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Alisher Usmanov Assets Unveiled: Luxury Properties, Private Jet, Yacht of $600 M & Trust Structures

Overview of Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov, born on September 9, 1953, in Chust, Uzbekistan, is a prominent Uzbek-Russian businessman and oligarch renowned for his substantial wealth, estimated at $14.5 billion in 2023. His financial success stems from post-Soviet Union endeavors, particularly in metal and mining operations. Usmanov holds a 49% stake in Metalloinvest, Russia’s largest iron ore producer, and has diversified investments in the telecommunications, media, and cement industries portfolio of Alisher Usmanov Assets.

In the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Usmanov has encountered sanctions from the U.S., U.K., and EU, with property raids conducted in Germany. Despite these challenges, he maintains that his prominence, not his political ties, is the driving force behind these sanctions.

Managing his vast business empire through USM Group, Usmanov’s interests extend across telecommunications, media, and mining. Known for his close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin and former President Dmitry Medvedev, Usmanov holds 49% ownership in USM, overseeing Metalloinvest and MegaFon, a Moscow-based telecommunications company. His influence also extends to the media, with ownership of Kommersant, a Russian newspaper, and stakes in AliExpress Russia Holding and Akkermann Cement.

The diverse portfolio of Alisher Usmanov Assets

Luxury Properties

Six upscale properties in the UK

The Guardian reports Alisher Usmanov’s association with a minimum of six opulent UK properties, with a combined value surpassing £170 million. Yet, specific property details remain undisclosed, leaving uncertainty about Usmanov’s current or past ownership. These properties were allegedly connected to Usmanov through offshore entities and close family members.

Alisher Usmanov Assets
Alisher Usmanov Assets

Valuation exceeding £170 million

Alisher Usmanov’s ties to numerous upscale UK properties are notable, collectively valued at over £170 million. Among these holdings are Beechwood House in Highgate, North London, estimated at £48 million, and the 16th-century Sutton Place estate in Surrey, valued at around £34 million.

It’s crucial to highlight that specific details of these properties are not publicly disclosed, leaving uncertainty about Usmanov’s current or past ownership. The valuations are approximations based on market values, subject to variation from the actual ownership and current status, which remain undisclosed.

UK properties
UK properties

Central London office building details

Alisher Usmanov is connected to a central London office building; however, the property’s specific details are not publicly disclosed. Reports suggest Usmanov’s association with the property is facilitated through offshore companies and close relatives.

The central London office market has witnessed substantial activity lately, with leasing volumes hitting 2.2 million sq ft in Q3 2023, surpassing the long-term average. During the same period, the vacancy rate in the market reached 9.6%, exceeding the long-term average.

Central London office building details
Central London office building details

Air Travel Assets

$350 million private jet

Alisher Usmanov owns an Airbus A340-300 as his private jet, originally purchased for $238 million. Its current estimated value surpasses $400 million, making it the world’s second-most-expensive private jet. Named Bourkhan after Usmanov’s father, the plane underwent approximately $170 million in renovations, boasting a lavish dining room, multiple seating areas, several bathrooms, and private bedrooms.

While a typical Airbus A340-300 can accommodate over 300 passengers and reach a top speed of 567 miles per hour, Usmanov’s jet likely seats significantly fewer passengers during flights.

The aircraft faced sanctions and was deregistered from the Isle of Man in 2022. Forbes reports that the plane is currently owned by an offshore company, Klaret Aviation Limited, with Usmanov’s sister, Gulbakhor Ismailova, as the trust beneficiary

Helicopter ownership

Alisher Usmanov’s connection to two helicopters made headlines when both were seized in France in April 2022. The first is an Airbus EC-175 with the tail number M-DLBR, and the second is a Eurocopter EC-155 with the tail number M-DLBA.

The M-DLBR helicopter was last documented in Le Castellet on November 13, 2021, while the M-DLBA was spotted in Monte Carlo on March 1, 2022. Interestingly, these helicopters were initially registered in the British Crown dependency of the Isle of Man but were officially deregistered on March 3, 2022.

Deregistration has significant implications—it renders an aircraft “stateless,” stripping it of a valid certificate of airworthiness. Consequently, it becomes uninsurable and grounded until it is registered in a new country.

Helicopter ownership
M-DLBR helicopter

Responding to inquiries, Usmanov’s spokesperson informed Forbes that Usmanov disclaims ownership of the helicopters. The spokesperson clarified, “Most of the property, including the two helicopters, has been transferred into irrevocable trusts. Mr. Usmanov does not own them.” The spokesperson emphasized that this trust arrangement was established many years ago and was unrelated to evading sanctions or concealing wealth.

Maritime Investments

Dilbar, a $600 million private yacht

Launched on November 14, 2015, at the German Lürssen shipyard and delivered in 2016, the Dilbar stands as a remarkable superyacht. Originally known as Project Omar, this extravagant vessel is the pride of Russian billionaire and oligarch Alisher Usmanov, boasting a hefty price tag of $600 million. Employing a dedicated team of 84 full-time crew members, the Dilbar showcases opulence with the largest indoor swimming pool ever installed on a superyacht, measuring an impressive 180 cubic meters.

Measuring 156 meters (511 feet 10 inches) in length and possessing a gross tonnage of 15,917 GT, the Dilbar ranks as the third-largest yacht by volume. Noteworthy features include two helipads and, notably, one of the most expansive indoor pools ever seen on a yacht.

Dilbar, a $600 million private yacht
Dilbar, a $600 million private yacht

However, in March 2022, the Dilbar faced a dramatic turn of events. German authorities seized the yacht as part of sanctions against Russian oligarchs following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. This seizure shed light on the yacht’s ownership complexities, tied to offshore structures. Legal disputes and seizures ensued, triggered by the sanctions imposed on Alisher Usmanov and his sister.

Despite the legal turmoil, Dilbar’s legacy endures as a symbol of luxury and controversy, embodying the intricate intersection of wealth, power, and legal intricacies in the world of super-yachts.

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