Putin’s Secret Daughter: Unraveling the Enigma with Exclusive Insights

Vladimir Putin's alleged secret daughter has unexpectedly disappeared from social media, sparking speculation about her whereabouts and prompting rumors of her retreating "into a bunker.

Luiza, also known as Elizaveta, has told Russian GQ that she “probably” looks “similar” to a young Vladimir Putin, but her accounts have now disappeared from social media platforms

Vladimir Putin’s secret daughter, Luiza Rozova, has abruptly deactivated her Instagram account in response to intense online harassment related to Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

Luiza Rozova, an 18-year-old student residing in St. Petersburg, took this step to shield herself from the surge of hostile comments on social media.

Since the war began, Luiza has faced a barrage of negative comments, including one that asked, “Are you sitting in a bunker? Like a rat?”

Luiza is the daughter of Svetlana Krivonogikh, a former cleaner who is now a multimillionaire and part-owner of a major Russian bank, ranking among the country’s wealthiest women. Svetlana, who owns a luxurious £3.1 million property in Monaco, has not responded to allegations about her daughter’s paternity. Likewise, Luiza, also known as Elizaveta, has remained silent, although she hinted to Russian GQ that she “probably” bears a resemblance to a young Putin.

The war has triggered an influx of hostile online messages directed at Luiza. One comment, for instance, questioned whether she was hiding in a bunker, drawing a comparison to a rat.

Luiza Rozova is the daughter of Svetlana Krivonogikh, formerly a cleaner and now a multimillionaire with a significant stake in a major Russian bank. Svetlana, among the wealthiest women in Russia, owns a lavish £3.1 million property in Monaco. Despite speculation about Luiza’s father being the Kremlin leader, neither Svetlana nor Luiza, also known as Elizaveta, has addressed these claims directly. However, in an interview with Russian GQ, Luiza hinted that she “probably” shares similarities with a young Putin.

The daughter of Svetlana Krivonogikh, once a cleaner and now a multimillionaire part-owner of a major Russian bank, is Luiza. Svetlana, counted among Russia’s wealthiest women, possesses a luxurious £3.1 million property in Monaco. Notably, Luiza Rozova, also known as Elizaveta, has refrained from commenting on speculations regarding her father’s identity, despite facing a barrage of negative online messages during the ongoing war. One such comment crudely asked if she was “sitting in a bunker like a rat.”

The notion that she might be Putin’s undisclosed daughter from an extramarital relationship surfaced initially through an independent Russian media outlet. Subsequently, this outlet faced restrictions imposed by the authorities, preventing it from continuing its operations.

The notion that she might be Putin’s undisclosed daughter from an extramarital relationship surfaced initially through an independent Russian media outlet. Subsequently, this outlet faced restrictions imposed by the authorities, preventing it from continuing its operations.

Luiza Rozova, who once boasted 84,000 subscribers, ceased public posting five months ago, fueling speculation that Putin may have played a role. Despite her inactivity, her account remained accessible.

However, a recent message in Russian simply states: “User not found.”

In a single Instagram post, the 18-year-old claimed to be the child of an individual described as a “murderer, war criminal, psychopath, and drug addict.”

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Several posts featured the Ukrainian blue-and-yellow flag, and one conveyed a message urging the Russian people to stand against the dictator.

“Don’t associate with him. You don’t want any part of that.”

However, some commenters strongly supported her, asserting, “Don’t judge her; it’s not her fault.”

Another defended her, stating, “She can’t be blamed for her father’s actions.”

Yet another commenter argued, “Come on, guys, she’s just an individual. She’s not responsible.”

Contrarily, a commenter named Martina countered, saying, “Yes, she bears guilt through passive complicity, much like many Germans during the Nazi period.”

One user commented, “Give him a call – if he truly cares about you, perhaps you can persuade him to reconsider.”

Another individual expressed frustration, saying, “Enough with the innocent act. She’s the daughter of that devil!

She should at least demonstrate disagreement with her father’s actions, attempting to influence him.

While Putin may not care about ordinary people, perhaps his daughters still hold some sway.

She remains silent because criticizing her father could mean losing access to wealth, property, and luxuries.

Regrettably, there are priorities, and then there are more crucial matters.

It seems that material possessions like purses and villas take precedence over human life for her.”

It’s worth noting that Putin has two daughters from his previous marriage to Lyudmila, the former Kremlin first lady.

Dr. Maria Vorontsova, a 36-year-old geneticist, and Katerina Tikhonova, a 35-year-old former ‘rock’n’roll’ dancer turned mathematician, have not commented on the war.

Reports suggest that Putin may have concealed some family members in a chalet in neutral Switzerland, while an alternative version suggests they could be in a high-tech nuclear bunker in Siberia.

Speculation surrounds Putin’s potential four children with Olympic Gold-medalist rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, now a media mogul rarely seen in public. If true, this would make the Kremlin leader a father-of-seven.

Luiza Rozova, with a more prominent online presence, faced criticism over Ukraine. One comment asked, “How are you in the bunker?” A troll suggested she might be in her mother’s Mediterranean retreat, saying, “While you’re in Monaco, your generation is suffering in Ukraine because of your father. Your fate will be like Marija Milosevic’s when your dad faces The Hague. Show your face, you coward!”

Another message highlighted the plight of young Russian soldiers in Ukraine, lacking information about their mission. It emphasized Russia’s economic decline, affecting popular brands and services, urging a boycott and exit from the country.

Luiza received a poignant message: “A lot of Ukrainians have lost the luxury of a good night’s sleep, especially in their own beds. Falling asleep poses a risk of not waking up.

Many of us spend our nights in basements, akin to rats, seeking refuge from falling bombs and rockets. The imperative here is to speak out, not to remain silent or indifferent.

Share the reality of what’s happening in Ukraine with others! Our desire is simple – to live in peace and sleep soundly, knowing our loved ones will be alive in the morning.”

Luiza has previously shared glimpses of her life, featuring scenes from cafes, travel adventures in Paris, and her thriving Russian fashion label.

In a recent video, Luiza takes us on a tour of the Louvre museum amid the pandemic.

Additionally, she has showcased her skills as a sought-after DJ.

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