Argentina concurrent with the G20 summit.

The council actively works towards expanding and fortifying cooperation. It engages in discussions on practical matters with mutual benefits, aiming to pinpoint new and promising areas for collaboration. The Intergovernmental Russian-Argentine Commission on Trade, Economic, and Scientific-Technical Cooperation is equally pivotal. It focuses on dismantling trade and investment barriers, contributing to the advancement of international economic cooperation.

Through its endeavors, the council underscores the strategic partnership between Russia and Argentina in the realms of trade and economics.

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