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Ksenia Frank Timchenko : Dark Side of Russian Oligarch [2023]

Ksenia Frank Timchenko : Biography Of Daughter of a Russian Oligarch

Ksenia Frank Timchenko is the youngest daughter of sanctioned Russian oligarch Gennady Timchenko. She is a citizen of Finland. Ksenia lives in Switzerland with two children and her husband Gleb Frank, the son of Sergei Frank, the ex-Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation and the CEO of Sovcomflot.

Ksenia Frank Timchenko
Ksenia Frank Timchenko

According to the US Department of State, Timchenko’s wife and two daughters were targeted by US sanctions. The restrictions come amid their ties to the Western world.

On March 24, 2022 , Gennady Nikolayevich Timchenko, the owner of OOO Volga Group, will also be re-designated along with OOO Transoil, which Timchenko owns.  Timchenko’s wife, Elena Petrovna Timchenko, and daughter, Natalya Browning, will now also be designated along with Ksenia Gennadevna Frank, a board member of OOO Transoil and her spouse Gleb Sergeevich Frank.

Ksenia Frank Timchenko : Biography Of Daughter of a Russian Oligarch

Ksenia Frank Timchenko was born on 25.09.1985 . She is the daughter of Gennady Timchenko and Elena Timchenko. Gennady and Elena have three children, two daughters – Natalia and Ksenia and son Ivan Timchenko.

Natalia, the eldest daughter was born on 11.11.1978.  She is a graduate of Oxford University. Natalia married a fellow Oxford student named Peter Browning in November 2002.

Natalia is also said to be linked with a St. Petersburg medical clinic called Sogaz, which serves the city’s elite and has ties to Putin’s daughter. The clinic is also known for treating Russian mercenaries who have fought for Wagner Group abroad.

Ivan Timchenko was born on July 11, 1995 in Helsinki. He studies at the university in Switzerland.

Timchenko Family Under Santions

Timchenko Family Under Santions

Gennady Timchenko Sanctions

Gennady Timchenko was sanctioned by the U.S. in 2014 and by the EU and U.K. in 2022. Timchenko has also been sanctioned by Australia, Canada, the EU, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the UK.

The European Union’s top court on Sept 2023, dismissed an appeal against sanctions by Gennady Timchenko, who was targeted after Moscow’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

Elena Timchenko Sanctions

According to the US Department of State, Timchenko’s wife Elena Timchenko was targeted by US sanctions. The restrictions come amid their ties to the Western world.

Natalia Browning Sanctions

  • Name 6: BROWNING 1: NATALYA 2:
  • DOB: 11/11/1978. POB: St Petersburg, Russia a.k.a: (1) BROWNING, Natalia (2) TIMCHENKO, Natalya Nationality: Russia

Address: 27 Barkston Gardens, London, United Kingdom, SW5 0ER.

Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref):RUS1018.
Financial sanctions imposed in addition to an asset freeze:Trust services. Date trust services sanctions imposed: 21/03/2023. (UK Statement of Reasons):

Natalya BROWNING is closely associated with Gennadiy Nikolayevich TIMCHENKO, a Russian billionaire.
Gennadiy Nikolayevich TIMCHENKO is an involved person under the Russia (Sanctions) (EUExit) Regulations 2019. (Gender):Female
Listed on: 04/05/2022

Ksenia Frank Timchenko Sanctions

Ksenia Frank Timchenko was sanctioned by the US under RUSSIA-EO14024, Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) – Treasury Department (list)

Ivan Timchenko Sanctions

Ivan Timchenko is NOT under any sanctions.

Ksenia Frank Timchenko Marriage With Gleb Frank

In 2008, Ksenia Timchenko’s engagement with Gleb Frank was perceived as a “dynastic marriage” . They got married in 2010.

Gleb Frank’s father, Sergey Ottovich Frank, a navigational engineer by profession, later became the Minister of Transport, holding this post from 1998 to 2004.

Oligarchic structures, ties to political leaders, and dynastic marriages have been a topic of interest and concern in Russia, particularly during the presidency of Vladimir Putin. Many prominent Russian oligarchs have had close ties to the government, and there have been instances of marriages within influential and wealthy families to consolidate power or influence.

Ksenia Frank Timchenko Professional Career

Natalia graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2009 and has been a Member of the Board of Transoil, Russia’s largest private railway operator for oil and petroleum products, since 2011. She co-owned 12.5% of the SOGAZ insurance company from 2014 to 2019 and received an MBA from the European Institute of Business Management in 2015.

Ksenia Frank Timchenko Accused of Illegal Enrichment 

Ksenia Frank is the daughter of Gennady Timchenko, Putin’s wealthiest acquaintance.

In 2016 investigation it was revealed, Timchenko transferred his shares of SOGAZ — the insurance company of Gazprom, the state energy giant — to Ksenia after being sanctioned by the United States. According to a 2013 valuation of the company by Gazprombank, the 12.5 percent stake she received was worth over 6 billion rubles (about $190 million) at the time.

Then Timchenko sold his son-in-law 30% of the Russian Sea company. According to Forbes, the largest shareholder of SOGAZ with a 32.3% stake is Bolshoy Dom 9, owned by another Putin’s crony, oligarch Yuri Kovalchuk.

In 2019, Ksenia Frank Timchenko sold her 12.5% stake in SOGAZ, with 10% transferred to VTB Bank, and 2.5% to Vladimir Kolbin, the son of Peter Kolbin, Putin’s childhood friend who participated in the creation of the largest Russian oil trader company Gunvor with Gennady Timchenko in the early 2000s. According to Forbes, Timchenko has joint projects with Vladimir Kolbin.

Ksenia Frank Timchenko Finnish Citizenship Probe

Gennady Timchenko’s daughter Ksenia Frank Timchenko received Finnish citizenship through an exceptional procedure in 2000.

Just one month before the granting of citizenship, the Immigration Office had announced that it would not agree to rush Ksenia Frank’s application. For some reason, citizenship was still granted quickly.

Reports in Finland indicate that exceptions were possible made for both Gennady Timchenko and his daughter Ksenia Frank. Matti Saarelainen, a former director of the Directorate of Immigration, has previously admitted to instructing officials to fast-track the application of Gennady Timchenko.

Ksenia Frank Awards and Achievements

Ksenia Frank is associated with several awards and achievements:

Gleb and Xenia Frank Scholarship: INSEAD offers the Gleb and Xenia Frank Scholarship, which is awarded to a candidate from Russia who demonstrates professional and personal achievements, along with a commitment to their academic pursuits[1].

Order of Friendship: Ksenia Frank received the Order of Friendship award in 2013

In 2019, the Timchenko Foundation took first place in the ranking of charitable organizations according to Forbes, and during the pandemic it carried out large-scale work to combat COVID-19.

Ksenia Frank was involved in charity work from her childhood as her parents did a lot of charity work.

At an age of 8, Ksenia Frank volunteered for charity work in India during her studies in England. She taught children in a small village with my partner.

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