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Anatoly Lomakin Assets: From Chemical Industry to Yacht Luxury with a net worth of $1.4 B revealed

Overview of Anatoly Lomakin

Anatoly Lomakin, a distinguished Russian entrepreneur and politician, boasts a net worth of $1.4 billion.

Known for his lavish lifestyle, Lomakin indulges in opulent homes, yachts, and private jets. He founded the International Potash Company, playing a pivotal role in diverse sectors such as the chemical industry, energy, and telecommunications.

Lomakin’s journey from humble beginnings to extraordinary wealth is both inspiring and contentious. Questions about Anatoly Lomakin Assets origins, his political influence, and his impact on various industries have stirred controversy.

In 2012, Lomakin assumed the position of deputy in Russia’s State Duma. However, health issues led to his resignation in less than a year.

His business ventures wield considerable economic influence, generating employment for thousands and contributing significantly to Russia’s GDP. Lomakin’s narrative encapsulates the intricate dynamics surrounding Russian oligarchs, with some praising him as a visionary who has made substantial contributions to the nation’s economy.

Anatoly Lomakin
Anatoly Lomakin

Categories of Anatoly Lomakin Assets

Chemical Industry

Anatoly Lomakin, founder and CEO of International Potash Company Ltd. since its establishment in 1992, has been a pivotal figure in the potash industry. Under his leadership, the company successfully merged three major post-Soviet fertilizer producers—Silvinit, Uralkali, and Belaruskali.

This strategic amalgamation has not only propelled the International Potash Company into a significant role within the global potash sector but has also facilitated its competitive presence in international markets. Securing substantial contracts from nations like China, Belarus, and the United Kingdom, Lomakin’s business prowess has been instrumental.

 International Potash Company Ltd
International Potash Company Ltd

Thanks to Lomakin’s astute leadership, the International Potash Company now stands as a formidable player in the open market, exporting potash to over 70 countries. This widespread reach has made a substantial impact on the Russian economy, further solidifying the company’s position on the global stage.

In addition to his role at the International Potash Company, Lomakin holds a 50% ownership stake in Investstroy, a company specializing in investments within the housing and residential property development sectors. This diversified portfolio underscores Lomakin’s commitment to contributing to various facets of the business landscape.

2010 Stake Sale

In 2010, Anatoly Lomakin and his partners lucratively sold their shares in Silvinit, the second-largest producer of potassium fertilizer in Russia, fetching a staggering $3 billion. This substantial transaction significantly bolstered Lomakin’s overall net worth, currently estimated at an impressive $1.4 billion.


From JSC Silvinit, Technoprom-Limen LLC, JSC Uralkali, Lempira SA, IBH of Beteiligungs und Handelsges of m b. X., and “Sindra Exportasyones SL”

Anatoly Lomakin’s wealth is rooted in the chemical industry, with a focus on assets like the International Potash Company Ltd. and a stake in JSC Silvinit. He receives dividends from various sources, including JSC Silvinit, Technoprom-Limen LLC, JSC Uralkali, Lempira SA, IBH of Beteiligungs und Handelsges of m b. X., and “Sindra Exportasyones SL.”

In addition to these, Lomakin generates income through deposit interests. His real estate holdings comprise a 3000-square-meter land plot and a 545-square-meter house, both located in the Moscow region.

Enhancing his opulent lifestyle, Lomakin is the proud owner of the superyacht “Sea & Us,” launched in 2018 by Amels Holland B.V., boasting an impressive length of 62.40 meters. Furthermore, Lomakin holds a 50% stake in Investstroy, a company actively involved in housing and residential property development.

Opulent Lifestyle

Luxury Assets

Anatoly Lomakin, a Russian billionaire, is renowned for his lavish lifestyle, featuring luxurious homes. While specific details about these residences remain elusive, reports suggest opulent mansions in exclusive locales.

In addition, Lomakin possesses a 3000-square-meter land plot in Moscow and a 545-square-meter house in the Moscow region. Notably, Russian billionaires, even those facing sanctions, are increasingly eyeing luxury properties in Dubai. Brokers report a surge in demand for multimillion-dollar homes, hinting at a trend among Russian oligarchs seeking alternatives amidst geopolitical and economic shifts.

Yacht Ownership

Superyacht Sea & Us

The impressive 62.40-meter (204.7-foot)-long superyacht “Sea & Us,” built by Amels Holland B.V. in 2018, belongs to Anatoly Lomakin. The vessel is under the ownership of Pasithea Shipping Ltd., a company registered in the Marshall Islands.

Superyacht Sea & Us
Superyacht Sea & Us

This luxurious yacht boasts an array of amenities, including an enclosed lounge on the sun deck, a Touch & Go helicopter platform on the foredeck, and two folding balconies. Additionally, it features a spacious beach club with a swim platform, retractable stairs, a sauna, a steam shower, and equipped gym facilities.

The yacht’s twin 1500-kW Caterpillar 3512C engines power it, and its 13-person crew can accommodate up to 12 guests.

Launched in 2018 by Amels Holland B.V.

In 2018, Amels Holland B.V. unveiled Anatoly Lomakin’s opulent superyacht, “Sea & Us,” boasting an impressive length of 62.40 meters (204.7 ft). This luxurious vessel offers a host of amenities, including an enclosed lounge on the sun deck, a Touch & Go helicopter platform on the foredeck, and a spacious beach club complete with a swim platform, sauna, steam shower, and gym equipment. The yacht has a crew of 13 and twin 1500-kW Caterpillar 3512C engines. It can hold up to 12 passengers.

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