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Samvel Karapetyan Assets: Unveiling the Business Tycoon’s Luxurious Empire of $2.8 B

Overview of Samvel Karapetyan

Samvel Karapetyan, an Armenian-Russian entrepreneur, stands as the visionary behind the Tashir Group. This conglomerate spans diverse sectors, including construction, finance, retail, development, power, restaurants, and manufacturing. His financial prowess is underscored by Forbes, estimating his net worth, along with Samvel Karapetyan Assets, at $5 billion in September 2021. This solidifies his status as the wealthiest ethnic Armenian globally.

Embarking on his professional journey, Karapetyan ventured into the real estate sector, initially managing a shopping center project. Born on August 18, 1965, in Armenia, Karapetyan completed his education at the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute in 1986.

Beyond his business success, Karapetyan’s commitment to national interests is evident. Recognizing his significant contributions, the Armenian president honored him with the Mesrop Mashtot Medal. In 2012, he earned further acclaim as the distinguished ‘Personality of the Year’ in the ‘Russian Country of Honour program.

Family-oriented, Karapetyan is a husband and father to three children, adding a personal touch to his impressive professional profile.

Diverse Portfolio of Samvel Karapetyan Assets

Yacht – Ace

Samvel Karapetyan’s extravagant yacht, known as Ace, has attracted considerable attention. Valued at a reported EUR 145 million, this luxurious vessel is often linked to the billionaire businessman. It has made appearances in different instances, including being spotted in the port of Bodrum, drawing interest from Turkish media.

Despite the yacht being a focal point in media discussions, conflicting reports persist about its ownership. While some deny any association with Samvel Karapetyan, stating he neither owns nor desires such a property, the mystery surrounding the true owner adds an intriguing element to the yacht’s allure.


Real Estate

Tashir Group

Billionaire Samvel Karapetyan leads the Tashir Group, a key player in the Russian commercial real estate development sector. The group boasts an impressive real estate portfolio, comprising 33 shopping centers, 4 office complexes, and 8 hotels scattered across Russia.

Focusing on strategic expansion, the company has set its sights on the Moscow area, intending to invest $800 million in constructing 4.3 million square feet of residential, retail, and office space. This concentrated effort underscores Tashir Group’s dedication to bolstering its presence in the Moscow real estate market.

With two decades of experience in construction and commercial real estate development, Tashir Group’s investment portfolio encompasses diverse properties, ranging from hotels to health and resort real estate, as well as logistics and warehousing properties. This dynamic growth mirrors the group’s successful track record and unwavering commitment to driving real estate development initiatives, particularly in key markets like Moscow.

Tashir Group
 Tashir Group


Samvel Karapetyan, the visionary behind the Tashir Group, has shaped it into a prominent Russian conglomerate with diverse business interests, notably in commercial real estate development. While specific details about the operation of eight hotels weren’t uncovered in the search, it did illuminate the group’s extensive portfolio.

This portfolio comprises 67 real estate properties, totaling approximately 2.5 million square meters. It encompasses shopping and entertainment centers, residential buildings, business centers, hotels, logistics hubs, and sports centers.

The Tashir Group’s notable presence in the commercial real estate sector, coupled with its commitment to developing and managing a variety of properties, solidifies its standing as a key player in the Russian real estate market.

Forbes estimation of Samvel Karapetyan’s net worth

Forbes has provided varying estimates of Samvel Karapetyan’s net worth over the years:

  • In July 2020, his net worth was reported at $2.8 billion.
  • By April 2016, Forbes had estimated it to be $3.7 billion.
  • In 2021, there was a noticeable increase to $3.3 billion, marking a 32% rise from the previous year.
  • The most recent estimation in September 2021 pegged his net worth at $5 billion.

These figures showcase the fluctuations in Samvel Karapetyan’s net worth, culminating in the latest Forbes estimate of $5 billion as of September 2021.

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