Russian Oligarchs

Oligarch Olga Mirimskaya Arrested on 17 Dec 2021 in a Bribery Case

Russian Oligarch Olga Mirimskaya Arrested

The Basmanny District Court of Moscow ordered the detention of Olga Mirimskaya, chairman of the board of BKF Bank and co-owner of Russian Product, until February 15, 2022, at the request of the investigation. Olga Mirimskaya Arrested on 17 Dec 2021

Olga Mirimskaya Arrested Along With Yuri Nosov

Investigator Yuri Nosov of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, who is suspected of receiving a large bribe from Mirimskaya, was also detained for the same period. Both face up to 15 years in prison.

Mirimskaya and Nosov were detained the day before. According to the investigation, in 2017, Mirimskaya gave Nosov, who was investigating a criminal case involving the kidnapping of her daughter, a bribe of 3.25 million rubles.

The bribe was allegedly paid to secure the return of Mirimskaya’s young daughter, who was born to a surrogate mother. Mirimskaya claims that her former common-law husband, Nikolai Smirnov, and the surrogate mother herself, Svetlana Bezpyataya, kidnapped the child after they separated. Mirimskaya’s daughter was returned in November 2016, and the case was dropped in 2020 due to lack of evidence.

Conspiracy ? Why Was Olga Mirimskaya Arrested ?

Olga Mirimskaya was granted Israeli citizenship in 2018 .

Why Was Olga Mirimskaya Arrested
Why Was Olga Mirimskaya Arrested

In Sept 2017, Russian investigators suspected that Olga Mirimskaya of bribery and involvement in the financing of extremist activities. Investigators conducted a series of searches at Mirimskaya’s home. The searches were supported by Russian National Guard special forces.

Investigators found a Kalashnikov assault rifle in the home of Olga Mirimskaya. The rifle was sent for examination to determine if it is a real weapon or a model. Mirimskaya’s representatives that the rifle is a model, not a military weapon.

Why Was Olga Mirimskaya Arrested
Why Was Olga Mirimskaya Arrested

Information published on the official website of the Right Sector, a banned Ukrainian nationalist organization, in which Ms. Mirimskaya’s gratitude was expressed for her active assistance to the nationalists.

Mirimskaya’s assistant was previously deprived of her gratitude for allocating funds to the Right Sector organization of Ukrainian nationalists, banned in Russia.

Ukrainian media reports that Olga Mirimskaya was allegedly awarded the medal “For virtue and patriotism” by the nationalist bloc “Order and Prosperity.” This medal is awarded to volunteers and patriots of Ukraine for civic courage and activity.

Representatives of Olga Mirimskaya claim that the document was planted and the information was posted on the Right Sector website by her enemies.

The investigations into Mirimskaya are ongoing.

Olga Mirimskaya is denying her guilt in all episodes of the case against her. She has repeatedly stated that she believes her former cohabitant, Nikolai Smirnov, co-owner of the Golden Crown payment system, and her ex-husband, Alexei Golubovich, are behind the case.

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