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The $75M Rose dOr Yacht Of Russian Oligarch Konstantin Strukov

Rose d'Or Yacht of Russian Oligarch Konstantin Strukov

The Rose dOr yacht, with an estimated value of $75 million, is the epitome of maritime luxury and engineering excellence. Its impressive size and amenities are only matched by the exquisite craftsmanship, design finesse by Officina Italiana, and advanced maritime technology employed by San Lorenzo. To maintain her pristine condition, annual upkeep costs average around $7 million, making the Rose d’Or not just a luxurious vessel but a significant investment in the world of elite yachting.

Hungarian Lorinc Meszaros and wife Andrea Varkonyi on Rose dOr Yacht

In August 2023, Hungarian billionaire Lorinc Meszaros and his wife, Andrea Varkonyi, a former TV anchor enjoyed a luxurious summer cruise on the French and Italian Rivieras aboard his brand new 62-meter superyacht, the Rose d’Or.

Lőrinc Mészáros on the ROSE D'OR superyacht
Lőrinc Mészáros on the ROSE D’OR superyacht

Who Actually Own The Yacht Rose d’Or ?

Euroleasing Zrt., a financial company owned by Hungarian billionaire Lőrinz Mészáros, owns the luxury yacht Rose d’Or, on board of which Mészáros and his wife were photographed on vacation. The company has been leasing ships for just three years, and the Rose d’Or is its most expensive vessel.

Euroleasing Zrt., a financial company owned by Lőrinc Mészáros’s MBH Bank, purchased the luxury yacht Rose d’Or outright on June 5, 2023. This means that Euroleasing is the lessor and another party (the lessee, whose identity is unknown) is using the yacht and paying lease fees to Euroleasing.

It is not possible to determine who the lessee is because this information is not publicly available. It is also not known whether the lessee is Lőrinc Mészáros himself or one of his companies. Therefore, it is unclear how Mészáros is using the yacht.

Lorinc Meszaros and wife Andrea Varkonyi on Rose dOr Yacht
Lorinc Meszaros and wife Andrea Varkonyi on Rose dOr Yacht

According to maritime portal Superyachtfan, the luxury boat is owned by Russian Oligarch Konstantin Strukov, who is an active real estate investor in the Balkans. He also owns another luxury yacht from the manufacturer, under the name Reve d’Or. The 64-year-old businessman moved from Kazakhstan to Russia in 1993, Forbes puts his wealth at around $1.3bn.

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