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Alexander Udodov Assets Exposed: Luxury Homes, Malls, and Investments $5 million

Overview of Alexander Udodov

Born on June 10, 1969, in the Republic of Dagestan, Alexander Udodov is a Russian entrepreneur and real estate developer. He owns Aforra Group, a company specializing in real estate development and construction services, and serves on the board of the Eurasian Pipeline Consortium. Udodov’s journey includes military service in the Soviet Army and working in industrial construction and energy before pursuing higher education. He graduated with a law degree from Kiev University.

With an estimated net worth of around $5 million, Alexander Udodov Assets is recognized for his impactful contributions to business and social and cultural initiatives.

Udodov’s diverse experience extends to various real estate projects, such as developing shopping centers and a balneological resort in the Krasnodar region. His property portfolio boasts several shopping malls, centers, and mixed-use properties, with two opulent Moscow residences named “Hymeney” and “Yakimanka, 26.” Beyond real estate, Udodov invests in commercial properties and engages in restoration projects for social and cultural upliftment.

Diverse Portfolio of Alexander Udodov assets

Alexander Udodov boasts a varied asset portfolio, spanning real estate, commercial properties, and investments in agriculture. In Moscow, he owns two opulent properties named “Hymeney” and “Yakimanka, 26,” along with a collection of shopping malls, centers, and mixed-use properties. Beyond real estate, Udodov has delved into commercial property development, particularly in the realm of luxury shopping centers.

In a noteworthy move into agriculture, Udodov established Mushroom Rainbow, a greenhouse complex in the Kursk region dedicated to mushroom cultivation. This innovative agricultural endeavor seeks to address challenges within Russia’s agricultural industry. In essence, Udodov’s portfolio showcases a strategic and diversified approach to business ventures, emphasizing his commitment to real estate, commercial properties, and innovative agricultural investments.

Business Ventures

Owner of Aforra Group

Alexander Udodov, the proprietor of Aforra Group, a company specializing in real estate development and construction services, stands out as a highly accomplished entrepreneur and developer. His track record boasts substantial expertise in steering major development initiatives, spanning residential properties, hotels, and shopping centers.

Udodov’s property portfolio is diverse, encompassing various shopping malls, centers, and mixed-use properties. Notably, he owns two opulent properties in Moscow, recognized as “Hymeney” and “Yakimanka, 26.”

Expanding his ventures, Udodov has delved into commercial property developments, particularly luxury shopping centers. Furthermore, he has entered the agricultural domain, founding Mushroom Rainbow, a greenhouse complex dedicated to mushroom cultivation in the Kursk region.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Udodov holds a position on the board of the Eurasian Pipeline Consortium, showcasing his involvement in broader strategic initiatives.

Shopping malls

Alexander Udodov, a Russian real estate entrepreneur, possesses a diverse portfolio, featuring several noteworthy shopping malls:

  1. Hymeney: This luxurious shopping center, situated in Moscow, was successfully sold in 2019.
  2. Yakimanka, 26: An upscale shopping destination in Moscow, seamlessly blending popular fashion houses with an array of classical design boutiques
  3. Atlas: Located in Odintsovo District in Moscow Oblast, Atlas stands as another prominent shopping center.
  4. Rechnoy is a well-established shopping center in Moscow.

These malls contribute to Udodov’s diverse portfolio, which extends beyond shopping centers, encompassing luxury properties and investments in the agricultural sector.


“Hymeney, nestled in Moscow, stood as a pinnacle in Alexander Udodov’s property collection. This lavish shopping center seamlessly blends renowned fashion houses with classical design boutiques, providing top-tier services and relaxation options. In 2019, the property found new ownership.”



Alexander Udodov acquired Yakimanka, a luxurious shopping center situated at Bolshaya Yakimanka Street 22 in Moscow, in January 2015. The center, which seamlessly blended renowned fashion houses with classical design boutiques, provided premium services and relaxation options.


Under Udodov’s ownership, the building underwent a comprehensive overhaul, adopting an Art Deco style that imbued the space with an atmosphere of comfort, harmony, and tradition. Spanning 14,000 sq m, with 8,500 sq m dedicated to leases, Yakimanka became a distinctive destination for upscale shopping and leisure. Udodov later divested the property in 2019.


Alexander Udodov owns a shopping center called Atlas, located in Odintsovo District in Moscow Oblast.

Atlas shopping center


Discover the Rechnoy Shopping and Entertainment Complex—a contemporary hub strategically located at the Rechnoy Vokzal transit center in Moscow, Russia. This cutting-edge project boasts an A+ mall, hosting over 80 stores and providing convenient parking for 300 vehicles.


Balneological resort in the Krasnodar region

Alexander Udodov injected over US$2 million into a state-of-the-art balneological resort in the Krasnodar region. This contemporary retreat emerged from the remnants of a Soviet boarding house, nestled on the riverbanks streaming down from a mountain along the Caucasian Ridge.

The therapeutic attributes of the cascading mountain river are renowned, contributing to the serene ambiance of the resort. The location is a haven of peace and rejuvenation, surrounded by lovely woodlands.

Involvement in Consortia

Eurasian Pipeline Consortium

Alexander Udodov holds a key position on the board of the Eurasian Pipeline Consortium (ETC), a pivotal player in the energy sector. This consortium spearheads major pipeline projects, playing a vital role in the efficient transportation of natural gas.

Udodov’s role in the ETC underscores his strategic influence in the energy industry and his valuable contributions to the consortium’s operations. His diverse professional background, encompassing real estate development and construction services, showcases his versatile involvement across different sectors of the economy.

Restoration Projects

Historic monastery on Paliiy Island in Karelia

While the historic monastery on Paliiy Island in Karelia isn’t directly linked to Alexander Udodov’s business ventures, search results unveil insights into the Kizhi Pogost. Situated on Kizhi Island in Karelia, Russia, this UNESCO World Heritage site boasts an architectural ensemble featuring two 18th-century wooden churches—the Church of the Transfiguration and the Church of the Intercession—and an octagonal wooden bell tower.

These churches, documented in 16th-century chronicles, form an exceptional museum site in the southern part of Kizhi. They stand as prime examples of traditional wooden architecture in Karelia, as well as in northern Russia and the Finnish-Scandinavian region. The Kizhi Pogost marks a significant milestone in establishing Orthodoxy in the Russian North.

What is the estimated value of Alexander Udodov’s luxury belongings?

The information suggests that Udodov’s property portfolio comprises various shopping malls, centers, and mixed-use properties. Notably, he owns two luxurious properties named “Hymeney” and “Yakimanka, 26.”

In addition to these, Udodov has strategically invested in commercial properties, including upscale shopping centers, and has expanded into agriculture by establishing a greenhouse complex for mushroom cultivation. While the precise valuation of his luxury assets is not disclosed, Udodov’s diverse real estate and commercial investments underscore the significant value of his financial portfolio.

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