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Vadim Shulman Assets Spotlight: From Malibu Estates to Global Business Ventures of $40 million

Overview of Vadim Shulman

Ukrainian entrepreneur Vadim Shulman has amassed a diverse business portfolio in mining, chemicals, energy, and telecommunications since the fall of the Soviet Union. Associated with businessmen Kolomoiskyy and Bogolyubov, Shulman leads the Ukraine Tennis Foundation and serves as President and CEO at Alterman, Inc. His philanthropy includes supporting Jewish communities, and financing projects in Kiev and Jerusalem. Vadim Shulman assets, comprising real estate ventures such as a Malibu estate sold for $40 million, and his involvement in legal proceedings add layers to his multifaceted career. His international business footprint spans years and continents, marking him as a prominent figure in the business world.

Diverse Portfolio of Vadim Shulman Assets

Real Estate Holdings

Vadim Shulman, a prominent Ukrainian entrepreneur, sold a California Malibu estate in 2022 for $40 million. The modern mansion, boasting six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, graced Malibu’s upscale Carbon Beach along the Pacific Coast Highway, offering stunning 150 feet of beachfront views.

The property included notable features such as a two-lane lap pool and Malibu’s largest home spa, as indicated in the previous listing. Shulman had acquired this impressive 9,500-square-foot residence for $25 million back in 2014.

Beyond the Malibu estate, Shulman has also invested in properties across various locations.

Real Estate Holdings

Business Interests

Vadim Shulman boasts a rich history spanning multiple industries, notably mining, energy, and telecommunications. Since 1991, he has been a key player in mining, chemicals, and the energy sector, coupled with ventures in the telecommunications industry.

One of his noteworthy collaborations is with Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov, operating under the entity named Halliwell Assets. Through this partnership, Shulman has successfully acquired assets in the United States, including real estate and businesses like Warren Steel.

These strategic investments not only underscore Shulman’s indirect participation in the mining and energy sectors but also highlight his foray into the telecommunications industry. This expansion further solidifies the diversity of his business portfolio.

In essence, Shulman’s varied business interests paint a vivid picture of his extensive expertise and active engagement across multiple sectors.

Philanthropic Activities

Vadim Shulman, a Ukrainian tycoon, is actively engaged in diverse industries and exhibits a robust philanthropic commitment. Among his notable philanthropic efforts are:

1. Financing Projects in Kiev and Jerusalem:

  • Shulman has provided financial backing for several projects in Kiev and Jerusalem, including the construction of a synagogue and a school.
  • These initiatives play a pivotal role in advancing and preserving the rich Jewish heritage in the region.

2. Synagogue and School Projects:

  • Beyond Kyiv and Jerusalem, Shulman has extended his support to synagogues and school projects in other locations.
  • These contributions aim to bolster the infrastructure of the Jewish community, providing crucial educational and spiritual resources.

3. Support for Jewish Community Life in Ukraine and Israel:

  • Shulman’s philanthropy isn’t confined to specific projects; he actively supports the broader Jewish community in Ukraine and Israel.
  • His financial contributions significantly contribute to the well-being and progress of these communities.

4. Positive Impact on Local Communities:

  • Shulman’s philanthropic initiatives have left a positive imprint on local communities, particularly the Jewish population in Ukraine and Israel.
  • By channeling financial support, he has played a pivotal role in enhancing infrastructure, education, and spiritual facilities, thereby elevating the overall quality of life for community members.


As per the OCCRP, Ukrainian tycoon Vadim Shulman bought a Gulfstream G450 jet for $35 million directly from the manufacturer in 2012. In addition, he organized a group of companies in the Isle of Man and British Virgin Islands to operate and maintain the aircraft.

This purchase and the formation of the company network underscore Shulman’s substantial financial prowess and strategic handling of his aviation assets.

Net worth

Vadim Shulman, a prominent Ukrainian tycoon, is recognized for his substantial net worth, reportedly exceeding US$10 billion, according to the OCCRP. Ranked among Ukraine’s wealthiest individuals, Shulman’s diverse business portfolio encompasses mining, energy, and telecommunications. Notably, he has engaged in high-value real estate transactions, including the sale of a Malibu estate for $40 million.

Further underscoring his influential role in the business arena, Shulman collaborated with Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov to establish Warren Steel Holdings, signaling involvement in substantial business ventures. These activities, coupled with his reported net worth, solidify Shulman’s status as a prominent figure with significant wealth and diverse business interests.

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