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Andrei Kozitsyn Assets: $4.8 Billion Portfolio, Mining, Media, and Confiscation

Overview of Andrei Kozitsyn

Born in 1960, Andrei Anatolyevich Kozitsyn is a Russian billionaire and former CEO of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC), a leading zinc and copper producer in Russia. He holds a master’s degree in engineering from the Ural Polytechnic Institute. Kozitsyn commenced his career as a mechanic at Uralelectromed, eventually becoming General Director from 1995 to 2002.

As of 2023, Forbes estimates Kozitsyn’s net worth at $4.4 billion, Andrei Kozitsyn Assets ranking him 24th in Russia and 436th globally. Notably, his influence extends to the sports arena, where he presides over the “Children of Russia” charity and the UMMC basketball club.

Diversifying his interests, Kozitsyn has stakes in UMMC-agro, an agricultural business, and European Media Group. In 2021, he founded Top Motorcycles Ekaterinburg LLC, Intellect LLC, a building company, and Healthy Food Factory LLC.

Beyond business, Andrei Kozitsyn is actively involved in philanthropy, serving as the president of the charity “Children of Russia” and the UMMC basketball club. He has received recognition for his significant contributions to Russia’s mining and metallurgical industries, including the Order of Friendship from the president of the Russian Federation.

The Diverse Portfolio of Andrei Kozitsyn Assets

Renowned in the Russian business realm, Andrei Kozitsyn has amassed a substantial fortune, primarily from his roles in the mining and mineral industries. As of 2023, his net worth exceeds $4.8 billion, ranking him among Russia’s wealthiest individuals.

Kozitsyn’s close association with the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC), where he served as CEO until 2019, defines his impactful career. Engaging in various business ventures, he notably collaborated with fellow Russian oligarch Iskander Makhmudov.

Beyond business, Andrei Kozitsyn is recognized for his philanthropy and sports involvement. Serving as President for both the “Children of Russia” charity and the UMMC basketball club, he has received honors like the Order of Grand Prince St. Vladimir for charitable contributions and church-building endeavors.

However, Kozitsyn’s assets faced scrutiny and confiscation in June 2023. The Czech state seized notable holdings, including a luxury villa in Karlovy Vary, an electrical engineering company in Kralupy nad Vltavou, and an aircraft manufacturing firm in Kunovice. This action aligned with broader efforts to target the assets of Russian oligarchs linked to the Putin regime.

In summary, Andrei Kozitsyn’s diverse asset portfolio and significant influence in mining and metallurgy position him as a key figure in Russian business and social spheres.

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC)

Established in 1999, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) stands as a key player in Russia’s mining and metallurgical industry, headquartered in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. As the country’s second-largest copper producer, UMMC manages a network of over 40 companies, employing more than 80,000 individuals across diverse sectors throughout Russia.

Specializing in mining and the metallurgy of non-ferrous metals, UMMC’s focus extends to copper, nickel, coal, and lead production. With a robust annual turnover, the company reported revenue of 299 billion rubles in 2022, operating seamlessly throughout the copper value chain—from extraction to finished goods manufacturing.

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC)
Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC)

Beyond its industrial prowess, UMMC actively engages in community relations, contributing to the development of various regions in Russia. However, the company has encountered challenges, notably international sanctions. In 2023, the United States imposed sanctions on UMMC to curtail Russia’s revenue from the metals and mining sectors. These sanctions, a response to Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, include restrictions on transactions with UMMC and limitations on its copper deliveries to the London Metal Exchange (LME).

Known as UGMK in Russia, UMMC remains a major copper producer, playing a pivotal role in the nation’s mining and metallurgical sectors.

Confiscation of Assets

In July 2023, the United States imposed sanctions on the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) as part of efforts to diminish Russia’s earnings from the metals and mining sector. UMMC, a key copper producer in Russia, found itself added to the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (SDN) by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, a financial intelligence and enforcement agency of the US Treasury.

This action was a response to Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, resulting in restrictions on transactions involving UMMC and limitations on its copper deliveries to the London Metal Exchange (LME). Prior to this, the UK had already sanctioned UMMC shareholder Iskander Makhmudov, leading the London Metal Exchange to halt the placement of any metals from the Russian company in LME warehouses in the UK.

These sanctions posed challenges to UMMC’s copper trade, prompting a shift in its exports to Asia. Despite these hurdles, UMMC, established in 1999 and overseeing over 40 companies with a workforce of more than 80,000, remains a significant player in the Russian mining and metallurgical industry. Operating across the entire copper value chain, from extraction to finished goods manufacturing, the company maintains a substantial annual turnover.

In the face of sanctions, UMMC perseveres as a crucial contributor to both the Russian economy and the global metals market.

Business Holdings

What is the relationship between Andrei Kozitsyn and the European media group?

Andrei Kozitsyn, a Russian billionaire and former CEO of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC), has a diverse portfolio of assets, including stakes in European Media Group. European Media Group is a media holding company with interests in various media outlets and platforms. Kozitsyn’s relationship with European Media Group is not explicitly detailed in the search results, but his involvement in the company is evident through his ownership stake.

Kozitsyn’s net worth is estimated to be over $4.8 billion, and he owns 35% of UMMC. He works closely with fellow billionaire Iskander Makhmudov, and together they own various companies in the Ural region in agriculture, construction, and telecoms. Kozitsyn is also known for his philanthropic work and community involvement, serving as the president of the KHL hockey club Automobilist and announcing plans to build a 15,000-person arena in Ekaterinburg.

Philanthropic and Sports Involvement

President of “Children of Russia” Charity

Andrei Kozitsyn serves as the president of the “Children of Russia” charitable fund, established in 1999. This foundation is dedicated to nurturing the younger generation and safeguarding the social interests of children and teenagers. “Children of Russia” extends its support to various causes, including children’s institutions, creative teams, disabled children, and orphans. The fund actively collaborates with local administrations and individuals willing to contribute to the well-being of children.

Notably, “Children of Russia” holds the distinction of being the first charitable organization worldwide accepted into the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers, and Associations. This recognition was granted during the 8th Congress of the organization, where it received unanimous support. The fund operates within a presidential program and its own charitable initiatives, addressing multiple aspects simultaneously.

In acknowledgment of Andrei Kozitsyn’s dedicated involvement, he has been honored with prestigious awards, including the Order of Sergius of Radonezh, the Order of Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow, and the Order of Great Prince St. Vladimir, Equal of the Apostles, bestowed by the Russian Orthodox Church. These accolades celebrate Kozitsyn’s impactful charitable contributions and support in church construction.

Moreover, the “Children of Russia” fund actively aligns its initiatives with broader national efforts to care for and uplift children in Russia. An illustrative example is its participation in events such as the “Children of Russia Sing” competition. This underscores the fund’s commitment to fostering the well-being and talents of the younger generation across the country.

Contribution to Ekaterinburg Ice Arena

Andrei Kozitsyn has played a pivotal role in shaping the UGMK-Arena in Ekaterinburg, Russia, a versatile venue designed for major international events like concerts and conferences.

This arena holds the promise of boosting Ekaterinburg’s economic and commercial growth significantly.

However, a setback occurred in August 2023 when a fire broke out at the construction site of the UGMK Rink, part of the Yekaterinburg project located over 2000 km from Ukraine. Despite this incident, the UGMK-Arena remains a noteworthy project anticipated to enrich both the cultural and economic fabric of Ekaterinburg.

In a positive turn, the city saw the inauguration of a World University Games-themed skating rink, aligning seamlessly with preparations for the 2023 International University Sports Federation World University Games.

These advancements underscore the ongoing commitment to elevate Ekaterinburg’s sports and cultural infrastructure, with key contributions from various stakeholders, including Andrei Kozitsyn.

Ekaterinburg Ice Arena

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